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  1. Got them all for XP. Unfortunately the rest of it lets down XP. And... performance is not similar to P3D.
  2. Well I wasn't aware of the discount. I may try one area. Or may wait a month until it's 75 percent ........
  3. I note there IS a demo for X plane. Any chance of one for P3D in the UK ? Or..... can we enjoy a 50 percent discount before FS2020 is released ? .....Got a feeling FS2020 will be a slooooow burner for a looooong time, and although I will be getting it, I will be enjoying my aircraft and regions + custom airports, in P3D, for some time to come ! Cheers.
  4. Please allow us to switch off all that traffic behind the terminals or it will be unusable with TrueEarth.
  5. Yes please..... and please go easy on the PBR, it's a killer in X-plane close to the terminal buildings.
  6. May I interject on what may be a related issue. I notice you refer to your Auto Boost not working as it should on your CPU. You may benefit from looking into that as an independent issue. It may be causing issues. I have my 7700k set at 4.5 on all cores permanently. Makes little difference to temps or power consumption. But it makes the entire system more stable, and there is no bouncing up and down. When I do have auto boost set, however, it does go to the full turbo of 4.5 and stays there while P3D is running. The fact yours is not even reaching its advertised speed would be a cause for concern for me. It could just be setup incorrectly in the bios or it could be more sinister, such as a power supply issue. Sorry to butt in, but it may be wise to investigate that and get your system 100 percent stable before looking at P3D settings.
  7. Some UK 3rd party airports may be a little too pale. (i.e. a lighter shade of green.) What I did in X plane, where this was the case, was to open the 12 or so .dds ground image files, in an editor, and increase saturation and contrast about 10 percent and re-save. The whole process takes less than an hour for an airport. The amount required may be different in P3D. Or it may not be required at all !
  8. Good to see some honesty. I too have the entirety of OrbX stuff in X plane, and considering expansion to the U.S. so I am seriously considering whether I NEED it all in P3D too. I may just stick with FTX in P3D and keep VFR flying (and of course Night !) for OrbX regions in X plane. Both platforms have their pros and cons I guess.
  9. And how was tge FPS performance compared to say FTX England ?
  10. It's nice to see some patience and uderstanding. I'm personally going to try and improve in this department as it is too easy to get frustrated in this hobby, and take it out on those attempting to improve it. I am very encouraged by OrbX's doggedness to improve things constantly, and the latest updates in TE for P3D are very pleasing. For the first time (outside X Plane), I am seriously considering acquiring another large M.2 drive, and purchasing this at the end of the month, for use in P3D. I also agree that using this particular scenery requires a judicious use of settings, and indeed selecting weather systems and aircraft that are appropriate for its intended use. Also, a simple, non-demanding VFR cloudscape doesn't require shadows, which apparently cause big hits. I will continue to use FTX for more complex airliners and cloudscapes, or even just OpenLC and Vectors, when running a 747 in and out of Heathrow. But it's great to have the choice ! Happy New Year OrbX.
  11. Except you may wish to swap between them. FTX is still good for airliners and seasons ! Better off, just using SimstarterBG and having different scenery libraries that can be activated at the press of a button.
  12. So is that what it took for Narvik ? That's done brilliantly for P3D, but it is tiny compared to Leeds, I guess.
  13. And please also, can we have the option to disable the Animated vehicles. If this together with disabling parked cars, stops a 1080 hitting 100% usage, it should put my minimum back to 30 fps. This should also be considered in all other Full PBR airports like Newcastle and Edinburgh..... and especially Leeds which I bought, then you may sell more. Thank you.
  14. Are the cars PBR'd ? I have no plugins. This is diwn to these new Full PBR airports. Period.
  15. For a start you have very low AA. If I rurn mine down to FSAA only, my GPU goes to a typucal 50 fps.... I said this above. You also have Ground Scenery shadows off. I do not. As my numbers show, at similar settings in other Orbx airports I get half the GPU demand. It IS the airport. It is either, or both, all the animated traffic or the PBR. I am not reducing all my settings for one airport when a simple control panel could enable us to disable various elements... as most Orbx airport control panels allow. Another poster suggests it may be the car park. I would guess its all the animated stuff directly behind the terminals..... but given this is not present at London City, my guess is still the PBR. It would also explain why the GPU usage is hitting 100 percent and NOT the CPU (which you would expect if it were the animated traffic) or the GPU VRAM if it were the textures per se on all the parked cars. I am guessing the PBR hits GPU processing... which means usage is correlated with the amount of PBR. I am guessing also therefore, that given Edinburgh is even bigger than Leeds = more PBR.... then more PBR = more GPU usage percentage. But I won't be finding out as I will not be purchasing it, or Newcastle until the PBR hit with this new wave of "Full PBR Airport" graphics can be tempered in some way. They look great in screenshots and slow moving extetnal cameras, but not in real time use. End of bulletin.
  16. Yes I know all this. But I'm not faffing around with settings just for one airport. EGLC - 70% GPU use EGHI - 50 % GPU use Non-OrbX - 30 % EGNM = 98 - 100 % = Major stutering - GPU does not know what to do first....... No doubt Newcastle is AS bad, and Edinburgh.... considerqably worse, given it's 3x the size. Nuff said
  17. You need to buy Win 10 Pro. Google Group Policy Editor. Then you can disable all those Windoes updates permanently. Just have the security updates allowed, not Feature Updates. Effectively, this gives you the Status Quo we had with Win 7. Sorted.
  18. I have same problem with Leeds Bradford.... see my post below. I believe it is the amount of PBR used. Reducing settings in sim has no effect, unless by completely disable AA and using just FXAA.... and I won't get out of bed for that I'm afraid. My GTX is using just 7GB of VRAM but it is hitting 100 percent usage. Once you get away from the terminal buildings and aprons it goes back to 50 percent. Southampton is 50 percent and and London City is 70 percent. At night it is 50 percent .... less PBR used ! As a result of this, and a lack of Control Panel with a way of using smaller textures and thus less PBR (?), I therefore decided NOT to purchase Edinburgh or Newcastle, as the former is far bigger than Leeds, and I predicted this would therefore be an even worse issue. It may look pretty.... and it surerly does, but I'm not in the business of making screenshots. I'm wondering how PBR hits P3D ?.... If it's better I may abandon OrbX in X plane and go back to P3D. I shall investigate on Youtube and Reddit. You don't expect a GTX 1080 to be maxed out in a flightsim.
  19. Don't get me wrong - it also the most beautiful airport I have - other than Narvick and Hammerfest ...... but is hammering my GTX 1080 There is just way too much stuff going on behind the terminal area. There needs to be a simple way to stop it all,
  20. Clearly not bothered then ? I'll put a video on Youtube and see if anyone else has any ideas. This airport has the worst performance I have ever seen.
  21. Your i9 cpu is giving you a 10 to 15 percent increase in fps. In real terms this amounts to 3 or 4 fps on average. Dropping any slider one notch and you will probably gain more than 3 fps. It is utterly absurd to say "a 8700 is no good for flight simming". 90 percent of simmers, enjoy simming with a lot less than an i7 or i8 series cpu, in conjunction with a 1080 gpu. Do not be put off flight simming if you are not in the top 10 percent of hardware users. Absurd....!
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