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  1. Goes back to P3D version. Ken was encouraged to add a Pony to the clutter. Still waiting. TTM
  2. Out of left field, & I am wondering if there is a 'change log' anywhere? I think there are some new buildings? But the pony is hiding out in the forest I guess? TTM
  3. Ultra? What is that? Nice set. I notice in several shots a 'brightness glare' at the edge of the shot. I have been getting that and it seems more intense now. Was the sun low in the horizon? TTM
  4. I think some of the disappointment may come from finding that you have to have a Nividia RTX card for DLSS to work with Nividia cards. I didn't read that anywhere until I tried DLSS & the system said my card didn't qualify. As to DX12 (Beta), - I tried that & was amazed when my FPS went from 30 fps to 60 fps in a test flight region. However, there is no free lunch. Although FPS was way up, the visual quality looked 'off' I then found that in switching to DX12 all my Graphics settings had been reduced to Medium/LOW, hence the FPS boost! So I am back to old settings, pre SU10 release. I think there is a slight visual improvement, but the beneficiaries of SU10 appear to be the higher end systems, TTM
  5. Nice set Jack. Do you use Little Navmap? I find it very handy for ILS/Autoland approaches as the 'green' feathers show you the ILS route onto the runway & helps with alignment. When I enter the feathers after coming towards the ILS Rwy on AP, VNAV, LNAV & autothrottle, I hit LOC, then APR & then the 2nd AP button. I have had several successful 737-600, 700 & 800 Autoloading's, & several misses. It appears that the approach height when you enter the feathers is quite sensitive & I usually come in on the low side, around 1,800' to 2,000'. I have overshot several times approaching the ILS descent section at 3,000'. TTM
  6. I have another query - are the buildings part of the //42 product, or someone else's artifacts? TTM
  7. Great set of shots. Curious whether the wood burner in Shot #6 has 'flickering flames"? Amazing amount of fine detail & weathering. TTM
  8. Atmospheric! Superb shots! TTM
  9. Continuing checking out the airports I picked up in the recent Orbx Flash Sale, today we have Vancouver, CYVR. I took my current favorite, the PMDG 737-600, in WestJet colors, from KSEA to CYVR, Autolanding on Rwy 08R [109.50; 116 degrees, 9' altitude] Interestingly, the 08R STARS I selected routed the 600 to the East of CYVR, then brought it around North of the airport, heading West, then curled back down South, then East to come in for the approach. It autolanded successfully, which was a bit of a surprise as the Internet was cutting in & out during the flight. I'm finding the 600 is a delight to fly & can get into some tight airfields. As far as VNAV goes I have to keep a close eye on the FMC, & sometimes manually intervene to effect an altitude reduction if the distance between waypoints is tight. But the VNAV will pick up where I have left off & continue the flight altitude management. TTM Heading out of KSEA Switched to dusk lighting, on approach into CYVR Rwy 08R Over the threshold, the 600 flares itself during Autoland. Autoland touchdown. At this point I cancel the Autopilot, hold F2 for thrust reverse & apply brakes.
  10. PMDG 737-600 in a Malev Airlines livery on its way to Orbx's LKPR, then overflying the airport while I juggled with the ILS approach. TTM
  11. Thanks for the Orbx snap sale. I picked up several airports, including Drzewiecki Design's KDCA. The shots are from an early morning flight from KPHL & an ILS approach into Rwy 01. As you can see, I had everything deployed trying to slow the PMDG 737-600 down. TTM
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