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  1. Hi, From what I understand, airport scenery made for MSFS is JUST the airport... no surrounding photoreal scenery, which is somewhat expensive to source. You'll notice that the file size for Airport X in MSFS is significantly smaller than that same airport for P3D or X-Plane... so the price point reflects that.
  2. I wish there was more diversity in the aircraft types. No military aircraft, no helos...
  3. Thanks, Nick. Yup, I moved my aircraft further away, and at 5,000+ altitude... and now I see the anomaly. :-)
  4. I went to LOWI to check it out. P3Dv5 with Hotfix 2, and with EA on... But I and my camera buddy in the picture are not seeing the visual anomaly:
  5. Hmmm... I just tested this out. P3Dv5 with Hotfix 2, and with EA on... And I don't have that visual anomaly. -Paul
  6. I'm running P3Dv5, tons of Orbx products, including Vector for P3Dv5, and I'm seeing the same anomalies (trees on taxiways at VTBS, wandering jetways at EGCC).
  7. Still yearning for the Southern Rockies region...
  8. I had that issue as well. I turned off vSync and the flickering went away.
  9. Based on a recent support page post regarding airports within the Pago Pago area, I decided to check 'em out in my A2A T-6 Texan in the livery of an SNJ. Ran into some fellow birds, as well as a Coast Guard ship. :-)
  10. Great shots of a great ship, Iain!
  11. I had a similar issue when trying to install the Orbx Libraries. There was a blue "Main Library" button present to install it to a folder outside of the sim. I did that, and everything works perfectly. I see that the Northern California installation process has this option. I'd try that.
  12. I just went to NZWR and noted the same "double markings" as Adam. P3Dv5, Orbx, and a few add-on planes; nothing else. Here's the same shot, but with NZWR uninstalled... just straight up P3Dv5 and Orbx NZNI:
  13. In lieu of installing Libraries directly into P3Dv5 (as with all my other Orbx products), I selected the other option and installed it into a library folder outside of the main sim. Seems to be working now. :-)
  14. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
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