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  1. Happy Birthday ikbenik! Love your screen shots. Greg
  2. Happy Birthday! Does this one make you older than rocks? Greg
  3. Check the approach plate. You may have reality now. Mot all ILS localizers match the exact runway heading. Greg
  4. B,C and E for me but I own D a 16' checkmate with 135 HP Merc. Greg
  5. My most used aircraft is the Milviz B407 helicopter with 1,388 flights and 6,234 landings. I use for new scenery and overall RW flights. Second and most used fixed wing is the PMDG 737-800 with 982 flights and 1,096 landings. I fly all over the world in P3DV5.3. Greg
  6. Happy Birthday Graeme! May have many more. Greg
  7. Happy Birthday Adam! I hope it was great! Greg
  8. Happy Birthday John! May you have many more. Greg
  9. Served once. I would serve again. Greg
  10. I would like to try New Zealand for the trout fishing! Greg
  11. Happy Birthday Holger!! Thank you for all you contributions to flight simulator community. Greg
  12. Happy Birthday Rodger! Thanks for all you do. Greg
  13. Happy Birthday!! I hope your head feels fine after all the beers. Greg
  14. Happy Birthday Carlos! Hope it was memorable. Greg
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