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  1. It is ok now since shot 7 is removed. The current shot 7 is indeed the "Kralingse Plas"
  2. Very beautiful. Only screenshot 7 is The Hague (Zuiderpark) not Rotterdam.
  3. It looks beautiful Especially Rotterdam-The Hague airport and the Nieuwe Waterweg are looking very very good (I am living in Rotterdam)
  4. Hi ORBX team, The pictures you show are very promissing. I live only 5 minutes from Rotterdam-The Hague airport and should like to fly even with a commercial license from the park in front of my house (Vroesenpark) to Rotterdam-The Hague. airport. Another company has made Rotterdam-The Hague airport, and this looks ok. However as soon as you out of the area it has nothing to do with Rotterdam anymore. If customers should see this, the immersive feeling should go way down. Therefor I fly now in Stewart (commercially) and Innsbruck en Milford Sound (private). There are mountaints there (in the Netherlands everything is flat) and if it is not 100% corrrect we will not know this. If the Netherlands are becomming so good that customers should say: wow this is Rotterdam and this Rotterdam-The Hague airport, I will buy the commercial license. I really hope that ORBX brings the reallity level to the point I can land with my Robinson R22 in front of my house :). Regards, Ewout van Linge (HelisimR22R)
  5. Hi Greyman76, Found it. In a new installation Windows10 only the 2012 and 2013 versions of Microsoft Visual C++ are installed. I have added 2008 and 2010 and I think the 2010x86 version is essential. After installing run the Orbxlibs again. Regards, Ewout
  6. Hi Greyman76, I have the same problem as you have. After a fresh installation on a new PC with Windows 10 64bit and Prepar3d v3.3.5 (also tried v3.2) I don't see people, grass etc. My installation is with pacific fjords and Stewart and New Zealand South Island with Milford sound. Although the ORBX installations are different the issue looks the same. On my other PC's it is running fine. I will check the differences. (config, Microsoft C++ libs??) If I find something I keep you informed. Regards, Ewout
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