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  1. I hope so... But I do not think they will update EGLC. Contacted support a while ago about some issues and they stated EGLC will not be updated...
  2. Nice to see some new partners and welcome M'M team! Have bought your Skavsta airport and it is really nice!
  3. Hi, I am having the same issue (install not via Orbx) and reported the issue over at the forum of Terrainy Studios. They say they are aware of the issue and will come up with a fix. See the thread Hello, i have bought your Airport LGSM and found the following issue. The runway is not correctly visible. Can you please find a solution? | Terrainy Studios. And this message is from 2 days ago: Issues With Samos | Terrainy Studios
  4. Thanks Matteo! Please consider changing the AirItaly livery to something like Neos?
  5. In Orbx Central, you can go to the product pgae of Lisbon, and there you have a button support indicating where you can drop your questions. The link refers to: MKSTUDIOS Support where you can create a ticket. Although I do not always get response most of the reported issues are being fixed!
  6. I already spotted the trailer for Prague on Facebook/YT, the product seems to be ready?! But the product page is outdated and also there is no topic yet?
  7. Very cool! Hope that tides will be included in MSFS eventually so we can see that flooded runway
  8. Ok about the pushback, but then the parkings need to be modified so the aircraft spawn correctly. And +1 for the other question; where is the update?
  9. Thanks for the quick response! Will do some additional tests
  10. @pyreegue First of all, very nice job you have done on Glasgow! Just started my flight there in rain and it looks awesome! Also the statics really bring the airport alive (and yes, you even made them optional)! I have some remarks/issues I found when starting at gate 17 and departing RWY 23: 1a. After spawning the aircraft seems to be parked correctly. However, no jetway option is available and looking to the jetway type the aircraft needs to be positioned more forward? 1b. There are no ground services available, no baggage, no catering... 1c. When asking for pushback the option is available, but ATC says there is no truck so only way is to use SHIFT+P 2. When taxiing I noticed the red/white blocks near the Gama Aviation building popping up suddenly. 3. The runway and taxiways look entirely flat. Is this the case in real life? Again, thanks for this great airport and I hope some issues can be fixed!
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