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  1. Let's hope the best and they are working on the city landmarks to launch together as a surprise
  2. Hi Nick This time it worked by reconnecting and disconnecting plus waiting The developer replied too, he said is is a MSFS issue that can happen randomly at any airport and he cannot do anything about it Thanks againg Carlos
  3. Hi 2realist4U Yes that structure is fine Yes you don't have to rename anything inside Orbx folder Central does everything What I meant by this is that in case of issues, no loading, etc, I am happy to untick everthing except Orbx folder. Then I test if all works. Usually all woks with Orbx enabled, so I would have to find the reason for the no loading, or for the issue at the moment within the products from other devs, but my Orbx stuff is safe and free of guilty I do have everything from Orbx enabled in the addon linker. When running an update MS recommends to have the community folder clean so this is why addon likers is useful, you untick everything and refresh both sides, then run the update, close it, launche it just to ensure all is ok,close it, enable everything in the addon linker or what it pleases you than then launch the sim again to ensure all is ok. No problem at all, we're here to help each other Every product I have I have it in the addon linker and I have them enabled Yes it last a light year to start but I like all the white dots and stars so I can easily go to wherever airport I want. I'm not good with airport codes so I prefer to SEE them in the map, calling me to visit them Hope this is useful Cheers Carlos
  4. Thank you very much Nick and above all for having pasted it here I'm not too fan of Discord and I entered it and was like chinese to me I'll try this Thanks Carlos
  5. Hi I sent an e-mail to the developer, hoping he replies but meanwhile I wonder if anyone knows about this issue.. How to fix it? Thanks Carlos I think I might not be replied by the developer Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: simulations@cloudsurf.asia (simulations@cloudsurf.asia) There's a problem with the recipient's mailbox. Please try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.
  6. Hello Not exactly Central will always aim to the community folder If you are using addons linker you might have created an addons dolfer to organize your stuff Mine is like this, I created an addons folder where I have the sim installed (bellow it) and then the addon linker Inside the addons I clasiffied what I have (spanglish) Inside escenarios (scenery) I classified payware, freeware and Orbx Inside Orbx folder you'll find their structure it is set by Central Central created an MSFS folder and whithin it, it installs each tile and within it a "community folder" (I think this is the link to the real community folder) and then within it the final product (scenery etc) After you install Central you need to create this "library" so you have to point it to the Orbx folder you created and Central will do the rest Somehow all the products installed will be automatically ticked in addons linker so you can just launch the game and they'll be there, wich is fantastic but of course you can untick them if you wish, like shown here. I have 7 liveries and the Halloween stuff unticked I prefer to create a unique folder for Orbx to keep it apart from all the rest. If something starts going wrong with an update or so, I feel comfortable unticking everything except Orbx. This folder will always be my priority, I'll leave it on and check the sim if everything is ok then I start checking within all the rest but since addon linker I never have strange problems as I run the material lib changer for potential conflits this reminds me of Vector tool in P3D. Hope this is clear and useful Cheers Carlos
  7. Hello 2realist4U I'm afraid I don't know what Game Pass Ultimate is so I cannot say a word about it but I think someone here will assist Unfortunatelly products bought in Market place won't be reflected in Orbx Central You do need Orbx Cetral to purchase and install any product offered in the platform. I don't know if something could be done in terms of what you have purchased in the MS being the product an Orbx one, you might like to ask this to the managment. If an arrangement is not possible you would need to buy it again. For you to install your Orbx products in Drive D, Central allows you to create a library that can be withing your addons folder. You need to point Central to that drive /route and then a foldfer will be created whithin your addons folder. Next time you want to install a product Central will alwasys ask if you want to install it in the community folder or your library. Of course you have to select the last one. In the addons Liker you will find now within your addons folder the Orbx folder then a MSFS folder and then each product you install. Inside that product folder you'll find a community folder and that is fine that is the "link" to the community folder. Somehow all Orbx products once installed will be automatically enabled in the addon liker, you don't need to tick them. The addon liker offers a tool, a scan for potential conflict folder structure, the materials lib, I always run it so it can remane all materiallib to avoid conflicts. That we can go deep later Regards, Carlos
  8. It's easy to picture how it will look like, as Australia in P3D.
  9. Looks like I need to visit other forums apart from Orbx Thanks
  10. Thank you so much Wayne, Iain and Iliasr I appreciate it Cheers Carlos
  11. These are good but Oslo would be awesome I was not aware of the other Prague in Aerosoft. Cheers Carlos
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