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  1. I was going to buy six products today, supposedly the last day of the sale, it now doesn't seem to be the case.
  2. I've just updated MSFS WU7 and there's some duplication of bridges with the photogrammetry and Sydney Cityscape are we meant to uninstall the latter until there's an update, I would of thought that Orbx would have an update ready to drop, seeing as Jorg mentioned on the DEv Q&A, how closely Orbx have been working with the MSFS devs on the Australia update?
  3. Although I have spent a ton of money in the Black Friday sales (especially from Orbx) and I already have UK2000 Glasgow, I'm very tempted to get this as it looks stunning, Have Pyreegue announced the price yet?
  4. I'd imagine that anyone who downloads from illegal websites that giveaway pirated software might also be downloading other unwanted trojans.
  5. I really need to resist spending so much on MSFS 's addons but it's not easy with products like these.
  6. Greg Jones shared this document on the MSFS support page where it points out that blue edge lighting is used, also steve86 brother works at the airport and has taken night time photo's so what's important is that we get somewhere near to how Newcastle Airport looks at night.
  7. Maybe but the blue taxiway edge lights are still there, they're just not as bright as the centreway lights.
  8. I'd like to point out that Newcastle's taxiways have both blue edge lights and green centre lights in real life, so we actually need both.
  9. Thanks, just to confirm that I can indeed see the taxi centre line. I'm looking forward the update.
  10. Hi Nick I live locally, EGNT is my go to airport for travelling both for both leisure and work purposes.
  11. In all due respect that's not the point though, the product is meant to represent real life and in real life it has a green centre line lights and blue edge taxi way lights.
  12. It's not the best screenshot. I have the centre line lights of the taxiway light but no blue edge lights, yet in Xplane it's the reverse. The xplane version looks a lot better IMO. I'll see if I can get a better screenshot on Saturday.
  13. Regarding the night lighting, I've got almost no taxiway lighting at night, at other airports I have no issues, any ideas?
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