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  1. Ahh, I see now that I forgot that bit of information. Another bit of info that was left out is that my flight was during night.
  2. Do you have Orbx NA NCA installed? The additional details that NCA brings has always put a bigger strain on my system, but on prior versions of P3D I could easily get 30 fps in the SFO area with it installed. I know FTX regions has a performance hit, and as stated earlier it is to be expected with the level of detail it adds. If you tests is without NCA it only proves that the problem is with P3D4.5 and the way it handles the increased amount of details in the scenery. The solution could be that LM need to release a hotfix for their 4.5 release, but it could also be that Orbx and other developers need to update their products to take into account new features from LM. However Robs test do show a significant drop in frames(29.7%) between a default 4.4 and a default 4.5. This leads me to conclude that the issue is up to LM to fix. Link to Robs post on the LM forums: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=133165&start=60#p196540
  3. The test result from Rob tells me that the problem lies with the latest update from LM. Orbx region packs has always had some kind of performance impact, which is perfectly normal considering the amount of details the sim has to work with. The Orbx performance impact have always been manageable with the correct settings, but with the new update from LM I went from a steady 30 fps (locked) at KSFO with Orbx and Flightbeam installed, to 15-19 fps with the exact same setup and scenario (PMDG NGX, Flightbeam KSFO and Orbx region pack for that area). 4.5 brings something with it that causes this. If the solution is for Orbx to make some changes to their products to fully work with 4.5 or of LM has to release a fix for some faulty code on their side is yet to be figured out. While I wait I have gone back to 4.4 and will monitor the situation before updating to 4.5.
  4. Exelent stuff. Where can I get my hands on this preset?
  5. It's been a while since last time John. Great to see that Norway is getting some FTX action at last. I know this is a part of the world you've been wanting to do for years as I remeber from our talks a few years back. Welcome to Bodø, my friend. Nice to see my hometown with some proper textures. As I understand, you have managed to get Tore on your dev team. I've been following his project for a while and was hoping your path would cross at some point.
  6. Looking very good there Thorsten...just as good as they did on FTG
  7. It's looking good your new computer. I'm desperate to get myself a new system so I can get back into the wonderful skies above Orbx.
  8. This topic has been moved to Full Terrain Experience (FTX) Payware Support Forum. [iurl]http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=20111.0[/iurl]
  9. Hi, Is it the shortcut on your desktop that doesn't work? Try going to your FSX root directory \ORBX\Scripts\ and run it from there. Edit: Was at work earlier and didn't get the path correct. The correct path for FTXcentral is:"your FSX root directory" \ORBX\Scripts\FTXCentral\FTXCentral.exe You should add your order number to your sig as per forum rules: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=772.0
  10. Wonderful shot. With FTX I never go flying without getting a "am I really..."
  11. I noticed that you wrote: Which in the line above says: On your already low end system you run FSX on a USB drive which will be a huge bottleneck.
  12. Purchased a copy myself about 1,5 hour ago using Mastercard. Now I have 1 minute left of downloading.... So as Wolter says, I think it's depends on your Bank at what system they use. And why didn't I get it earlier....? Had to wait for my girl to get her pay....
  13. Your order number comes back as valid, but since I'm just a stupid mod I will let some of the developers and Win7 users answer your question. I'm sure they'll be around here soon. While you wait you can check this thread to see if you get any wiser. http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=2712.msg19528#msg19528
  14. This topic has been moved to Eggbeater's Heaven. [iurl]http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=19333.0[/iurl]
  15. Hi Ron, Could you please provide your order number as per this post: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=1415.0
  16. No worries Larry, we all have that blind spot on our eyes from time to time...
  17. Very sad news to get on a early morning. Rest in peace, and my thought goes to those he left behind.
  18. Yes, and I want little Liverpool Logos instead of the squares Ok, I'll shut me speaker now
  19. Love the coloring of the forums to be honest. Takes me back to that Orange Koorby look that VOZ had in the begining.
  20. Alan, give it a few days and see if it gets better... I'm sure you'll forget the old style soon.... Personally I think it's a change for the better. Great work Jay
  21. And what do we want laying under the Christmas tree this year
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