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  1. Ok about the pushback, but then the parkings need to be modified so the aircraft spawn correctly. And +1 for the other question; where is the update?
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Will do some additional tests
  3. @pyreegue First of all, very nice job you have done on Glasgow! Just started my flight there in rain and it looks awesome! Also the statics really bring the airport alive (and yes, you even made them optional)! I have some remarks/issues I found when starting at gate 17 and departing RWY 23: 1a. After spawning the aircraft seems to be parked correctly. However, no jetway option is available and looking to the jetway type the aircraft needs to be positioned more forward? 1b. There are no ground services available, no baggage, no catering... 1c. When asking for pushback the option is available, but ATC says there is no truck so only way is to use SHIFT+P 2. When taxiing I noticed the red/white blocks near the Gama Aviation building popping up suddenly. 3. The runway and taxiways look entirely flat. Is this the case in real life? Again, thanks for this great airport and I hope some issues can be fixed!
  4. Good question... By default add-on airports can be recognized by a wrench icon next to it, but when zooming out they don't stand out. Only starred airports. In the Airport file developers have the option to enable the star icon, so should be easy to realize. +1 for this request!
  5. I think a lot of devs will wait to release since SU7 is around the corner (release tommorrow) to see if no issues come up?
  6. @Matteo Veneziani Congrats on Skiathos, it has become a beautiful add-on! I was taxiing to the starting point of runway 01 when I saw some objects (trees?) visible in the distance. Looks quite odd to me. Anything that can be done about it?
  7. At Split there is no option for 'Ramp Connection' allowing you to add stairs to the aircraft. Issue can be solved by changing the parking type to RAMP_GA_Large... Also there is pushback, but since the ramp allow you to taxi away without pushback this option can be removed. Can this please be fixed?
  8. Hi, Asobo finally managed to extend the log file to see which file is giving errors. If you go to MSFS and the Content Manager, you can delete the Asobo 103 solo livery and the error will be gone
  9. Wow, a fine set of shots Iain! Looking very much forward to this one! With FlyTampa's Athens around the corner this is a nice hop
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