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  1. I think the point is that if your screenshot does not show something that people can buy through Orbx central, then its not a showcase (I guess you could say "advertisement") for something Orbx sells. Orbx doesn't want their things showcased on their forums that Orbx can't make a commission on. If it can't be bought on central, then Orbx doesn't have anything to gain by someone buying it. So hence they don't want it to be "advertised" on their own platform. Thats how I think of it. Mods can delete or edit this if they'd like.
  2. The rule says screenshots can be of products that can be purchased in Orbx central. That seems pretty clear. If it can't be purchased with Orbx central, then it doesn't qualify. Thats how I see it.
  3. You do not need to follow a sequence. Install them in any sequence, and Orbx central does everything automatically.
  4. I just realized I forgot a step in these calculations, adjusting for inflation. 10x increase in cost per mile, but 8.3x increase in minimum wage. So you could drive about 67 miles on one hour of minimum wage in 1965 Or you can drive 56 miles on one hour of minimum wage now. So it's not that much of a difference.
  5. Its worth noting cars weren't that efficient back then either. So it seems that gas has increased 20 times since 1965 ($0.25 to $5.00) But if you calculate that cars got 14mpg back then, and 28mpg now, there's really only a 10x increase in per mile cost. (1/14*.25 = $0.0178/mile, 1/28*5 = $0.178/mile) But still its a crazy increase. Don't get me started.
  6. Crash detect is useless anyway. Like John Dow said, there are certain things you just need to ignore. If you really crash, then you know you crashed. No need to have the computer automatically end your flight. And if something unrealistically happens, like a vehicle hitting you, you just ignore it without needing to reset the flight.
  7. Usually they give a free upgrade when going to a new version of the same simulator. I.e. it was a free upgrade to go from P3Dv3 to P3D v4. But if its an entirely different sim (i.e. P3D to X-Plane), that's when you need to buy it again. Just my observations-nothing certain.
  8. Yes you are correct, you can install Orbx to any location on any drive and it will be automatically symbolic linked to xplane. In the Orbx central application, go to settings on the top right, then select libraries on the left menu. From there you can create a library with the location on your new drive. Then when you go to install a product, you can choose the library and it will store it there and link everything automatically.
  9. I find smaller aircraft harder to takeoff and land, mainly because the controls are more sensitive and responsive, and the wind has a greater affect on them. The larger planes i.e. turboprops I find a bit easier. That might just be me though.
  10. Yes, this is true. But they are not updated with the level of detail that the individual payware airports are. In my opinion it depends exactly what you want to do: If you want to get very high detail of a smaller area, then I would suggest a region and a few payware airports. (Orbx does have some free individual ones that are similar quality to the payware found on the freeware page of the website). Or if you want to improve a very large area with a less detailed (but still good) improvement then FTX global would probably be good. In my opinion if you are just looking to make a visual improvement then Vector is not neccicary, as others have said it just alters roads and shorelines to make them more accurate, but unless you are trying to compare something to the real world its not that important.
  11. They almost always do some sale this time of year. But its always at a different exact time. Maybe it will be more of a new years sale... I don't think they do gift cards but if I am not mistaken one could always purchase a visa prepaid gift card that could be used anywhere as a credit card could be...
  12. @Nick Cooperis right, if I recall, the discount for pre owned products is not applicable if there is a discount otherwise. Sort of like you can't compound two discounts together.
  13. I remember some airports in the 2018 roadmap (or maybe it was 2019) that are still not completed......
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