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  1. The situation I faced with the update is that I did not get around until trying to run MSFS and get the update until today, but when I started, the servers were still down. So, I got a similar message as you Don. No sooner than I Googled the issue and found out the MSFS servers were down than they were back up. So then, I started up MSFS again and the update installed. Of course, once at the MSFS dashboard, I too had several further updates in my Content Manager. No problems installing any of them, and now everything is running fine, with one exception. I have discovered that REX Weather Force now causes MSFS to crash to desktop. REX is aware of this already and is working on a patch. All my other scenery and aircraft installs seem to be working fine Landon
  2. Wishing you the best on your birthday Jon! Have a happy one! Landon
  3. A couple of really beautifully rendered shots! Super! Cheers! Landon
  4. What an interesting thread you have created here Pete! Your creative ideas and great screenshots combine to make a really cool flight sim story Landon
  5. Great shots showing off so much night lighting detail Ben, and good to hear you did all this after installing the new SU6 update. Landon
  6. Thanks for the update @Jack Sawyer, and also at least we know Martyn is ding okay. We all have to deal with life's challenges in our own way, and for sure, flight simulation is not the highest priority. I myself stepped away from almost everything including flight simulation for about 6 months earlier this year, and went on what I will simply call a long trek, or an adventure, or even a walk-about (although I spent a lot of time in my Jeep as well as hiking). One must do what one must do. I wish you and Martyn all the best no matter which way life takes each of you. Cheers! Landon
  7. Screenshots of the Auckland scenery pack just continue to amaze, and these are not exception! I too love the mudflats! Wish that type of look showed up around more scenery. Great set of shots here! Cheers! Landon
  8. Some super preview shots here! In that very first shot, I LOVE that detailing on the rock face behind the fire station. That looks amazing! Landon
  9. Pete, very good comparison and like others have said, pretty darn close to each other. Landon
  10. Ben, your beautifully taken screenshots always amaze me with the clarity, the choice of shot angles, the subject matter. Super job sim pilot and photographer! Cheers! Landon
  11. Some striking screenshots here Carlos, well done! Really cool shots Landon
  12. Yes, have a nice, happy birthday Chumley Landon
  13. Yes, I agree with John, nice flyby indeed! And, that livery looks great! Adam has done a superb job on that repaint. Landon
  14. Both Carlos and I have been aware of that for a few years now, but we both just love Narvik ENNK in the sim.
  15. Well Iain, these are as good as your normal preview shots, so no worries there So why is no one asking why that guy just walks off the top of that building? I don't see any chute, so don't think he is base jumping. What's the story with that guy? Anyhow, some very nicely detailed shots here. Cheers! Landon
  16. Three, fine shots of the Electra in the Chicago scenery Adam Landon
  17. As usual with you Pete, you have captured scenes in very colorful situations. Very nicely done. There are so many good looking shots in this spread! Cheers! Landon
  18. That is one heck of a nice shot Mikee, and I think that contrast between the livery colors on the plane and the wavy water really stand out well Landon
  19. Very nice comparison shots here. Well done! Landon
  20. Nice array of shots of this great looking new release John! Looks like a storm was a'brewin' Landon
  21. Winter Wonderland shots! Nice set Bullfox, and I bet that landing was a bit on the stressful side Landon
  22. Very adventurous and cold looking shots Jean-Marc, nicely done. Love the little story to go along with the pics too! Landon
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