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Community Answers

  1. Very good Paul, thanks.
  2. Nice shots Graeme. I've always thought the this plane looks so fragile the way the cockpit attaches to the fuselage. That last shot though, did the Earth suddenly go upside down?
  3. Cool shot John. Flying an open cockpit biplane was a lot of fun for me when I did it in Boise.
  4. Nice shots! I especially like the puddles of water on the ramp, very realistic.
  5. Nice sets of carrier shots Paul. Are these carriers modeled in the interiors?
  6. First shot is my fave but they're all good!
  7. Nice shots, I had this in P3D but now the Kitfox fills the tail dragger void.
  8. Gosh Carlos, I was thinking about mentioning that one was my favorite but after lookin at them all I'm sitting here amazed. All of these shots are outstanding, I doubt I could make shots of this caliber.
  9. Nice relaxing shots Andreas and I'm sorry to hear about your medical issues, I'll pray that you're healed soon.
  10. Wow Bernd! These look like they're right out of an Indiana Jones movie. Very nice.
  11. Excellent shots Carlos, I too wish they'd make it for MSFS, I used to fly in and out of Homer all the time when I was in a virtual online community.
  12. More outstanding shots Paul.
  13. Very dramatic action shots Paul, these are fantastic!
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