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  1. This scenery has ORBX written all over it. You trying to tell me that MS best scenery and airports dev team for their sim weren't notified about this. I think ORBX is more involved than we think. Remember X-plane. Just sayin
  2. Property taxes going up means property value going up :). My tax is coupled into my mortgage. You can afford a few bucks.
  3. Microsoft is the perfect company to do another flight sim...atleast in my eyes, considering they started it! They have a ton, I mean, a TON of money and I am positive that this thing will be awesome, a release in 2020? Just WOW!!!
  4. Thanks I downloaded the Free Mesh 2.0. I left the scenery in my downloads and loaded it from there, is this correct?
  5. Hello all. I was looking to buy some HD Mesh lately. What are your thoughts between toposim and FS ultimate? Thanks
  6. First set of mountains on the right look washed out KSAN is installed but not active in sim, considering their screeen shots of the gates
  7. KSAN---Installed--- KPSP installed with S. Cali on approach---look at the mountains!--- graphics are max
  8. Sorry but I think that you are wasting your time with aerofly. You guys are solely basing this sim on scenery. How about weather? Immersion planes? Need PMDG, Aerosoft, F2F, FSL.
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