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These community and support forums are privately owned and operated by Orbx Simulation Systems Pty. Ltd., and as such their use is governed by a set of terms and conditions separate from the terms and conditions for Orbx software.

Our forums are moderated by Orbx staff and community moderators. Posts can and will be deleted if they violate the terms of use or are deemed inappropriate by moderator discretion.

All requests for support must be directed through https://orbxdirect.com/support.

General Forums Rules:

  1. Users may only create a single account.
  2. Users with multiple accounts will be requested to pick one account for future use and other accounts will be closed. 
  3. Creation of duplicate accounts to circumvent a ban, evade piracy detection, or participate in a contest or giveaway more than once will result in banning of all current and future accounts.
  4. The private messaging (PM) system on the Orbx forums is strictly for private communication between registered members. 
  5. Private Support from Orbx Staff is not available on the Forums. Seek support at https://orbxdirect.com/support
  6. PMs should under no circumstances be used to harass or abuse your fellow community members or Orbx staff - anyone found to be doing this will be subject to a permanent ban. Additionally, posting contents of a private message to a public space is viewed as a serious breach of privacy and will result in a permanent ban.
  7. Advertisements, release announcements, sales, contests, affiliate links, and other promotions for other developers or companies are not allowed. Similarly, criticism, comparisons and adverse comments about other developers' products, including flight simulators are not allowed. The Orbx forums are a private platform and not to be used for promoting or condemning other entities.
  8. Signatures are limited to one image per person, with a size limit of 500 by 120pixels. Signatures may contain links to commercial products or services except for those competing with products or services provided by Orbx and it is not an affiliate program link. Signatures that may be confused with official staff are not allowed.
  9. User avatars, signatures, and other profile areas may not contain offensive materials and may be removed at moderator discretion.
  10. All text typed into forum posts automatically becomes the property of Orbx Simulations Systems Pty. Ltd. 
  11. Orbx may use any post for product marketing, testimonials and/or evidence of forum misconduct. 
  12. If you do not wish your text, screenshots or images to become Orbx property then do not post on these forums. 
  13. Orbx reserves the right to remove, re-purpose or delete any text typed into any posts or subforums. 
  14. All screenshots displayed in forum posts can and may possibly be used for Orbx marketing, promotional material or form part of product design or brochures or used on websites, regardless if those images are hosted on an Orbx-owned site or not. 
  15. Do NOT post images for which you do not have the right to display on these forums without the original author's permission.
  16. Rules are subject to change, forum moderators have final discretion over content posted to the Orbx forums.


Community Forums Rules:

  1. Be civil to your fellow users: remarks of a suggestive or sexual nature, rude behaviour, insults, personal attacks, and inflammatory posts will not be tolerated. 
  2. Posts containing religious, political, sexual, discriminatory, or otherwise controversial/offensive content are not allowed and will result in an instant ban.
  3. Discussions of illegal activity including but not limited to software piracy is not allowed.
  4. Users with repeated infractions in the community forums will be limited in their participation



  1. Avoid using CAPS for subject lines or post content, it is interpreted as shouting in a forum environment.
  2. For promoting content or a flight simulation related website, contact an Orbx staff member to get permission before posting.
  3. Please refrain from posting threads which highlight, announce or promote other vendors' flight simulator products. Since Orbx is a commercial scenery vendor and this is a privately owned vendor forum, it is inappropriate to show screenshots or videos that specifically promote or highlight another vendors payware products
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