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  1. Happy Birthday Wolter! I hope things are well with you and that we see you soon here. Greg
  2. As a young CFI, (1971) I had a older student go the wrong way with the controls trying to land. Thank God they rotated high. We were about 50 feet looking straight down at the runway. I snapped her to the vertical and recovered. The towers comment was " I thought you bought it that time" I then encouraged the student to think about another hobby. Greg
  3. Happy Birthday Ron! Thanks for your humor and paints. Greg
  4. Bernd Simply fantastic post. Great shots and story! Greg
  5. In the NorthEast hurricanes and tornados. Maine specifically blizzards dumping 3 feet of snow and -20*F for weeks at a time. Greg
  6. Let's see. Wolfco is from LOWI. The signs mention EDDF and EDDT. It is well know. I bet it is a masterpiece from Jarrad. LOWI Greg
  7. Eliquis works for me! I hope Glad you are doing better Derek. Greg
  8. Grandkids, Great-Grand kids and my Boston Terrier keep me moving. Greg
  9. I will be on a Maine Lake all next week Greg
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