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  1. So you don't mean the 'My Products ' Listing down the left side of OrbxCentral? I'll try what you suggest. Thanks [ok, it is a Zero Cost Purchase ilo an Update. I treated it as the latter. D/L now.] TTM
  2. What do you mean by the 'pick list? I am not seeing V2 anywhere, even after uninstalling v1.01 TTM
  3. To clarify the version. I just uninstalled Burbank & reinstalled & it is showing v1.1. Is this in fact v2? Appreciate it being a free upgrade. TTM
  4. My Sim budget has been overwhelmed by the recent plethora of aircraft releases. But Podgorica has the mountains, tricky approaches & runway lengths that can take the 737 & 146 & MD-82. I like the little touches - shot 9 down, the tractor pulling the luggage carts, & shot 10, the pink flowers in the shrubbery. I don't recall seeing colored shrubs before, but they add to the beauty of the site. The terminal interior is tastefully executed. & there appears to be a military presence in the vicinity of the airfield. All in all an, interesting airport & location. TTM
  5. Ah, yes Dirty Dirty Dirty TTM
  6. If you're looking for a big airport, to tied you over, Flytampa's KBOS is available now via Orbx. But this assumes you fly into the USA Speaking of FlyTampa, I am wondering why their MSFS Las Vegas is not available though Orbx?? TTM
  7. Back to an old favorite in the AH C-46. TTM (P3D v5.3 HF2)
  8. It is true. The single engined Fokker has had a valve grind or been bored out, and it now actually departs terra firma in a slow but elegant manner & flies around gently. So it is worth taking it out for an airing. Haven't flown the Trimotors yet to see if they have changed. A few shots from Malmo. TTM (MSFS)
  9. Nicely created set of evocative images Richard. Did you use the Drone camera? TTM
  10. Well done Bernd Single engine Fokkers will, as I write, be being dragged from the back of hangars by the owners who never got off the ground, to take another shot at getting in the air. I wonder if Orbx did a secret update & gave her a few more horses? As to the bridge too far?, I suspect you've been on the Borkum Riff again TTM
  11. AH freeware via Orbx, C-119, leaving Kiruna for ENNA. TTM (P3D V5.3 HF2)
  12. Stunners! From whom the yachts? They move with the wind? TTM
  13. JF Curtiss C-46 leaving Orbx Edinburgh. Like driving a bus, but enjoyable at the same time. Nice weight on the sticks & the FDE has been curated for the size & performance characteristics of this bemouth. One of those aircraft that grows on you. TTM (P3D v5.3 HF2)
  14. I think Carlos, PNG refers to Papua New Guinea, not PMDG. TTM
  15. Got on the wrong bus & missed this. I think what pleased me most in the announcement were the words: "(stay tuned re Fokker as we will be releasing an update with fixes and new functionality)" That Orbx has the inclination & ability to fine tune the Fokker bodes well for other aircraft they are contemplating. Due to the variety & vagaries of flight simmers hardware & software configurations, I have yet to see an aircraft released in any Sim, that does not require, & benefit from, subsequent updates. As to the multitude of planned airport releases, to cherry pick for the sake of brevity, Invercargill caught my eye. With 3 runways, the longest being 7,257', it lends itself to a wide variety of aircraft & its location at the bottom of the South Island presents itself as a good jumping off place to tour rolling Southland farming country & Fiordland. The 2nd promo shot shows it will not be lacking in atmosphere. Anything Tim & Ken touch turns out to be unique. Launceston will be another to watch, & Scandinavia has always been a favorite destination. But the deeper foray into aircraft has caught my attention. I wonder if there is a DC-3 in there somewhere? TTM
  16. I really should read this Forum more often. Belated congratulations Marcus. Creative Director! Hmm Corporate jet. Photo shoots in the Bahamas! TTM
  17. Australian companies. Australian Monday. Downloads are available now. Thank you AH for your generosity & Orbx for providing the channel for that generosity. TTM
  18. Are those exhaust flames? Occur in real life, or is the mixture on the rich side? TTM
  19. According to AH Facebook, Monday 7th February should be when their giveaways appear on Orbx. TTM
  20. Thank you Gentlemen. Even has nice wake spray while traveling on water. TTM
  21. It has its own character Bernd. Won't break the Bank TTM
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