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  1. I certainly hope so! I mainly fly airliners so I've been spending more and more time with XP11 and P3D lately. I fly US west coast a lot and was really hoping to see KSJC for XP11 ..... plus, the TE products makes a diff after getting used to MFS2020 eye candy.
  2. OMG! Orbx delivers! Still looking for my jaw on the floor somewhere Can we expect more cities/regions in the near future?
  3. These are definitely huge improvements! Sure, valid arguments can be made with some of the London objects but overall, mfs2020 Orbx sceneries are an improvement. Newcomers seem to be beating a dead horse though, since the concerns have been acknowledged and will be addressed. I certainly hope the TrueEarth products will make their way over, to fill the gaps in satellite imagery in a lot of places. (Inconsistent coloring, masking improvements, etc)
  4. Thanks! I did only see a couple of other planes but Im not currently using any traffic add ons either. Missed this one
  5. XP 11.31 xEnviro 1.06s reShade 3.4.1 Xvision Ultimate realism preset Extended night lighting
  6. I've had nothing but excellent support from Orbx. It's my impression, based on my experience, that they do care very much about their customers.
  7. You're welcome! Yeah, I must admit, I absolutely love X-Vision + reshade but that's why I held off trying 11.30 due to significant shader changes. I certainly hope there'll be a new release! *fingers crossed* Also, nice videos @barrel_owl
  8. Thanks! I'm currently using a GTX 1080ti. Also using XVISION and reshade for enhanced visuals. Currently using the latest reshade version (3.4.1 https://reshade.me/) Preset Im using for both, XVISION: Ultimate realism preset: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46129-x-vision-ultimate-realism-preset/ reShade: 'bit of brightness' preset: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38224-reshade-presets-xp-1101/ Although it looks like the freeware version of XVISION is no longer available (am still digging around), I'm still running 11.25, which was the last version for XVISION freeware. (http://x-vision.pro/) Going to wait a bit longer to update to 11.30
  9. Hi all, Quick flight from Luton to London city ... frames struggled a bit over London as I'm using reshade. world obj slider also maxed out.
  10. I currently use both P3D and XP11, each has its strengths and weaknesses, although I will say I'm starting to fly in XP11 more these days after upgrading my rig. I have a 8700K @4.7ghz, 32GB ram and a 1080ti, I can run XP11 maxed out @4k and still get around low to mid 20s FPS is heavy areas like Los Angeles in a complex aircraft like the FF A320 Ultimate, max autogen, weather and zoom level 18 orthos. I can't seem to do the same with P3D v4 with similar setup. (fps in the mid teens)
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