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  2. My 2nd pic was flying into NZGS from NZNR, there is something amiss judging by your pics, is your scenery library set correctly ? Mine is below. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700 and a Geforce RTX 2070 Super, not up to your level. I include my P3Dv5 settings for you to compare. My FPS is set at unlimited in P3Dv5 Display, but is set to 33FPS in the Nvidia Control Panel.
  3. Hello, the problem seems to be tied to the lclookup.bgl, the terrain.cfg file and occasionally, other products that amend landclass. The latter are usually local effects though.
  4. Oh boy rats, hmmmm I think I'd rather stay with fish'n chips for now. And of course icy cold beers
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  6. My setting is that helps. 5950X 3090 running vsync at 60FPS
  7. This is what I see if I load at NZGS or if on arrival I reload the scenery library to force a scenery reload To me the issue is quite clear:
  8. Let's hope the best and they are working on the city landmarks to launch together as a surprise
  9. Clean install of NI and NZGS. This is what I see when I fly to NZGS from another location No surfaces loading and some strange lumpy terrain and raised taxiway and runway:
  10. Hi all. In past entries, Forum participants have indicated that we like good food. We are also well-traveled and have encountered the street food of many nations. That brings us to this week's meaningless topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Below are some good street foods. How many of them have you eaten? Are there others you would recommend? A. SQUID ON A STICK (Japan) B. Roasted Bamboo Rat (Laos) C. ROAST SNAKE (Viet Nam) D. SUYA MEAT (Nigeria) E. FISH AND CHIPS (London)
  11. Thanks. Considering I fly only the west part of the US, from Alaska to SoCal, does that mean Base and Vector are mandatory for the regions not covered by True Earth ? Last question, when True Earth is installed I noticed the landscape is a bit "reddish" (cf. picture below, at the limit of the True Earth region on the right of the aircraft). The "non" True Earth area looks much more realistic. Is there a particular reason ?
  12. Wife only found out the other week, because someone asked as I was stood next to her, how much I paid for the 3060ti I bought, thought she was going to need CPR, I explained it was one of the cheaper ones....her brain was then adding up what I might have spent on controllers and PC hardware, I just countered the argument pointing out a pair of shoes with red souls she bought for £500 and ain't wore.... thought I was rather brave, or stupid...
  13. Have done will test in a bit. Its fine if i load there but if i have flown from somewhere else thats when it happens. Those pics are with you loading at NZGS I take it? Like I said ill try again tonight now i did fresh install. I can also offer video of it on every flight I done I stream.
  14. great thing to have done so young...
  15. nice shots Adam, hope I get time to purchase at the weekend...
  16. apparently VH was given at a conference in Washington in 1927, ICAN, Australia never had a seat there, I could be wrong though..... Amazing pictures by the way, always amazed at these old planes, how they flew such distances and so unprotected..... this plane below is in the museum up at what was BAE Filton, I think it says about it flying at like 16000ft and I thought that must have been amazing in the open like that...
  17. Hi Nick, My apologies for the late reply! I am afraid that is exactly the fix I already tried before. Is there any other possible source for this error?
  18. hope you getting sorted, good to try xbox app first then see where you go from there, try and make reinstall last option.. try settings>apps>msfs, 3 dots to the right- click, chose advanced options- there is then an option to repair...
  19. You probably have seen this John , if not : Also make sure your MS store installs are up to date , plenty has happened in the last three months with the sim .
  20. some very nice shots there, I had wondered where these Islands were, looks great...
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