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  1. Hi Carlos, within MSFS, go to the Content Manager and search for the Canadian World 11 update. From that, way to the right, you can click on a button with options and then UNINSTALL anything from the update you want. This is what I have done since the early days in MSFS.
  2. A bunch of nice images of your tour of this nice addon Johnny.
  3. Yeah, I have read lots about that on another sim site. I have downloaded and installed the Canadian WUII, but I have not flown too much in it. The melted buildings might get better after a few weeks, as the Photogrammetry is based on streaming, so right now the MS servers could be getting a little overloaded as MSFS users are downloading the update and flying around Canada. We saw that with the Italy update a few months ago. Anyhow, that is just what you get with the PG...there are good and bad things that come with it.
  4. Great looking images here from SA Jack
  5. Yep, you did tick all of the Jack boxes here...Jack Very cool images.
  6. Oh yeah, hap hap Happy Birthday Rob!
  7. ENNK Narvik, hand down. (And yes, I know it's not in service in the real world anymore, but this is sim world )
  8. Such beautiful views and terrain! Gorgeous images here Paul
  9. Vibrant and super scenic images Paul!
  10. Nice and scenic views, good looking weather, fun looking helo...good stuff all around Paul
  11. Playing with your new AI images Graeme? I don't blame you, these are looking good!
  12. Now that is a quality WWII air combat image there Iain! Love it!
  13. Hey guys, the FSW C414 has several options when it comes to GPS and GTN. Besides the PMS GTN, it will also fit TDS GTN. Each one of those is good, they both have nice options, so I suggest you look at both (if you don't have either one yet) and then decide which one works better for you. The TDS GTN will also fit all of those aircraft that Paul mentioned. Also Don, the C414 product page does mention, in bold letters, that BOTH the PMS or TDS GTN options require you to own either or both of those in addition to the aircraft. Don't feel bad though, I know it can be frustrating when we miss details like that and it leads us to have to decide on making an additional purchase. It happens to the best of us I would link it here for you, but since that is not an Orbx partner, I don't want o push the envelope too much on this discussion
  14. Sure looks a beautiful rendition of the real aircraft Adam, and nice screenies!
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