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  1. Some beautiful views in these shots and an interesting story regarding the Zero. That aircraft paint looks very vintage as well, and I love the weathering effects. Landon
  2. A most Happy Birthday to you! Landon
  3. Wow Bernd, some beautiful and stunning exploration shots of that region. Looks very rugged yet wondrous at the same time. Landon
  4. A great night to you too Johnny! These pics really look like a professional mission is about to be started Nice ones. Landon
  5. Killer shots Mikee, and a killer paint job on that F104 to go with them! Landon
  6. PNW, KORS and 1S2 with a heavy honorable mention for ENNK...I just love that little Norwegian airport scenery Landon
  7. Always nice to hear those words Iain. And, some nice final shots! This airport scenery is looking good Landon
  8. Beautiful and spectacular takeoff shot! Landon
  9. That is one nice and exciting feature list! These preview screenshots look even better then expected! Should be a hit. Landon
  10. Hi flying mountain excitement Mikee! Some beautiful shots here showing off the gorgeous Alaskan mesh. Landon
  11. Very nice showcase of all this good looking NZ scenery T. Some great weathering details, you are right! Landon
  12. I liked the 'Hot Towels' option for the question about your home cockpit/hardware setup I've seen some pretty extreme setups, all very cool and innovative, but I have yet see any simmer have a hot towel option in the their personal sim setup. Landon
  13. Yay! Another leg on Gerold's latest adventure! A flight over some interesting but oft seen scenery in the sim. Nice touchdown despite the rain in Australia! Cheers! Landon
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