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  1. Very interesting find Pete, very interesting indeed. Thank you for sharing your findings with us here. Landon
  2. What an oddball of an aircraft, although looking pretty cool in these shots Looks like it would be a bit awkward to handle, especially when landing.
  3. Some great shots here of an area that you don't see too often in the flight sim community...well done!
  4. Again with the awesome and scenic collection of screenies Carlos. Saying "great shots" does not do these justice.
  5. Wow Carlos, you are on a roll with these awesome shot collections! Amazing!
  6. Beautiful shots and sleek, beautiful aircraft Iain
  7. Wow Carlos, a ton of awesome screenshots! Way to go!
  8. Jarrad, I wish you a very Happy Birthday full of rest and enjoyment
  9. Great chain of shots TTM, love the pics! Scenery is sure looking good Marcus Landon
  10. Marcus, thank you very much for taking the time to break all these explanations down....it gives a window view of how much work developers like you put into these amazing scenery products a lot of the time. The transparency is much appreciated. I look forward to more development from you, whether it be on updates or new projects. Again, thank you! Cheers! Landon
  11. Some great looking shots Adam! Now, I don't know my tubeliner's that well, so I don't know if that is a 737, an Airbus of some type or something else. But I do know that it looks like a tight squeeze on some of those taxiways for that bird Nice job maneuvering here into position. Cheers! Landon
  12. Lovely Spit shots here Adam! Loving the "classic" shot especially, but they are all great screenies showcasing the elegant Spitfire Cheers! Landon
  13. Very interesting set of shots of your suspenseful approach into Bromma! You snapped some really cool ones here Landon
  14. Thanks for all the super nice comments everyone I have not posted any screenshots in the last 48 hours or so because I am waist deep into learning the ins and outs of the PMDG DC-6 for MSFS, so have been too busy reading the manual, tutorials, figuring out the cockpit, tweaking my controls for the DC-6, and....and...and...well, anyone else that flies that particular 4 engine beauty will understand I will have to get some shots of her flying over some Orbx land up here soon.
  15. Beautiful Mustang shot here Don! That bird always look like it's about to jump into a sprint and go after a bogey.
  16. Adam, wow! These are just awesome shots and of an iconic bird! Everything looks great in these....the Spitfire, the tarmac, the terrain, the weather...it all looks scrumptious
  17. Those are indeed some almost real shots The clarity and crispness of them is astounding and looks super!
  18. That is ONE great shot indeed! I like the weather effects that you have in the pic....it really makes it look like a real life picture
  19. For me, it would have to be places like Darrington, Bella Coola, Narvik is a good one, Agua Dulce...basically, having to deal with more complex approaches due to blocking terrain like mountains and large hills. The PNG airports are also up there, but I just have not flown into or out of them enough to say that they have definitively helped improve my sim flying. But, Darrington, Bella Coola and Narvik, well, I have hundreds of takeoffs and landings in the sims at those three airports. Landon
  20. Nice set of shots here Adam...love the low pass in the last shot, but the Spitfire is looking badass in all of the shots. Love the weathering of the paint job. Landon
  21. Those are some nicely lined up aeroplanes there John. I can smell the crisp, morning wilderness air in this shot too Very nice! Landon
  22. Some super preview shots! Love all the detail and happy to see more Scottish locations developed
  23. Great to hear those words from Iain! This looks to be a great release!
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