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  1. Thanks, it may be a while before A2A & PMDG are in this new sim though, if ever. From what I read at A2A they have some pretty large hurdles to cross.
  2. Thanks Gerold. Been doing it for 45 years but now I have a complete shop. Been making everything from toys to furniture to pens.
  3. Stunning! I could use these for comics, gonna get this sim eventually.
  4. Holy cow! How are #'s 2 and 3 NOT photos?? Good grief, I wish to Gawd A2A and PMDG would get their planes in this sim. I made a nice 737 flight today after a hiatus because of massive problems but dealing with it. I talk to Martyn daily through email, he's hanging in there, if you know what I mean. I miss everyone here but too busy woodworking to spend much time here. Best to you all and Adam, amazing shots!
  5. Excellent shots Scott. Brings back fond memories of flying in these things back in the 80's all over Europe. One time we had to fly from Germany to the UK at around 3000 get with all the doors open in winter because the aircraft equipment for our F-111's were leaking gasoline. What a long, cold, smelly, and bumpy but excellent ride!
  6. I have to say when Orbx puts their minds to it they have excellent results! Man, this is so good looking, beautiful stuff here Orbx!
  7. Stunning shots, especially number three. It's a pity the planes are so plain vanilla.
  8. Cringe worthy, I'm actually embarrassed for these people making this. I love long distance flights in complex big jets so how does this help? And even if I liked low and slow, what am I supposed to do fly through the terminal? What a waste of a PC's processing power. Sorry, just my two cents. If this is where MSFS is going then count me out. This is more like a sims game. UGH!
  9. Cool! I bought their entire iTunes catalog a couple of years ago. And get this, it makes me sick, when I was a teenager I had on vinyl, the white album on white vinyl. I imagine that would be worth a fortune today.
  10. Awesome shots John and I LOVE the Beatles reference. I learned exactly why Lennon created this line through Sirius XM radio on the Beatles channel. Fascinating story of this song lyric. At the time Lennon read a newspaper article saying there were so many pot holes in the roads that if they filled them all it would fill the Albert Hall. That's so cool.
  11. Wowzer! I am SO close to buying this sim/game just for the Orbx quality stuff, these are amazing.
  12. Wonderful shots but I'm puzzled by the melted buildings in shot #5. I saw this a lot when I was testing it a long time ago now it seems. I wonder why the sim does this? Has anyone mentioned why @renault?
  13. Yes, I agree. I was going to buy it yesterday until I read all the negative reviews. I can't buy it until it's no longer in beta testing. These huge and forced updates would annoy the heck out of me. I wonder if they will ever reach a point where they stop these loathsome 1 billion gigabyte updates?
  14. Hi Don. Thanks, this has been ongoing for a while now. Severe pain, debilitating pain. I try to deal with it. I can’t find port anywhere in this state sadly.
  15. Thanks guys. Some merlot might help tonight
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