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  1. So you don't mean the 'My Products ' Listing down the left side of OrbxCentral? I'll try what you suggest. Thanks [ok, it is a Zero Cost Purchase ilo an Update. I treated it as the latter. D/L now.] TTM
  2. What do you mean by the 'pick list? I am not seeing V2 anywhere, even after uninstalling v1.01 TTM
  3. To clarify the version. I just uninstalled Burbank & reinstalled & it is showing v1.1. Is this in fact v2? Appreciate it being a free upgrade. TTM
  4. My Sim budget has been overwhelmed by the recent plethora of aircraft releases. But Podgorica has the mountains, tricky approaches & runway lengths that can take the 737 & 146 & MD-82. I like the little touches - shot 9 down, the tractor pulling the luggage carts, & shot 10, the pink flowers in the shrubbery. I don't recall seeing colored shrubs before, but they add to the beauty of the site. The terminal interior is tastefully executed. & there appears to be a military presence in the vicinity of the airfield. All in all an, interesting airport & location. TTM
  5. Ah, yes Dirty Dirty Dirty TTM
  6. If you're looking for a big airport, to tied you over, Flytampa's KBOS is available now via Orbx. But this assumes you fly into the USA Speaking of FlyTampa, I am wondering why their MSFS Las Vegas is not available though Orbx?? TTM
  7. Back to an old favorite in the AH C-46. TTM (P3D v5.3 HF2)
  8. It is true. The single engined Fokker has had a valve grind or been bored out, and it now actually departs terra firma in a slow but elegant manner & flies around gently. So it is worth taking it out for an airing. Haven't flown the Trimotors yet to see if they have changed. A few shots from Malmo. TTM (MSFS)
  9. Nicely created set of evocative images Richard. Did you use the Drone camera? TTM
  10. Well done Bernd Single engine Fokkers will, as I write, be being dragged from the back of hangars by the owners who never got off the ground, to take another shot at getting in the air. I wonder if Orbx did a secret update & gave her a few more horses? As to the bridge too far?, I suspect you've been on the Borkum Riff again TTM
  11. AH freeware via Orbx, C-119, leaving Kiruna for ENNA. TTM (P3D V5.3 HF2)
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