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  1. You probably have seen this John , if not : Also make sure your MS store installs are up to date , plenty has happened in the last three months with the sim .
  2. So many great planes over at TO that are free , buying a new FS computer last month ; I need to lay low from my wife for a few months .
  3. Fine shots Adam , at $35 I think it’s a pass for me .
  4. Terrific shots mate , what AC is that in the first couple of shots ? .
  5. Grand post Gerold .
  6. I am on a 100 MB/s fiber optic connection and tonight the Orbx Central speeds were less than 300 KB/s .
  7. I guess I will put up with Winter a little bit longer , the creepy-crawly things don't bother me ; but the far left liberal policy's of the Islands now that would keep me up at night .
  8. It’s nice how you mixed some MSFS sim shots in also Gerold . Orbx team if you are listening , Cairns would be a massive hit along side the new World Update for OZ next month .
  9. Love the Skymaster , buying today ; reminds me of a classic Gene Hackman movie :
  10. I bet that old gal was thirsty .
  11. With my old rig and my new rig I never got melted buildings with PG on .
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