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NZGS Gisborne Airport coming soon to FSX/P3D

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Hello everyone,
We are taking you all back down under with the the third airport by Finni Hansen, NZGS Gisborne Airport in New Zealand. If you're a fan of Finni's previous works (ENNO Notodden and ENHF Hammerfest), you're going to love his recreation of this regional airport. NZGS is situated on the outskirts of Gisborne, on the East Coast of the North Island in New Zealand and is one of the few airports in the world that has a railway line, the Palmerston North-Gisborne Line, crossing the main runway. Additionally there a heliport located north of the airport on top of a hospital.
NZGS is the first Orbx airport to utilize Allen Kriesman’s CityScene tech, using Xpressim software. Included is the entire city of Gisborne, accurately depicted . Coupled with over 100.000 autogen trees and additional buildings outside the city, this package includes everything you would see on a trip into or out of Gisborne Airport. Make sure to be ready on the runway at 13:00 to watch the WA165 steam train make its way across the runway carrying passengers as it has been doing for over 100 years! 
Gisborne Airport airport is situated just next to the ocean in Poverty Bay, with spectacular views of the Young Nick’s Head mountain as you depart over open waters. It consists of a single terminal and gate, an asphalt runway 1310 meters long and several grass runways. Air New Zealand and Sunair both operate out of NZGS, however the airport is used for a combination of medical flights, SAR, and GA-Traffic - it gets quite busy as you can imagine!
  • Accurate representation of Gisborne airport and cityscape
  • Large coverage area including the airport, Young Nick's Head mountain, and the city of Gisbourne
  • Ground specular mapping
  • Baked ambient occlusion and night lighting
  • Dynamic lighting for P3DV4
  • Orbx PeopleFlow
  • Animated WA165 Vintage Steam train


Coverage Map:




NZGS Gisborne Airport will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect soon for AUD $32.95 (approx. USD $24.35 / €21 / £18.50 )


Here are a few screenshots from Finn and Emmsie. Don't forget to stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for plenty more shots over the coming days! (PS - can you spot Finni's cameo?)











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I'm definitely looking forward to this addition, as I'm currently flying around the Orbx New Zealand scenery now. Although, I flew around the north island and am now at the south island, I'll fly north again as soon as this is released. Thanks for the previews, love the train. :)

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Gisborne was where I was born and grew up, I still get up there from time to time and in my line of work I'm involved in the design of new PBN procedures in and out of Gisborne. It will be fantastic to have this airport and cityscape available in sim!

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Well that was a pleasant shot out of the blue. Great stuff and most appreciated. It would also be good

to get a better than generic Palmerston North airport, one of the busiest in the country with regular

ATR72 & Q300 aircraft and the Massey School of aviation with 14 aircraft also 2 Boeing 737 freighters

every night. The excellent ORBX AI package already does a great job. So Please, Please guys please

continue to add to the New Zealand experience.



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24 minutes ago, nbrettoner said:

Will the train be AI (animated?) :)

Great choice for a surprise yummy NZ airport destination.Attached here is my GE kml placemark for Captain Cook Statue & gloobal sphere; depicting his several global journeys of discovery.


Captain Cook Statue & Sphere.kmz


Hi Noel,


Yes, the train is animated, so you will need to wait for it before you takeoff or land ;).



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YEAH! More NZ!! Keep it coming!

As a suggestion for a next NZ airport; NZAP Taupo Airport (and then please include Lake Taupo and Tongariro in photoreal). Great little airport with magnificent scenery. Did a tandem skydive from 15.000ft from that airport many many years ago.

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Thank you thank you thank you, I can now Fly in and out of My home town I cannot wait, Will be getting as soon as released.

Just thought last week when flying back home I Wish someone would do Gisborne the train is enough to make it alone yet the Area so much fun to learn in  too fly in, By the looks the training areas I used back in the late 90s early 2000 Wainui and patutahi. 

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"NEWS FLASH" the NZ government announced yesterday that there will be a 5.5 million dollar

upgrade of Gisborne airport, including a complete rebuild of the terminal.

ORBX have just ensured that we don't lose a piece of our unique history.

Bring it on guys!



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Brilliant news. I'm so happy that my home airport is receiving the Orbx treatment. smile.png Just in case people get the wrong idea about the hospital heliport though, it is on the ground between the road outside the hospital and the Emergency Department - it isn't "on top": of anything. :P It's all true about the railway line too ... AND believe it or not, trains have right of way!!

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