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  1. Defiantly home in Maine. I just need to look out to my backyard!
  2. Happy Birthday Ebo! Thanks for all your paints. Greg
  3. Happy Birthday Jarrad! Thank you for all that you have done. We miss you. Greg
  4. All of them add a varying level of different skills required. The PNG bush strips are the most challenging for bush flying. LOWI and NZQN for airliners on an IFR approach. Greg
  5. Happy Birthday Roger! Sorry I am late. Hope you had a very good one. Greg
  6. Happy Birthday Wayne! Sorry I am late. Hope you had a very good one. Greg
  7. Happy Birthday Terry! Have a great one. Greg
  8. Boeing 707, it opened the jet airliner age and brought world wide travel to humanity. Greg
  9. Happy Birthday Landon! Thank you again for your career of service to our country. Greg
  10. This thread definitely has some interesting perspectives. Orbx is evolving but,in my opinion, has still maintained their roots. The airports, regions and land class products that everyone loves are still here. They have just not yet become available for the new platform MFS2020. This is a new environment both in the sim's capability and the flight sim market place. I think they are trying to find the "right formula" for success. As a real world aviator, I want an accurate representation of the area when I am on approach. What type of product it takes to deliver that varies depending upon the type of aircraft and flight I am simulating at the time. When I land I want more a more detailed accurate representation of the actual airport or helipad. This true bringing a B777 into YSSY or a DHC-6 into a PNG bush strip. Orbx and partners still deliver this for me. My thoughts, Greg
  11. Great shots Landon!! Thanks for posting. Greg
  12. Rodger I think it varies with individuals. I give a lot of likes when I like a response. Greg
  13. Happy Birthday Craig! Sorry I am late to the party. Greg
  14. Not swimming but wading fly fishing the Florida Keys when I white sea snake swam by about 2 feet from me. Scared me S------s. Greg
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