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  1. Amazing transformation of Dublin, looks great. May we hope for the Howth Baily lighthouse to be added at some point? Would be great with the helicopter. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Baily_Lighthouse.jpg
  2. Waking up early works too
  3. I noticed this one too earlier today, great level of detail in this wonderful Beaver.
  4. Wow this is huge, looks awesome. Hope we get a few more Orbx airports in this region too.
  5. Bravo Orbx, this looks stunning. Can animations be tuned, or do they not have any significant impact on fps?
  6. Hahaha, good one! April is here. Sounds like Brad might already have the needed technology.
  7. That is the United Nation classification where North America includes Central America and the Caribbean. In my mind I would have North (or Northern) America, Central America, Caribbean and South America. Either way, I am looking very forward to this release.
  8. A few shots from 4 years ago, when flying on a Fokker 50 from Albrook MPMG to Bocas del Toro MPBO on Colon island. Another great option, is to fly along the great Panama Canal railway alongside the canal up to Colon.
  9. Fantastic work, just like being there. My next flight will start at Albrook Gelabert, ciudad vieja, the biomuseo, and then up the canal maybe all the way to Colon.
  10. Buenisimo! Awesome video Carlos, well done! You really show the magic of the place.
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