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Community Answers

  1. Tough competition this was. Bluebear for me with his Mount Cook Airport
  2. Very nice indeed Marty Cheers Carlos
  3. Hi John Have a great birthday celebration Cheers Carlos
  4. Thank you, I'm glad you liked them
  5. Thank you Don Thank you JJJ Your comment remind me of my father. He used to say that beauty resides in the simple things. Cheers Carlos
  6. Great shots Adam though in the first one I can see you have two control towers The short one is from a payware product, the oher one is from Asobo-MSFS Italy update If you want to keep the payware one then go to the content manager and disable the one that comes with the update by writing false here <Package name="microsoft-airport-licj-palermo-punta-raisi" active="false"/> Cheers Carlos
  7. @Stillwater @VH-KDK @Sniper31 Thanks a lot Gerold, Marty and Landon, I'm indeed happy you liked it It's a fanastic spot Cheers Carlos
  8. Yeah, I know is rare just one Enjoying South Africa Cheers Carlos
  9. Thank you JJJ It actually is from a video, difficult to take as the lightning happens in a second but achieved to stop the video at the right moment I did enjoy that weather https://mega.nz/file/IwEiBCbD#dBVNwyTGoVl9-6tQqRixGGup720kK80zn7uiBeWU3ro Cheers Carlos
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