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  2. Thanks Landon, I'll give that a try tomorrow.
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  4. Fantastic set. I don't think there's a detail you haven't captured. cheers Gumby
  5. A great bunch of Hawaiian images Johnny. Definitely getting that Aloha vibe from them Landon
  6. @Rob Abernathy Try this video...It's a Filbert Flies tutorial where a real life 737 pilot that flies for RyanAir is helping with the tutorial. It's how I learned to fly this bird. You might need to watch it a few times as it's packed full of good information. Covers cold and dark, taxi, takeoff, cruise, descent and landing.
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  8. A short flight at Hawaiian Island Maui from Kapalua Airport-PHJH to Kahului Airport-PHOG, both fine modelled by Orbx-partner 'Northern Sky Studio' in Cessna Caravan C208: A later post will show more of Kahului Airport when flying to Island Molokai...Thanks for viewing my screenshots
  9. Thanks. Only airport that causes CTD.
  10. Let's see... I did my first flight, after downloading the free Version 2 of KBUR. GA from KCRQ to KBUR, flew over the LAX VOR did the ILS 8 Y. Broken 2,000, overcast tops 7,000. The marine layer seldom gets that high. Break out was like WOW! Southwest, and Jet Blue, Avelo... are where they are suppose to be. Even JSX was at their hanger. Minimal frame drops, and I have Van Nuys also loaded. Taxi instructions actually directed me to what I had selected in the flight planner, and the ground crew there to wand me to my spot. Thumbs up folks!
  11. Thanks Wain, I've been reading it but hoped to "see" it as well.
  12. There's a written tutorial in the documents folder... but you might want you tube...
  13. Doc have you added anything before the crashes... that's an airport I go in and out regularly when testing new stuff... been in and out of it several times since the last SIM update with pmdg and fenix without an issue... I've been getting ctds but they're system related, I do tend to restart PC before a flight... hope you sort it.. not sure on renaming folders though, maybe someone else can chip in..
  14. Every time I try to load at EIDW, the sim crashes. I have uninstalled it through Central. I have add-ons installed through Central in G:/Orbx Library/MSFS. Community is M:/MSFS/Community, I know there is a method to rename Community and then let MSFS create a new one and then install EIDW there. Will that work with the way I have things set up?
  15. Looks beautiful but I still can't even get it started. Wish it had a "ready to fly" mode. I'm looking for tutorials so if anyone has a favorite one on how to get it going it would be appreciated. I think I spend too much time just testing scenery and using the C172,
  16. Some great 737 shots here and some good ole Norway scenery Adam. Nice looking stuff! Landon
  17. Thanks for the comments, just bought the inibuilds A310, on offer at £10.. bought all 3 over the last few weeks for 30 quid, hopefully won't have to buy them again for xp12..
  18. Superb set of detailed and clear shots..love to visit there one day.... I'm a Lando Norris follower myself, local to me originally... just like to see a good race though..
  19. Superb set of shots there Adam..,.
  20. Brilliant and beautiful Adam! John.
  21. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Landon I'm glad, you like them, Pete Thank you John. And it is even more difficult this year, as the drivers have a much smaller field of view with the new spoilers and larger tires Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, Mikee I'd love to Graeme, but Danny is a superb driver, he doesn't need any assistance, maybe a better car
  22. Some SASsy shots Adam. Prompts me to explore the Nordics again. Much obliged mate. Cheers Graeme
  23. I'm a F1 fan Bernd. Is there any chance you can get our Danny up the grid? you have captured the scenery superbly. Cheers Graeme
  24. Beautiful shots Wayne , well done
  25. Nice , very nice shots Adam
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