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  1. Really hope that New Zealand gets a bit of the Orbx magic, NZGS world be great to have train crossing the Main Runway.
  2. Recently I found that my AI traffic even the Q300 where landing and departing on the Grass runway. I used an editor to delete all other runways other then the main 32/14 I can still fly off the Grass if I chose but forced AI to only use the one Runway.
  3. I use Prepar3d 4.4 flew Wednesday night, shut simulator down and PC, when I load up it up Thursday I can not Fly in any orbx areas, as far as I can tell nothing has changed. Sim will load in another area and will load, I can Fly, then I change to NZGS or Gold Coast or any other Orbx area I have, loads into airport then CTD. Have tried Reloading CFGs verify Areas Force Migration Anyone have this happen ? any Fixes ?
  4. Never seen it before but orbx made the local rag http://gisborneherald.co.nz/localnews/3625267-135/virtually-flying-to-visit-gisborne Good work Finni Hansen
  5. Hey Finni Just done a Night flight, for V1.1 could you Remove the Lights make in Pic as they are only to just before the speedway in the real world. Makes the sight picture when on approach look funny. Many Thanks Greg
  6. Thanks you. Since I been old enough to riding my bike out to the airport the only float plane I've seen out there was a flying boat when the NZ warbirds Catalina ZK-PBY visited.
  7. Thank you so much for doing my home airport where I live and done most of my Real world Flying is so cool to fly from here and see it look so real. If I may as a local there are a couple of things if could be change if/when updated ones for me that would make it even more turn to life. these are only my Ideas, not even sure they are a easy fix for you The Float planes, marked red we don't have any here, I would remove and replace with a Cessna in front of the Light aircraft hangers. The ECT rescue helicopter could be moved to it base I have marked in blue on top view and the Green marked Barron could be changed to a Vee-tailed Bonanza (old) or a Mooney Bravo (new) as these are Aircraft the Hanger own as had or uses now. once again just a View point from a Gizzy Local Mauruuru ahau e tumanako ana ki to whakautu Thank you I look forward to your reply Greg Turanganui a kiwa (Gisborne) NZGS 5b9814fd6f046
  8. Thank you thank you thank you, I can now Fly in and out of My home town I cannot wait, Will be getting as soon as released. Just thought last week when flying back home I Wish someone would do Gisborne the train is enough to make it alone yet the Area so much fun to learn in too fly in, By the looks the training areas I used back in the late 90s early 2000 Wainui and patutahi.
  9. Hi all Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with CEJ4 CAC8 CAX6 that have come to P3dV4 . They seam to sucken down and Runway taxi ways are high if there are any fix ? Thanks Greg
  10. Hey guys Thanks for the help, After looking at what you said, I uninstall P3Dv4 and re installed it. and now all working I have know Idea what I had done be for but all seems ok now Thanks Greg
  11. HI yeah I am Running in P3Dv4, I have Global and Libraries running and NZSI NZNI packs running, I don't run NZ in P3Dv3 as I always used different scenery pack, but for V4 and the sales was on so grab both to give it a go. Thanks Greg
  12. Spent sometime working in Fielding this week. so thought I would try some local flights there but when I did the taxiways and Runway where under the Ground please see the Attached Picture If anyone can Advise what I need to fix it would be great Thanks Greg
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