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  1. Lol. Very true in many scenarios! We have done lots of traveling around the US in the summer, and love the weather. Sometimes we wish we lived in some of the places we visit, but then realize that winter exists.... Then we are satisfied to be in Florida . No kidding! That's the only thing I dislike about FL. (well not the only thing, but the main thing). Not only is it more comfortable but its more practical, if you spill some drops of water on the floor it might be gone in a few hours, here in Florida its going to be there for days if you don't clean it up! Southern Utah/Arizona is my dream place to live. Mild winters, and its dry too! I don't mind 110 degrees in the summer as long as its dry
  2. It definitely isn't suburbia, but doesn't look too far out in the sticks to me, nice big neighborhoods out there... Only 20 something minutes to Colorado springs. And those internet speeds are amazing, we are stuck with cable at FD08, 110mb/s down and 5mb/s up. Decent but nothing like 900 That looks like a really cool location nonetheless. Colorado is beautiful.
  3. Just another general flight simming question for the knowledgeable members here: Recently got a new laptop for flight simming to replace older desktop. While it performs much better than my desktop, the CPU gets very hot, fluctuating between 88 and 98 degrees centigrade while the sim is running. I hear this is somewhat normal for gaming laptops due to bad airflow in the small spaces, but still not ideal for best cpu performance and longevity. Just interested in starting a discussion to see if anyone here is using a laptop for flight simming and has experienced high temps, and what do you do to help keep it cool? I have seen things called laptop cooling pads, basically a flat panel of fans that you place under the laptop to force more air into it. Does anyone here use one of these? I have seen mixed reviews, sometimes people say it reduces temp by 10+ degrees, while others say by only 2 or 3 degrees.... Thoughts? Caleb
  4. Thanks for the input Doug and Nick. I can see the advantages of having the entire sim on the HDD, but being that I have already installed it to the ssd and made many customizations to it, I am probably going to leave it on the ssd for now. The fast load speeds with the ssd are nice too. If for any reason I need to start over, I will definitely consider this option. In regards to the aircraft only being loaded once, this is a very interesting peice of information that I have not heard before. For this reason I will probably keep the aircraft on the HDD if it will not affect performance once the flight is loaded up. It is also good to know that there shouldn't be any issues with scenery being on the hdd, so I can keep that option open if I need to free up more space on the SSD. Thanks again for the input everyone.
  5. I think you may be right about that. Will wait and see what input we get from the others.
  6. Just a general question for all you flight sim gurus out there: I recently got a new flight sim PC and it has a smaller SSD with the OS and P3D v4.5 installed to it. I also have lots of Orbx scenery and addon aircraft. Due to limited space, I will have to install one of those 2 things on my secondary internal drive, an HDD, I believe it is 5400RPM. My question is this: in your experiences and knowledge, which would you think would be better to put on the secondary HDD for best performance? Aircraft or scenery? Of course there is the option of me simply trying to see which works better, but I thought maybe I would see if anyone here has any input first. Thanks, Caleb
  7. I must say, it is resting quite nicely on the barrier there.
  8. Send him Ten United States Dollars [USD$1]
  9. The sad part is that despite not being particularly bright, they are brighter than quite a few honest people, as they do scam people in some cases.
  10. "USA$1.500,00" is not "One million Five hundred Thousand United States Dollars"
  11. I am remembering that there were some airports for P3D that seemed to have sloped runways simulated, KSNC comes to mind, as well as CO47 near KEGE. I must have been mistaken, it sounds like is was not possible to have sloped runways in P3D. EDIT: even the KSNC product page mentions sloped runways under features. https://orbxdirect.com/product/ksnc
  12. Mesh looks great. Those landclass textures/ground textures are MSFS default? If so they are incredibly good, like Orbx region quality.
  13. I had this problem also. The issue with the water being black was fixed by disabling the "frozen surfaces in winter" option in the FTX Vector control panel I belive. I also had the issue with the water being on the terrain It did get fixed eventually but I am not sure exactly what fixed it as I was trying so many different things. I think switching to Orbx central from ftx central helped. But I would imagine you are already using Orbx central. I'll keep you updated if I find anything in regards to what fixed that issue.
  14. If you ask me, the "someone else" who had your username may have been you. Maybe try the forgot password link?
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