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  1. Thanks Gents for the Birthday wishes .
  2. Thanks Gents for the Birthday wishes .
  3. Timely shot Martyn as today is Canada Day for all of our friends North of the border .
  4. Nice memories Martyn , hopefully your spouse is on the mend .
  5. Ahh , the mountainous side ; grand shots Darryl .
  6. Seems to me a nice indoor Summer project when the July heat hits in Belgium , these look fantastic Sir .
  7. No coasting here , you have created one fine shot Martyn .
  8. The treaments have not helped at all ........
  9. I am not a candidate for Cataract surgery because of the RK surgery I had done in the 80's . I do take Xalatan for my glaucoma and pour in my eyes refresh tears every hour that I am awake .
  10. I hope you both had a most excellent Birthday !! . Cheers John
  11. Working very nicely Andreas !! .
  12. I took a straw vote and that's the best shot you have posted so far this year Martyn ..........
  13. Happy belated Birthday Martyn , I am so glad you are back on the forum . Cheers John
  14. Thanks Gents for thinking of me ; I have not been in a very good place lately . Flooding issues with our place this month along with major issues with my eye's . I have glaucoma real bad and I can't drive anymore . Even have issues with doing much FS also . Anyway thanks again for thinking of me . Cheers John
  15. Maybe this one Don ?? https://flightsim.to/file/15033/toolbar-pushback
  16. I hope you had a great Birthday mate . Cheers John
  17. Splendid set of shots Pete .
  18. MSFS or P3D , that's a tough one .......
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