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  1. Thank you Karl, guess you can blame it on me for being MIA for a long time, doesn’t seem like enough hours in a day to do what needs doing let alone what you wanna do! I’m gonna make an attempt to hang out here more in the future, it’s still one of my favorite forums!
  2. Thanks Greg, it was a good one and I’m hoping the trend continues until the next one rolls around!
  3. No worries on being late, my Birthday just came waaaay to early, Thanks for the post!
  4. Roger that Rodger and Thanks you Sir, glad to see you are hanging in here and doing the Weekly Meaningless thing! Good to see ya man!
  5. Much appreciated T, I’m sure I missed a few birthdays since I’ve been MIA!
  6. Thank you Gumby Sir, hard to believe it’s my 75th one in my short life!
  7. Thank you Adam, much appreciated! Gotta get back over for more visits, missing you guys!
  8. Thanks John, appreciate that, I figured I would have been forgotten by now since I don’t visit very often! Keep thinking I’ll visit more, but pretty busy over at my new place! Great weather here in downtown Oklahoma, hot and humid!
  9. I'd bet our old "Pal Jack" could do that easy enough, both the landing and the takeoff!
  10. And, you know us, we will continue to enjoy the virtual trips and narrations as long as you continue to continue! Another great VTR!
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