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  2. If the multipanel was working ok prior to World update 6 you should not have to change the drivers.
  3. I'm using the MSFS 2020 drivers from the Logitech support site. These are the drivers I was using prior to World Update 6. The update must have changed something in the free G1000 NXi upgrade. Delete the free G1000 NXi update in the content manager and the multipanel should work normaly.
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  5. Hello, either: Windows 10 by default hides the “AppData” folder, so you will have to go to “View” in the menu of File Explorer, and select “Hidden items” to see it. or: do you have the Steam version of MSFS? In that case, the files are at C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\
  6. I have just tried a flight from Gold Coast YBCG airport to Brisbane and not experienced any problem regarding fps/loading. Maybe Gold Coast at 59nm is too near Brisbane for the test flight but is certainly a fair distance as far as loading Brisbane Landmarks is concerned.
  7. This time. Bird 1 - Adam 0 Thank you Gumby.
  8. Hi Steve. Thanks for that. Will I have to get rid of the old Saitek drivers and do know where they are. Plus is this the G1000 that you got for free, as I have that installed as well. Thanks Derek.
  9. Mice shots Adam. Looks like the feathered bird won. cheers Gumby
  10. Beautiful shot Graeme! John.
  11. Hey guys, YBBN / Brisbane Landmarks works fine when loaded up from there in the sim. However, when flying to there from somewhere else it takes forever to load, and in doing so causes massive FPS drops (down to 3FPS) and unusable stuttering. Always begins at approximately 120nm out. This is the only payware / landmarks airport that is causing this issue. I have verified and re-verified files to ensure they're all installed correctly. I have uninstalled the scenery and confirmed the issue no longer persists. I have then re-installed the scenery and have been able to replicate it every occasion. When pressing the escape menu (and the game stops attempting to load the scenery) FPS goes straight back up to 50+ and load latency disappears (as shown below, you can see the massive drop and increase in latency the second the game is un-paused and it begins attempting to load the scenery from a distance). Does not occur with any other Orbx scenery when flying to it from somewhere else. Scenery and Simulator are installed on an M.2 NVMe SSD Processor: intel i9 9900K RAM: 64GB GPU: RTX 2080
  12. Great set of shots! Totally agree with your comments re roads and people. PilotPlus have done fantastic stuff so far and will no doubt take your comments on board. John.
  13. I think it is the best bet to contact Axonos who may be able to assist further.
  14. Thanks Landon, very similar design wise, but tops out at about 345 nmh, rocket ship speed , why did I get it, it was free.
  15. I didn't mean to sound offended and realize you are trying to help. I have put about $5,000 into this tower and at the present time don't feel like spending another $1,000 or more. I don't believe in chasing software upgrades, at least not routinely. Normally I just put up with things until they reach the point where I just have a new system built. What amazes me is how well FS2020 performs on my system without the hiccups. I will most likely follow John Dow's advice and look away when the little stutters occur. But also I will most likely remove the burdensome scenery and go back to the P3D default or at least base and vector. I had just purchased True Earth Florida for P3D and wish I hadn't. What seems to be the real culprit is the OS itself. Every time MS updates the OS it brings it the system one step closer to having to be upgraded or replaced. What I really should have done a long time ago is disable windows update. Oh well.
  16. @heyeng == Try installing an updated "OpensceneryX" library into the "Custom Scenery" folder and see if that helps.
  17. I don't know if this will help but I don't allow small hiccups in the program to prevent me from enjoying the remaining 99+% of the flight. I call it the suspension of disbelief method. I just look away from the scenery into the instruments or close my eyes for 2-3 seconds and hey presto! when I return to the sim everything is back to normal and the interruption quickly forgotten. I know it's not for everyone but it works for me and has proven to be a robust and effective method of ignoring the temporary brief problems that pop up every now again in each of the sims.
  18. Your topic is asking for different solutions, and as I have already mentioned, of all I have read about these same issues you are having, the common denominator is the i7-7700 CPU. My intentions are not to offend anyone, but only to help. And apparently, if you happen to have a 300 series motherboard, it would be a cost effective easy cpu only upgrade.
  19. Why are you even asking that? My system is 4 years old and I have no intention in upgrading a cpu, motherboard, etc just for this flight simulator. I just tried P3D v4.5 and I have the issue there but not as bad as with P3D v5.2. I'll either live with it or trash P3D and entirely and fly FS2020 (which I run without any issues on ULTRA settings) and X Plane 11. Thank you for your assistance.
  20. What motherboard are you using? Would you be able to upgrade the CPU to a 8700K or 9700K?
  21. Hi, I had the same problem. I found a work around on the Microsoft Forum from " Wilco 3563" This is a limitation of the current development model of the G1000 NXi from working title. The Multipanel should work fine with any aircraft not using the G1000. You can enter the altitude from the panel in the sim and it will work OK except for displaying the 99000. If you want to go back to the stock G1000 until they work this out, you can delete the NXi from the content manager. I deleted the G1000 NXi from the content manager and I no longer have the problem. Hope this helps you, Steve
  22. Great series of screenshots!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a great airport with lots of detail.
  23. Thanks Doug Have it all working fine now, super pleased. Cheers.
  24. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately these steps did not resolve the issue. I'll reach out to Axonos.
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  26. Well thank you for your response. If I'm wasting my time then it's time to stop this and move on. I will remove my Orbx scenery and fly without it and go back to X Plane 11 and FS 2020. I have had issues with P3D since I first purchased version 4 and then version 5. Always had stutters even when my system was first built and P3D had a clean install. I guess P3D is just not worth the effort on my part at this time. Thank you.
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