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  1. Wow, amazing level of detail and so much to explore. Hope we might see a few airports in India and Sri Lanka too. Next stop Asia.
  2. Carlos is not alone. Beautiful captures, and great to see this lovely airport in MSFS.
  3. To say that this looks fantastic might be an understatement. Wonderful enhancement and captures.
  4. Hi Doug, yes I am with the Fastlane although I should correct myself: When installing from Orbx Central I now get V1.0.2 but when opening Contrail it tells me to upload to v1.0.2, if doing so, it disappears again from Orbx Central. It seems to be a conflict between Orbx Central and Contrail in recognizing that V1.0.2 is installed.
  5. I noticed that AUScene YAYE Ayers Rock for MSFS has been updated to v1.0.2 in Contrail. However, Orbx Central seems to stay at v1.0.1. The update from Contrail removes it from Central. If I reinstall via Central I get an earlier version. I hope Central can get the new one too to show it as installed.
  6. Awesome, thank you very much Graham, and Orbx team. Much appreciated.
  7. Magic shots, and amazing news. Thank you Tim and Ken, I am looking forward.
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