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  1. Hi all, Unfortunately Asobo are still working on the fixes required for this - as Nick has outlined, in the interim solution is to again disable the Asobo version of Innsbruck. Once I have more information on the update I will let you all know. Thanks, Jarrad
  2. Hi guys - the need to delete the default version should be temporary - the latest Asobo update last week broke the exclusion components - see my comments in this thread for a bit more info. We're working with Asobo at the moment so that they can fix it again.
  3. Under normal circumstances it wouldn't matter either way, but our aim is always to create a fully automated installation process via OrbxCentral (or Marketplace) where there is no need for you as the user to modify or tweak the base sim files. Ie, our airports should work without you having to touch anything of the default sim.
  4. Morning all, Just to follow up further on Nick, Doug & Jon's comments over the weekend - this runway issue (along with other symptoms such as double-up buildings and default aprons showing) was caused by Friday's MSFS update, specifically that the excludes for removing the default LOWI are broken. Innsbruck is an unusual example in that the default "star" airports are treated differently than regular airports, and excluding them is slightly different. This is an issue for Asobo to help with; I've been in touch with them to work out the quickest way to get it sorted for you. In the mean time, as has been suggested, removing the default Innsbruck will resolve the issue temporarily. Cheers, Jarrad
  5. We have emphasized the priority of this to the Asobo team; we have been working with them to help them resolve it as fast as they can. Obviously this doesn't only affect our work, but all developers. Any 2x or more CGLs within the same LOD6 grid will possibly, though not definitely, cause the hang - Finn's recommendation above will resolve the issue until a core sim patch arrives. You beat me to it - I was just about to post exactly the same video! Cheers
  6. G'day Darem, this won't be an issue with LOWI itself as it sits outside of the coverage zone. I've done a test at the same spot and can't replicate it at my end sorry. That said, I have noticed this issue pop up elsewhere in the default world at different times on my sim - it's always been temporary, and when I've changed a setting and returned to the same spot later, it has gone and the missing patch of vegetation has returned. Cheers,
  7. Hi Dario, no need to worry about the test, this is an issue with the default Bing imagery beyond the Darrington coverage zone - it's a seamline between two different aerial imagery samples. Here is the same spot in Bing maps showing the line - https://www.bing.com/maps?osid=059496e0-43d2-4952-ac1c-876644af45d9&cp=48.278416~-121.639418&lvl=13&style=h&imgid=b532773d-aee6-4259-8f9f-cd8fd287440e&v=2&sV=2&form=S00027 Cheers
  8. Hi guys, I've just run the same test at my end with an up-to-date version of the sim - I'm very sorry to say that I can't replicate the issue. Are you able to post your display graphics settings in order that I can replicate them at my end? Cheers, Jarrad
  9. G'day Thomas, welcome to the forums The big difference between the P3D version and the MSFS version is the mesh - I included a highly detailed 10m mesh with the original FSX/P3D release. Unfortunately we don't yet have the ability to import custom mesh into the new sim, and this is why the sharpness and accuracy of the peaks isn't the same, as we are currently relying on the default elevations which are quite a bit lower quality. But that said, it has been my number one request from the Asobo team for a while; we know they are working on it for a future update to the sim and SDK. Once this is out, I have my original mesh source ready and waiting to be exported Cheers, Jarrad
  10. Hi guys, we are waiting for some core fixes from Microsoft/Asobo before we roll out the SP for LOWI - as soon as these are out we'll be ready Thanks, Jarrad
  11. G’day Jaydor, Excellent catches with both. The runway 08 PAPI is most definitely my mistake sorry and slipped through my to-do list - blame it on a lack of sleep in the final run to release . I’m just taking a couple of days off and will be looking at this and the couple of other small fixes when I’m back in the office. Regarding the comms masts, unfortunately I never did include them with my original ESP/AFS2/XP versions - you might be thinking of the old Gianni version? Given you are the second person to request it this week, I’ll be sure to add it to my to-do list! Cheers, Jarrad
  12. Thanks guys, we hadn't come across this issue before, but glad to know how to sort it. Just for my reference - was this purchased from OrbxDirect or the Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace? Cheers, Jarrad
  13. Hi guys, We haven't touched any of the road lights just yet (we don't have this capability just yet with the SDK though we have requested it). These floating lights are an issue caused the MSFS itself - we've been in touch with the team and have already let them know about this. Cheers! Jarrad
  14. Hi guys, apologies for missing this thread. KTEX (and a few other of my airports) need a fair bit of surgery to work in v5 due to changes in the scenery engine from v4 - it is on my to-do list, but given my current schedule I don't have an ETA for it yet sorry. Cheers, Jarrad
  15. Hi there, The buildings will display if the "scenery complexity" slider is set to normal or higher. To ensure the airport looks as it should, I recommend setting that item to maximum (it shouldn't have too much more performance impact compared to setting it to normal). Cheers, Jarrad
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