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  1. Do you have EA on or off? I had related issues with EA some time ago but in a different area.
  2. It seems that Orbx developers are not interested adjusting such a simple detail. Most freeware is better in this regard.
  3. Good to have it unofficial. But I would prefer that add-on producer add this option by default.
  4. Why don't some Orbx airports don't show up on the MSFS world map with the usual "black star or yellow ground"? That would be so useful for fast recognition of an advanced airport on the map. Nearly all freeware add-on airports I have, show this feature, so it can't be difficult for Orbx to add this feature to every airport. Some examples missing the star feature: KORS, 1S2, 3W5, EGNM, EGNT, EGPB, LSZS, YMEN. There might be more.
  5. My resolution is 3440x1440 with a RTX 3900. Please, see also my PC specs in my signature. Performance wise, I would say that my PC is well equipped. I'm able to use ULTRA settings with LOD 400 at any other places where I have much more demanding add-ons installed (e.g. Seattle/Vancouver area). No issues there. This extreme delay in loading a scenery I experience only with Orbx KBUR. But as you suggested, I tried with LOD 200, and indeed, scenery gets loaded correctly during landing approach. Apart from this, I hope that Orbx will look into this issue, because I prefer to use visual settings as high as possible as long as my frame rate is > 30 fps. Maybe it is only a small thing that hinders KBUR to render w/o delay at LOD 400. Saying the add-on is fine is not enough in my opinion. We will get better hardware and better visuals in the future and Orbx should not stay behind. Thanks for your time and your suggestions!
  6. Yes, I can confirm. It seems to me that KBUR is not completely loaded on approach. I did an extended left traffic pattern with the same results. Take off at runway 33 - all buildings correct - landing at runway 33 - objects missing/sunken into ground. After landing and taxiing and another 2-3 minutes, KBUR reloads the missing parts and all is fine again. I may add, that I don't use any UserCfg.opt modifications. Settings are on Ultra, Terrain LOD 400, rendering at 125. I don't have any related issues at other airports.
  7. This is strange. After taxi to the main building and another 5 minutes (!) at the gates, the scenery refreshes automatically back to normal. I have no other add-ons except Orbx active.
  8. I've tried as suggested above but no luck. Main parts of the airport are deeply sunken in the ground. Nothing has changed. My flight is from KAVX (Orbx).
  9. Thank you. I will do as you suggested and test it later today. I have the current KBUR version installed.
  10. On what are this suggestions based on? Except the RC I prefer not to delete MSFS files manually. Is this really safe? And why does the issue only(!) appear on landing?
  11. When landing at KBUR at runway 33, buildings on the right side and static a/c are deeply sunken in the ground and some buildings are missing. This occurs only when KBUR is my destination airport. If I start my flight from KBUR everything is fine.
  12. Why do you send me a link about prerequisite software when it is a hardware setting/compatibility problem? I know that I'm alone with my problem. But instead really trying to help me, Orbx says we don't care, nobody else has this problem.
  13. After some further investigations, it seems that the Orbx Central does not like the RAM XMP profile, even if I reduce the frequency and/or CL. With JEDEC settings Orbx central works. Towards CPU Clocks and Volt settings, the Central is indifferent. That's somehow a bad situation for me. I don't want to run my RAM @ 2133 MHz (JEDEC) when it is certified for 3600 MHz (XMP). The RAM is also on the Motherboard vendors list, so it is nothing completely exotic. Because I want to run my simulators with the best hardware profiles, I cannot use Orbx Central anymore. My current Orbx add-ons will work w/o the Central anyway.
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