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  2. Tough choice. Big ones, like Palm Springs KPSP and Santa Barbara KSBA, little ones like Kern Valley L05 and Pearsons all would be great. But I think I'd have to vote for Catalina, KAVX. But I like Paul's suggestion of one a month. Ken
  3. Thanks TTM, I was confused as all get out.
  4. Goes back to P3D version. Ken was encouraged to add a Pony to the clutter. Still waiting. TTM
  5. At last,an airport with a realistic number of ground crew visible.
  6. Today
  7. Happy birthday Rob, have a good one
  8. Another fine set of shots Jack. Cheers, Calum
  9. Thanks Calum, always appreciate your comments.
  10. Great set of shots here Jack. Cheers, Calum
  11. Thanks ozboater! “Money shot” I haven’t heard that phrase in ages
  12. Thanks Johnny, that little bag flew out the window
  13. A very nice set of shots here. Cheers, Calum
  14. Happy Birthday Rob! Have a great one.
  15. Great that you have a wife who supports your hobby John . I too started with a new pc earlier this year and had to download everything. The good news was that the new pc gave me more power and storage space. It sounds like you are finding that as well. Have fun with 'Ultra' .
  16. I feel your joy John. I had the same permission granted to me a few months ago. I also got a nod of another upgrade when I retire in the future! Enjoy your new system mate. Cheers Graeme
  17. The beautiful Darrington in PNW. Should be the October fall page. Cheers Graeme
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