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  1. Great set of shots mate Kastrup is a must have Cheers Carlos
  2. Awesome shots Mikee Well done
  3. I like that airport a lot These are great shots Paul
  4. Very interesting An addon, right? Because I don't remember having seen that one there...
  5. Great shots Thats a beautifuly made airport
  6. I'm in that process Checking which one I can really remove When I don't work I jump from bed right to my computer, is the first thing I do even before peeing and making coffee, turn on the sim and when do I shut it down? When I sadly have to go to bed, so I think I am an addict. Cheers Carlos
  7. Great shots Paul An awesome product too
  8. ok noted, I was just suggesting, no problem, thanks Woldgang Cheers Carlos
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