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  1. Interest piqued by BradB's color washed creations, I set up a shot as best I could to replicate one of his Sandane scenes. The first shot is my pure, unadulterated, unfiddled with, & unedited effort. The second is the BradB water color (Now here I have assumed his shot is MSFS, but he may surprise us yet by declaring it P3D or FSX!) TTM (MSFS)
  2. Ah! No shot dare pass from your screen without a color wash or gentle tweak. TTM
  3. Stunners! I must ask - I know you use Luminar for your skies, but it looks like some 'effect' or filter has been applied to the 'non sky' parts of the shots. Particularly in shots 1 to 5. There is, [on my monitor], something going on which gives the structure & colors in the shots an 'artistic' appearance. Its not Sepia, its not 'chocolate box art?, but it looks good! What are you up to John? TTM
  4. I think the protagonists on fselite.net are about to descend on Sandane with their theodolites. Nit picking in extremis. You compromise is fine, Andreas. TTM
  5. Elsewhere there was a complaint that Orbx Sandane had a flat runway. Of course I had to have a look myself & can report it is indeed not flat. The whole airport is nicely put together, located in some spectacular scenery, & throws in a white knuckle approach in a cross winds. Well done Andreas. It is also an interesting one for capturing shots as the sun doesn't shine directly on to the airport for much of the day, it being tucked up near some fascinating rock formations. A selection of shots at different times of the day as I set off for ENAL, from Sandane. TTM (MSFS) Not flat - You can pick up the undulations by following the white line on either side of the runway Sand & rock, in shadow. Managed to get some light in here. More rock. Did I mention I love rock walls? & this is back lit, so it is very creative in its structure, execution & toning's. & the prize for the bravest man in Norway goes to the gentleman in the Hawaiian shirt! Hideaways below one end of the runway. Kingair departing at dusk Heading along the cliff face. Sandane is out of view, to the left. Just stunning Norwegian scenery, not far from Sandane.
  6. Nice set of shots. I am curious whether the runway is 'sloped' [I have read a post elsewhere saying it isn't, but is in real life] & when people say 'sloped' I am not sure if they mean say, one end is higher than the other, or it is not 'flat', ie, is sloped sideways along its length. IRL I have seen runways that undulate & twist at the same time. TTM
  7. Hi Jack My wife just had both eyes done & now that she can see me, wants a divorce Joking, but she is amazed at what she can see post op. Colors & color intensity are a revelation. Plus she can drive again. Heartily recommend it as it is a real quality of life boost. Hope op goes well, take the drops, & good luck. TTM
  8. Nice comparison. You are using MSFS Live Weather, no add ons like Rex Sky Force?? TTM
  9. I think they are walkway. Perhaps heated? Same color on the park pads in front of the terminal. (See my 2nd shot of the 3) TTM
  10. After watching a video about starting the H135 I went back & had another go, this time with success. There is a subtlety in the 'From Cold' start procedure that I missed 1st time around. When you start each engine with an upwards roll of the mouse wheel on the starter switch, & everything is running ok, you need to 'roll the mouse wheel' again on each starter switch, to bring the FADEC in. I missed the 2nd 'roll'. So now it I have a civilized flyer. TTM
  11. Indeed! Nested on top of a car. In P3D I could fly Helicopters without too much trouble. In MSFS I loaded Vagar then the H135. Fired it up & went berserk in front of the terminal & ended up in the car park. Back to square one as regards learning the H135! TTM
  12. I like the mid Atlantic location of the Faroes for stop overs between the UK & Iceland & Scandinavia. It makes for white knuckle approaches. MK-Studios MSFS Vagar, (EKVG), captures the wind swept bleakness of this blasted heath airport locale. There is something not quite right in the shot below. Can you spot it? TTM (MSFS)
  13. Among those in the know, but spoken of in hushed tones, is that the hangar with 'extras' has subsequently been identified as a clearing house for purloined goods, & the perpetrators are under surveillance. Rest easy. TTM
  14. Wing Commander TTM drops into Bryce to check progress on the update & Pony. The absence of both will generate a report to HQ. TTM
  15. You can't take 1 flight at Hammerfest then put it aside! This time I used SoFly Light Snow to give a winter ambience, & had a look around the City. I was keen to get an authentic livery in there, but Wideroe run Dash 8 Q100's, [for the short runway], & I couldn't find a Q100 for MSFS. There is a freeware Q400, but it needs nearly twice the runway length & the freeware Wideroe livery is currently a bit dicey. I settled on a fictional Kingair 350 livery. Hammerfest is a very interesting place to fly out of , all sorts of stuff tucked away around the peninsula & beyond. Also, there is what looks like a massive power transmission lines system near the airport. FWIIW, all shots are untouched/unedited/un fiddled with etc. TTM (MSFS) A drifting left departure from Rwy 4. Circled clockwise & now back over the City. More City as I head for the LNG terminal. LNG terminal fly by. On approach into Rwy 4. Climbing as the airport is on a plateau & I was below it. Successful roll out after a bit of sliding. Note the power line complex on the horizon. Anyone know what that is? Perhaps a feed to the City from hydro or thermal power?
