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  1. Hey Taph, a most Happy Birthday to you Cheers!
  2. Okay, first off, I have never visited the area, nor do I live in Great Britain. That said, having flown around and explored much of the Orbx Great Britain Central scenery addon for MSFS, my impression of it is no less than amazing. Granted, I would not know what landmarks/POI's might be missing or not, but from what I saw as I flew around at 1000' to 2000' looked simply marvelous. There were details everywhere I looked. I was very immersed, and a simmer cannot ask for more than that. The performance on my system was super smooth as well. So, my hat's off to the Orbx team that was responsible for this scenery package, and I look forward to exploring more of Great Britain Central in the coming days Cheers! Landon
  3. For me, photogrammetry is off all the time....the melted trees and buildings absolutely ruin the immersion for me. I am a low and slow flyer, so I cannot ignore them....they always pull me out of immersion when I see them, and they are more then just a few. I don't miss photogrammetry at all. Definitely seems to be a user preference, whether you like it on or off.
  4. That's quite the detective work there Wolfgang I have no idea if you are right or not though
  5. Thanks, been aware of that...we have been getting lots of rain in Colorado across the Rockies as of late. Yesterday, we were coming back from the rafting trip I was on in Utah, and due to I70 being closed due to mudslides near Glenwood Springs, we had to detour all the way out of the way and went through Rifle, Meeker, Steamboat Springs and back into Silverthorn and Breckenridge. It stormed pretty much the entire way.
  6. Some great pics John! I will be up in those mountains with my Jeep in a few short weeks. I will be staying in Ouray and Jeepin' on several of the trails around Ouray, Silverton and Telluride. Can't wait!
  7. Happy Birthday Ron, hope it's been a good one for you
  8. My most memorable landing was being invited to sit in the cockpit of 747 during approach and landing into Shannon Airport, Ireland, on our way to a Middle East theater of conflict. It was a charter flight for the military, so the cockpit was allowed to be open and have guests at certain phases of the flight. As we were coming into Shannon, and I started to see all the runway lights, I remember thinking how surreal it all seemed. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have such a view from the cockpit of a 747. Super cool.
  9. Hi all, I am back! Was a great trip and I did indeed sink a few cold ones on the river for you all I'll see what I can do about some pictures.
  10. I know some of you all just started seeing me around here again after being on a 6 month long adventure, but I will be away for another week as of tomorrow. I am going on a week long river rafting/camping trip in Utah with other U.S. military Veterans. I've been doing this trip every year for a few years now (since I retired), but last year it was cancelled like most everything else. I will see you all here when I return in a week. Cheers! Landon
  11. For me, the amount of great detail and lighting that I get with very smooth performance and no stutters is probably what I enjoy most about MSFS. What I like least about it is that, as far as I know, you cannot save your pilot weight (or any of your passengers) and have to reenter it for each and every flight. It's a minor annoyance, but when you are doing several flights per session, it gets very repetitive. Something that I used to not like but is no longer an issue for me, is that figuring out MSFS and getting used to the flight model, the UI, settings etc. was really frustrating me and making me not give it enough of a chance. Once I stuck my nose to the grind stone and spent time testing settings for my PC, figuring out the UI and flying planes in MSFS, I now love everything about it.
  12. So, I went ahead and purchased two of the aircraft, the Edgley and the CH701. I have not flown the CH701 yet, but I just did some flying over the amazing Orbx EGGP Liverpool airport in the Edgley, and I have to say that, WOW! what an absolutely fun little plane! I love it! It feels like I am flying in a dragonfly, the cockpit and the textures inside and out look superb! It's super nimble and a joy to fly. Two thumbs up from me on this little gem of a plane! Great job on this one Orbx!
  13. Okay, I am reaching out to you all for a little help. I am wanting to purchase one (or maybe two) of the aircraft available for sale on OrbxDirect for MSFS. Those who know me know I love flying low and slow GA aircraft. With that in mind, I am trying to decide between the following three GA planes (not in any specific order): 1) Jabiru J160/J170 2) EA-7 Edgley Optica 3) CH701 Zenith STOL For those of you who have flown any of these in MSFS, what are your thoughts? If you could only get one, which one would you get? If you could get two, which two would you get? Appreciate your thoughts and comments regarding this topic. Cheers!
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