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  1. Great set of shots mate Kastrup is a must have Cheers Carlos
  2. I like that airport a lot These are great shots Paul
  3. Very interesting An addon, right? Because I don't remember having seen that one there...
  4. Great shots Thats a beautifuly made airport
  5. I'm in that process Checking which one I can really remove When I don't work I jump from bed right to my computer, is the first thing I do even before peeing and making coffee, turn on the sim and when do I shut it down? When I sadly have to go to bed, so I think I am an addict. Cheers Carlos
  6. Great shots Paul An awesome product too
  7. ok noted, I was just suggesting, no problem, thanks Woldgang Cheers Carlos
  8. well I left some free on the right and the bottom area Thank you Adam The firt one I did had 747, 767, 777, 310, 320 and the MD11, it looked amazing but I was told that if people don't have those models then they'll not be displayed, also the liveries need to be downloaded so at the end it could end being a pain for users, therefore I decided to fill it up with 747's as everybody got this one and fortunally this airport was visited by hundreds of those I'll remove some, I think I'll leave the airlines that most predominated in the area Thanks Ikbenik indeed I was inspired testing I hope to improve it and then share it I think I'll do one for myself using all models I have to see more variety Thanks Gerold Cheers Carlos
  9. Hi again Will the Detroit City Pack and KDET airport be separate products from KDTW? When there are two companies making the same airport but one adds landmarks it has happened that it ends in a request to separate the landmarks from the airport to keep the landmarks and use either airport. Same happens when someone makes a "basic airport" an "enhancement" with a nice city and then someone makes a full airport. Rework to separte them to accomplish both preferances. As it has not been launched yet I think it could be good to consider this in case KDTW comes along with the city landmarks. Or it could be as it used to be in P3D in Central. The product had a "switch" to turn off a feature to make it compatible with another... Cheers Carlos
  10. Maybe it can be added as optional in the configuration panel of the product in Central in case there are people not interested in adding it. I think all will depend on how nice it looks there, based on its possition it looks like it kills a bit the facade of the terminal so it would be nice to have the option to have it or not Cheers Carlos
  11. I love the 747, you can tell I don't like to see the airport empty and as it is closed there is no traffic to it, so we just got to learn to add static one As everybody have the 747 I added most of those and a few of 310's Though I feel I need to remove some as it looks kind of crowded. When done I'll upload to flightsim.to for those who might be interested I found strage they didn't do someting about traffic for it, but at least we have it Now we can hope for Narvik Still learning Cheers Carlos
  12. It is always a delight to watch your shots Filou That #2 is simply.... real Interesting airport in Itally, I'll Google it to find out the location Cheers Carlos
  13. Amazing shots Paul for a great spot for flying
  14. Thank you Ed Getting Sheremetyevo and Washington by Drzewiecki Design at this very moment Cheers Carlos
  15. Hello I just saw this great news in Facebook but Digital Design referenced Simmarket only Is it going to be offered here in Central? and if yes when will it be available? Regards Carlos
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