  16. Bit slow to pick this one up. I wanted to try the circling approach into Rwy 22 & the 1st shots reflect an 'attempt'. Hammerfest is a very compact airport and Finni has done a nice job of reflecting the character of the location & immediate surroundings. A worthy addition to your Scandinavian portfolio! TTM (MSFS) Departing Rwy 22 to circle back anti clockwise. Switched to dusk to pick up the landing guidance lights. Couldn't spot them from here. Rwy 22 Lead in lights- I was actually on approach when they appeared to turn on. They are bright Amber. One is under the left wing tip, the other is in front of the left wing. There was a 3rd which I have flown past. It was back, to the left, so the 3 form a curved lead in to Rwy 22. I think I needed to be a bit lower as I was turning, to trigger the lights earlier. View from the cockpit. Looks ok but was way too slow from fiddling with shot placement & the Goose dropped like a stone just short of the runway.
  17. Nicely composed & cropped. TTM
  18. Interesting choice & nice set of shots. 2,909' = pretty tight. Shot 6: the boat with 4 orange half spheres on deck, what is it carrying? TTM
  19. A welcome & nicely executed addition to MSFS Scandinavian destinations & a shortish flight from Bromma. A few shots in differing weather & times of day. TTM (MSFS) I assume its a a hangar or munitions store?? Drag racing with a tarmac patrol car. Prior to this I had to dodge a speeding luggage tractor coming towards me. Dusk Dusk, looking the other way Morning cloud Light snow
  20. Manfred Von Schnitzel, Chief Test Pilot for Jonkers Aircraft LLC, sniffed the morning air. There was a diffident wind out of the East. Grey smoke curled lazily from the bowl of his pipe & wafted through his handle bar moustache. He pulled his leather WW1 helmet tighter over his head & adjusted his ToysRUs goggles before clambering into the pilot's seat of the idling JO-53. A quiet burp reminded him that his traditional breakfast of Coffee, Croissant & Frosty Flakes spread with chunks of Bratwurst was still in his digestive tract. It had been a tumultuous 5 hours. He had been rung at 3am by Malena Von Ditchdigger, President & CEO of Jonkers Aircraft, LLC. He still did not know why she had left their hotel bed & gone to Hotel Reception to call him. 'Test Ctrl +E', was what she had whispered in a guttural Schnapps & chewing tobacco infused voice, at 3am. 'Why!', Von Schnitzel had demanded. "It must start ze engines, or all is lost!", she whispered loudly. Nonplussed, Von Schnitzel pulled on his flying suit, leaped into his Trabant, & set off through dark & dusty Germanic country lanes to the secret Jonkers testing airfield. His mood was somber. The JO-53 had been started by his mechanic, Rusty Von Spannerwerx. In the cockpit he checked the dials & then cut the engines. All 3 spluttered into a lonely silence that descended like a winter weight duvet over the Jonkers. Von Schnitzel cleared his throat. Now was the moment of truth. Unbeknown to him, Marina had followed a safe behind in her Nash Rambler. Her companion & bodyguard, Dirk Blowout, sat sourly in the passenger's seat. She watched through high powered binoculars from a distant hanger. Von Schnitzels hands trembled. Would it work? He lit a Galois to calm his nerves, then he pressed Ctrl + E. Almost immediately the left engine roared into life! He pressed Ctrl + E again, but nothing. He pressed again & suddenly the middle & right engines roared. As his shaking hands fiddled with levers & with 1 ear tuned into the purring BMW engines, he was startled when the passenger's door was flung open & Von Ditchdigger clambered into the cockpit. A feat in itself considering she was clad top to toe in a gold lame sheath frock with ermine trim. With a matching handbag that could hold a small dog. She planted a large wet kiss on Von Schnitzel's goggles & exclaimed in guttural excitement, 'Well done mon Cherie, I knew you had it in you, Let us flee this land for a place of romance!' Von Schnitzel hesitated. He had promised to take his Mother to Bingo that day. But he could see out of the corner of his eye that Marina would not be denied. He nodded a grudging acceptance. Then he turned & staring though his now fogged up goggles like an owl on Advil, asked quietly, "Where to?" Malina laughed heartily. "Cherie, there is nowhere else to go but the most romantic place on earth, Essendon!!" So, in a nutshell, Ctrl + E does work. TTM
  21. Not sure. All my aircraft 'hot start'. There is a recent release that won't Ctrl + E start, not sure which, might be the P38L. It was in some intro. notes. Tomorrow I will cut the JU-52 engines & then try Ctrl + E. Stand by. TTM
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