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  1. I meant one can never determine the impulse and feeeeeeelings of a woman at the same time
  2. Quite welcome good sir. I study quantum physics as a hobby. Always fascinating.
  3. Women are like quantum mechanics experiments. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle applies here.
  4. P3D v5. For four reasons. 1) A2A 2) PMDG 3) Orbx scenery (way too much invested in Orbx) 4) So many excellent opportunities for comic backgrounds. May get MSFS in the future when PMDG has its bugs worked out and hopefully A2A will have their planes in it.
  5. Hi Paul, doing as well as can be expected despite some very serious problems. I’ll believe the PMDG when I see it . Nope, not yet, maybe not ever. It would require PMDG’s 737’s, 747’s, and 777’s as well as four of A2A’s planes and a functional GTN 750 AND a good AI traffic program. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than that happening!
  6. Very nice shots! What aircraft is this? Does everything work in the cockpit?
  7. Another reason to not buy this game. So this is not Orbx scenery? Isn’t that a violation of the Orbx rules? Just asking.
  8. Yes, I know he did but I’m very doubtful, I’ll believe it when I see it. And even then I want to see if the next MSFS update breaks it.
  9. So much nicer than P3D. I often wonder if I should get out of simming as I seldom do it anymore and it doesn't seem likely PMDG or A2A will ever be in MSFS. Why do I think this? Because from what I've read Asobo and MSFS constantly move the goalposts with their incessant and mandatory updates which fouls up the programming already done on those planes. But looking at shot like the one on approach makes me want to wait before I sell all my hardware. Is this Orbx scenery? Especially in the first three shots?
  10. That first one had me rolling of the stinking floor laughing so hard!
  11. Happy birthday Karl! Hope you're well as well as Hilda or was it Helga? And Capt. Chris P. Bacon too. Jack
  12. I have plenty of wonderful wood smells in my wood shop. It’s always a delight to create things in wood. And now I have reader safety glasses for my shop.
  13. Hi Graeme. They’re 20/20 and very well thanks. I need readers but distance is perfect but what’s most striking is the colors. The cataracts had really clouded and diminished all colors. Now I see with new eyes and the difference is amazing. Cheers. Jack
  14. Hi, I did the registry thing today. Made the same flight, kind of. Flew the same plane in the same weather from KBLU to Oakland, then tried to go to KSFO. But by the time I neared San Fransisco it was up to 8.4 VRAM. I didn't make any P3D changes, this was just my first test. I then relocated my plane to KFFC Falcon Field a few miles from where I live and the VRAM was an astonishing 3.4. I have no idea how this works but why doesn't P3D unload VRAM as I fly or is the VRAM full because of all the scenery weather, and other stuff it has to draw? I wish A2A and PMDG would hurry up with MSFS but I honestly don't know if that'll be any better. More testing later with lowered P3D settings.
  15. Thanks, sorry so long to reply. I’ll have to look at my settings in P3D for sure. I’ll have to look at the registry settings. I did it a few times a long time ago using RegEdit so it’s not that unfamiliar but I don’t want to goof anything up. Appreciate your excellent help!
  16. Thanks, I don’t have RTSS as this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. Nor do I use OSD, in fact this PC is totally plain vanilla, not overclocked and is used only for P3D and reading old MAD magazine issues . I found some older drivers on NVIDIA’s site and installed one. I made a flight today from KBLU to KSFO in the A2A Bonanza with AS weather on. I started at 3.1 VRAM and ended with an OOM after landing. Frames were good though. I think the combination of Orbx’s TrueEarth Southern California, the weather, and KSFO all conspired to chew up all my VRAM. At least I had none of the above mentioned crashes.
  17. Thanks but I’m using 5.2. Don’t want to go to 5.3 just yet.
  18. Thanks, haven’t seen an update as I’m still using 5.2.
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