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  1. Happy Birthday Gerold! Sorry I was late for the party. Greg
  2. Happy Birthday Landon! I hope you go climb a mountain in your jeep. Greg
  3. Rest in Peace TeeCee! You will be missed. Greg
  4. KBHB. I visited KBHB quite often when I was actively flying. I was based out of KBGR but KBHB was a popular destination with students. i now live about 20 miles from KBHB. It is right on the way to Acadia national park. Greg
  5. You live with the best available. One of reasons I am staying with P3DV5.3. Greg
  6. WOW sure beats my 10 mbps download and 1mbps upload in rural Maine Greg
  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your doctor's visit went well. Greg
  8. Happy Birthday John! Hope your new year brigs positive results for you. Greg
  9. Happy Birthday John! Thank you for all that you have done especially giving us Orbx! Greg
  10. Happy Birthday ikbenik! Love your screen shots. Greg
  11. Happy Birthday! Does this one make you older than rocks? Greg
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