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  1. Thank you so much TT, yes the area is loaded with nice details My settings are all at high. Cheers Thank you Ikbenik Oh that would be awesome, we need that dynamic people Glad you like them my friend, thanks Cheers Carlos
  2. Thank you for posting guys and having taken the time to see so many shots. I wanted to show all the surroundings Cheers
  3. Thank you so much to all for your comments and time to pass by, I appreciate it Happy Sunday!
  4. Thank you folks, I am very pleased you liked them
  5. Thank you very much guys for your kind comments It is indeed a great aiport Have a nice Sunday Cheers Carlos
  6. Thank you so much Iain, have a great Sunday
  7. Thank you John, I'm please you liked them Thanks so much Iain
  8. Yeah Landon, quite a bunch but it's because of the amount of details in all the place Cheers Thank you Iain
  9. Happy birthday Jarrad I hope you'll have a great time Cheers Carlos
  10. I haven't got time to post some of this one but now that I got the impulse, hold on! Spectacular sstting Isn't it awesome? We're just missing Misha's LDDU Cheers Carlos
  11. Let's keep up with the magic BONUS Good Airs. Buenos Aires, Argentina Norway Rare but scenic Cheers Carlos
  12. Man I'm addicted to the beauty of this game and good quality addons A blinding lightning in Chicago BONUS Barrow, Alaska and Guatemala volcanoes Cheers Carlos
  13. First of all I want to thank Marcus for this small airport made with lots of details, Orbx traditional style, and which enjoy a lot. Great quality as all of his works Let walk you around Bromma, literally @paulkDue to the augen issue I downloaded Stockholm from flightsim.to. It fits nice, the guy made a nice work, it looks better than the London's phoogrammetry but some buildings, mainly those with green conic roofs, I would say are churches, are duplicated but in general all looks pretty fine This on is in the sourroundings of the airport, actually on approach No es broma ┬┐eh? Cheers Carlos
  14. Hi Paul Yes it works but some buildings are duplicated mainly churches I'll do a post about the airport and will shoe some of them at the end. It looks very acceptable with the exception of those duplicates. I would say the guy will update it in time Cheers Carlos
  15. Hello Ed If the sim not yet ready for Melbourne? Would you be so kind as to give us un status update.pls? Thanks and have a great weekend Cheers Carlos
  16. I wonder if the free Stockholm in Flightsim.to is compatible and looks good...... I'll test
  17. Wow you're so good!!! It is very difficult I crashed almost inmediately Cheers Carlos
  18. Well. I think this post allows me to express my thoughts instead of arguing in my mind with Orbx As it happened to KORDATC, the release of PAKT shocked me. I jumped of happiness when I saw it released, inmediate thought was, Gosh I already have NSS version..third thought was, well Orbx must be better....but I didn't replace current vesion even being Orbx one at a very low price. There is something you should never lose, your crown. That crown was earned by creating unique charming destinations with little details, by the great support you offer and by this forum that ties all. It doesn't matter if you create big or small airports, that is not the point but the quality of them. Sceneries seemed to have been created with passion, with love. You can feel that. Take a look at Narvik for example, in any season. There are a bunch of them to mention. It is not that you don't put love or details in current MSFS versions but some things don't seem to match. For example Meribel. Such a nice spot, very nicely done but suddenly you see the square avatars of P3D that don't fit no more. Developers are improving even in such secondary details. Your seceneries had the wow factor everywhere, and you must keep that impact and even do better and beyond others to keep your crown. What meant Orbx for me? Well.. quality, the best developer in the world, a very exclusive developer, a sort of club I wanted to be a memeber of. Your sceneries were unique, exclusive, like jewelry. Saying I have Orbx products gave a sort of feeling of pride, I got the best of the best. It drove me crazy and two years or so I had bought the whole catalog for P3D with the exception of last TE products as MSFS was on the way. I spent entire days exploring and I was simply in love with some products, products that I asked for to be made for MSFS and in many cases was never replied. Products that are currently out there made by others !! Sadly but also fortunately because you won't miss flying them. PAKT, KEKA, SEKIU, LDRI, LDDU to mention some are all out there! made by others, even freeware like Samedan and Milford Sound and really good but hey!.., these were your jewels.. this should not have happened. It feels like they entered the house and stole your jewelry, we all saw that robbery and Orbx seems not to care at all. Is like if others tell you hey your kingdom just ended, you no longer rule, you lost your exclusivity. And that cannot happen becuase it leaves us without our pride for the very worldwide known Orbx unique products. Eveything that had Orbx brand should be kept so in any platform. Let me go back to Narvik. I became fan of Orbx because of this scenery. Then I did my best to buy all of your products as a gesture or gratitude and to be part of this wonderful exclusive world. This said, what do you think I will feel when I see Narvik made by any son of neighbour? Sadness, becuase you lost another chance to claim a destination known as unique to Orbx. I totally understand that anybody can make the airports they desire, but in your case, being on top of any other, you should be two steps ahead others and reposition all your products, the products that gave you in return this huge amount of fans and never in a lower quality or detail that a competitor or an amateur. Otherwise you will become any other developer, and we would had lost our very exclusive club. I hope you don't take in a wrong way my comment, I do love Orbx, I love your products and everything related to you and this is actually why I am saying this. Keep ruling! Cheers Carlos
  19. Congrats Richard, indeed an inmersive one, a feel there sensation, that, I like Cheers Carlos
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