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  1. Wonderful images here! I have been waiting for this airport to drop on Orbx (I know it's been available elsewhere for a little while now). Such great detail development in this scenery package. Landon
  2. Some nice ole' Caribbean images Adam. I didn't any Jolly Rodger flags on the horizon though. Landon
  3. Alright, it's Birthday time! Have a great one!
  4. Your images are always so deeply colored Pete. Really shows of the details nicely. Another great set! Landon
  5. Well Gerold, nice flight and images, and good, detailed turns Landon
  6. A great array of tropical images here Bernd! Very good feel to these, like I am in some tropical adventure movie from the 50/60's. Landon
  7. My bad, did not research it at all. Bad assumption. So, nicely detailed heavy cruiser Landon
  8. @Rob Abernathy, on your instrument panel in the cockpit, bottom of the heading display, there are two knobs. One (I believe the right one) is to adjust the COURSE BUG and the left knob is the HEADING BUG adjust. Landon
  9. I always have a 2-3 inch blade, folding knife on me as well. When I was still an active duty Infantryman, it was always a Leatherman tool, as that came in very useful for thousands of 'things'. But now, I am not conducting mission's anymore, so a basic folding knife works just fine Landon
  10. Beautiful and sparkling images Pete! Looking very good indeed Landon
  11. I predict you will LOVE that display once it arrives and you get it setup. I assume you have watched some videos on it? It is a little more complex to setup versus a normal display, but nothing to difficult. I will look forward to hear how much you like it Landon
  12. Yeah, she is a beauty and pricey. When I got mine a few months ago, I go it off of Amazon for $1200 USD on sale. Very happy with this purchase. But, nothing wrong with your 34" curved Acer. Before the G9, I was using an ASUS 34" curved screen that was very capable. It now serves as one of the monitors on my second PC (the one I am using for reading these forums ).
  13. A great set of salty naval images Bernd The Panama Canal is a very interesting feature, and that is one nicely detailed battleship! Landon
  14. A very nice spread of images! Good looking livery as well Landon
  15. Nice cache of shots you had almost forgotten about Some scenic beauties in these images. Landon
  16. I am using a Samsung G9 Odyessey. It is a super ultra wide, super curved screen 2k Gsync gaming screen. The refresh rate goes as high as 240hz (or somewhere in that range). MSFS looks amazing on it (as well as other games). The cockpit wraps around you very nicely, without having to line up three screens of the exact same type to have that same cockpit look. It is expensive, but it has been on sale a lot as of late. And thanks for the nice comments Landon
  17. Great Rodger, just great! Now I'm thirsty for a frosty cold one
  18. That is great news and glad I could help! Also, with the 12900k, mine does not run hot at all. I think the heat issue is that many peeps don't work on the case to keep it cool enough for this CPU. If you get a good cooler, like you did, and also set up your case properly then it stays nice and cool. I am flying the 737 in MSFS and my temps are at 45 right now. Anyhow, I am so glad to hear you are happy and I hope you get lots of fun now! Landon
  19. And we're back...er', um, you're back Nice to see you plant the wheels at home base Gerold. Now fuel that bird up, get her serviced and turned around and back up in the air for another adventure! Mush! Oh, and nice images getting this heavy back to where you started Landon
  20. Some wet looking weather for sure! Nice pair of images Adam Landon
  21. The 146 in MSFS is indeed complex. I would submit that it is study level quality, although some see that term as subjective. I will say that you need to read some of the manual to start her up from cold and dark and take advantage of all her systems. That said, if you start her up on the runway, ready for takeoff, I think someone with some simulator experience can get her up and the air and fly her. She is a joy to hand fly, that much is for sure.
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