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  1. Probably just a placeholder, but might be accurate. Only when Microsoft publishes the information about pricing we know for sure what the new sim will cost us.
  2. No it would not. Being able to get the game with an Xbox Game Pass does not mean it won't be available as a single purchase. The team has already stated in an interview you'll be able to buy MSFS as a single purchase, or you get a gamepass which will give you access to all the other games as well.
  3. In the video below, starting around 12:15, you can see that up close the building textures are looking very crisp. Hopefully it will look as good as this in all areas of the world.
  4. About the same as my settings, although I have toned down the autogen density to 'very dense'. I also get good performance and I'm convinced if I can get this in the old Prepar3D engine MSFS will perform very nicely without having to put all sliders to the left. It is not a flight simulator, but I can run Red Dead Redemption 3 at high settings with my ancient system. I'm confident MSFS will do good as well and your system should be able to cope with it nicely too
  5. Not an ideal system, no. But it will probably cut it very nicely as it is close to recommended specs. Out of curiousity, do you have everything (and I mean everything) maxed out in Prepar3D?
  6. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/190416-p3dv5-compatibility/
  7. Aeroplane Heaven are offering the Global Swift for free as well. Great little bird!
  8. Aaah, that one Well, it turned out nice in the end. It has given me many hours of enjoyment.
  9. You could ofcourse call Flight a debacle, although under the hood it was a pretty good simulator. I do not quite follow what you mean with 'the last few debacles'. What else happened? Enlighten me here. As far as MSFS is concerned I'm convinced this new sim will revolutionize flight simulation because of the modern techniques used. Just look at all the development videos. Asobo is doing a spectacular job. For the next decade we'll have a new platform to build on. I couldn't be any more content with the future of desktop piloting.
  10. But that is not available as a TE package for X Plane.
  11. Hi all, What is the status of the Australian airports when it comes to their compatibility with Australia v2? I am aware of this thread but I'm still a little worried I may have missed something since July and I'm wondering if FTX Central is already capable of installing the airports in AU v2
  12. Wow. We're in the middle of a new era! Amazing what this team has accomplished so far.
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