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  1. Seen Orbx Scandinavian airports on sale on the MSFS marketplace. Will the same airports go on sale on the Orbx store over the next week? I want to get a couple of the airports while on sale and to go with the World Update - but would rather get them through Orbx than the marketplace.
  2. Do the animals in this package move around or are they mostly static?
  3. Totally agree. There seemed to be far more character to these airfields and smaller airports. Miss these kind of releases.
  4. Totally agree about Bowerman. One of my first flight sim experiences was at that airport. Would love to see it again.
  5. Haven't checked Darrington but had the same experience you describe with Orcas
  6. Uninstalled P3D & Xplane upon the release of MSFS2020. For me personally, I have no interest in reinstalling either and skip over any product that doesn't include MSFS in the title. I have never flown, or have interest in anything beyond a small GA in a sim though. Everyone will have their own styles and wants and no ones will be correct or incorrect. The more choice the better and the last couple of years have been fantastic to be a simmer.
  7. Orbx are my favourite scenery developers for two reasons - the personality of the airports and the POI that are usually included, whether that is buildings or mountain mesh / textures. I purchased this scenery yesterday and love it. If a future update includes some POI I will be even more delighted, but I certainly I feel I got my moneys worth anyway.
  8. Crazy how many amazing products have been announced over the last few days. Just keeps getting better!
  9. The airports are instabuys! With the London pack - a couple of questions come to mind: How does this fit in with the streaming data? Or is it for offline only? If MSFS update London as part of its world updates in the future, will it just be a case of choosing which landmarks to display? Seeing how Orbx and other scenery developers Co exist with the streaming, updated world MSFS are releasing is going to be very interesting over the next few months. Such a difference from the static, hard drive constricted worlds in fsx, p3d and xplane. Exciting though, what a time to be a simmer!!
  10. Brilliant news!! LOWI on P3D was the product that pulled me into flight simming - Great to see it being brought into MSFS 2020, as well as all the other amazing sceneries! Great stuff Orbx
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