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  1. Uninstalled,reinstalled same problem here.
  2. Rest in peace Neil! My sincere condolences to his family and yes to the Neil Hill Memorial Lounge.
  3. KVUO blends in very well with Forkboys Ortho's.
  4. Hi, I down loaded the patch,followed the YouTube video and all is working great. Thanks and it was easy to do.
  5. I have deleted Monument Valley because i cant use it the way it is with my Ortho4XP scenery. Hopefully some one can make it compatible.I to don't have the know how to sort it.
  6. Yes i have the same problem,but if i move the Orbx MV Mesh bellow my Ortho4XP the area around Monument Valley is ok apart from mesh elevation issues. order receipt 5b380e9e4a650 Regards.
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