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  1. Nice Jack! I missed your humor. Greg
  2. Happy Birthday Ken! I hope it was memorable. Greg
  3. KBHB Bar Harbor Trenton Airport. Just down the road from me. According to Dan Downs log edit 3, I have 1825 visits to KBHB. My most used airport. Greg
  4. Happy Birthday Scott! Hope it was great Greg
  5. Sam Adams is local for me! I have not brewed beer since college. Greg
  6. Football! New England Patriots! Is there anything else in the universe? Greg
  7. Happy New Year! My vote goes to flyingleaf and the Mule Team. Greg
  8. Happy New Year Iain and all our forum friends. May it be happy, healthy and prosperous! Greg
  9. I got 4.7 out of 7.1GB on my 1080 card using Cityscape Sidney, Fly Tampa's YSSY and AUv2. I was using Milviz Bell 407. My settings are the same as John Burgess. Medium 1024 in sim and city set to 2048. Greg
  10. Looks outstanding! Thank you for the helipads. Release day purchase for me. Greg
  11. Hitchhiking was an accepted and much used method of teens to travel. Greg
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