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  1. Just tried again and the add button is greyed out. But on thinking about it I would rather use my computer for the transaction side of it. Thanks Derek.
  2. Sorry I’ve misled you. I have the forum on my iPad but I would like where you can buy the products as well. Thanks Derek.
  3. Hi sorry for not getting back to you Guys. But over the years I’ve tried again and again to add it to my IPad but it won’t add it to my iPad. But will give it another try. Thanks Derek
  4. Hi Guys. I use my IPad a lot so I was thinking about getting Orbx onto my IPad. I have tried over the years but no luck. My IPad is quite old. Thanks Derek.
  5. Thanks for your reply as I forgot it was being done by Milviz. So I will check on their website. Thanks Derek.
  6. One moment it was just about to come out, the next nothing. Perhaps I missed something. Thanks Derek.
  7. Yea all done. The Barbecue that is. Finished it this morning and as somebody said I had one screw left. Don’t think it will be as good as our old one, but hey you get what you paid for. It will do for now, so let’s hope we get some decent weather. It’s got two burners in the middle and one to the left hand side, plus a small hot plate on the right hand side. If it lasts a few years it will do me. Thanks Derek.
  8. Hooray nearly done, the Barbecue that is. My Son could not help as he a knackered leg . It’s all swollen or something, plus he had to put up with a phone call. They would not see him for some reason. What is the world coming too. Anyway I should be finished tomorrow with a bit of luck. Thanks Derek. .
  9. Hi Guys. Yes I’m getting my son to come round as soon as he finishes work to finish it off. He is a Postman and he works a lot of hours bless him. Tell you what my little finger on my left hand is real sore this morning after waking it with a hammer. Thanks Derek.
  10. Our old one had just about had it. Do not know if you have heard of The Range out in America but they are a big Store here. Well I tell trying to put it all together, what with my glasses kept falling off, it was something like Laurel and Hardy here this Morning. Of course you have different size screws for all the parts. I thought I had a missing part and then spotted it at one end of the Barbecue so I took it off. Then realised it had to go there anyway. . Then I banged my little finger with a hammer which is not good as it started to bleed as I’m on Blood thinners for life. But it stopped after awhile so okay there , then the missus had a go with I kept telling you to ware gloves all the your going handy work. So that’s been my Morning. Thanks Derek.
  11. Myself I was in the RAF took the Exams over in Portsmouth at the College there, but then the bitter blow as I did not do well in the exams so I was offered typing would you believe at RAF Hereford. Then took the exams again finally passed and ended up working on the V Bombers. Round about the time of the Cuban Crisis. Anybody remember that. Happy Days. Thanks Derek.
  12. Yes all done and so simple. Thanks Guys. Thanks Derek.
  13. Thanks Guys. Will give it a go Tomorrow. Thanks Derek.
  14. I have the Just Flight Piper Arrow and have seen that it’s been updated. So what do I do. Do I have to download it and then unzip it then copy it over to the to the community folder. Is it that simple. Thanks Derek.
  15. Sorry I’m late again. Happy birthday my friend, hope you had a Fantastic day. 70 your still a youngster yet. Thanks Derek.
  16. Sorry late to the post but I hope you had a Fantastic Birthday Jean Marc. Thanks Derek.
  17. The Twilight zone. I remember that series. That is going back a bit John.. Good series though. Thanks Derek.
  18. And a Happy New Year to you John. Let’s hope the New Year will be better for all of us. Thanks Derek.
  19. Thanks for the reply Guys and I will definitely give them a go. Thanks Derek.
  20. Has anybody tried the Return to Misty Moorings scenery yet. Thanks Derek.
  21. Hi Guys. I love them also but also like Roast Potatoes. Anyway have a great day Guys and may all you’re Dreams come true. Thanks Derek.
  22. Meant to say did any of you miss the great offer from Captain Sim where they were offering the Aircraft for just 10 dollars for MSFS. I did, dam. Thanks Derek.
  23. You all beat me to it. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year. Not so my Son as he found out after going on a date he has now got Covid. Me and the wife are okay as we had the booster jab but it’s ruined our Christmas as we cannot have our Grandson round now. This is the second year we have had to isolate at Christmas. . Any way you all have a great time and stay safe. Thanks Derek.
  24. Looking good but my main concern is the grass looks a bit to green really. Maybe it’s just me but I think it would look better if the grass was toned down a bit as well. Thanks Derek.
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