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Introducing TrueEarth Netherlands: The Complete Package!

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20 hours ago, JeroendeB said:

You must me kidding me!!

This is absolutely jaw dropping. 

Really hope this comes available to X-PLANE, P3D and Aerofly.

I'll buy it 3 times!!!




Yes it's coming to all those sims. FSX/P3D first, then AFS2, then XP11.


England TrueEarth will be first for XP11, then FSX/P3D, then AFS2.


We will offer cross-platform discounts, but we have not yet determined the discount amount due to the high development costs to date. All will be revealed when the AFS2 version of Netherlands TrueEarth is released.


We won't be offering discounts for customers who have bought the same region as FTX Landclass Regions previously. This is a new, very expensive tech and as such we are offering it very cheaply to the market but this prevents us from discounts for previous regions. We can offer discounts if you're prepared to pay more for it :) 


I can vouch for performance, it's very very good. And in VR on AFS2 it is remarkable - link to my vlog on this here: 



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This looks amazing.  It will be great when this tech comes to PNW.  If I read it correctly, it comes with CityScene for some of the cities!  This is absoulutly incredible.  Any chance for a True Earth for Norway?



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9 minutes ago, Flo said:

Can I believe my eyes... Do you really have graffiti on radio masts? Is it on the real mast? :lol:


Do you really think we can live from tulips only? 

We have graffiti all over the country, like every big city. Well.....we do have coffeeshops ;-)



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I know this is not the finished product, but still, if I may nag just a tiny bit, will you guys please make the grass strips look like grass? Looking at the shot of EHHV (the fifth screenshot after the product description), with all that stunning detail and crisp terrain, the brownish runways kind of kill the immersion of the spectacular surroundings. My remark will probably be premature, because the grass strips in your other sceneries look good, but I just have to make sure to sleep well :D.

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This is phenomenal work that is showing in this thread. Major kudos to the development and testing team! This is exactly why I have been such a long time Orbx fan....it seams the developers at Orbx are never resting on their laurels and always coming out with ground breaking new sim tech and scenery. Simply amazing! 

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How does the scenery perform vs. the default scenery? I can imagine better, because default Amsterdam is exluded, I can also imagine much worse, since a lot of autogen is placed. I understand you cannot give exact numbers... The question behind it is that I also have FT Amsterdam and lots of AI.

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