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  1. Yesterday was terrible Don I started and the update showed up I clicked on it and at 1% got a message that connection was lost and something about authentication or so. That was around 5 pm or so Continued trying (of course) Then knew the servers were down Kept on trying (of course) When finally connected it took a long time to download the 8 gigas Then I realized I had to download all the World Updates again My 747 didn't wanted to dowload Then when the WU's were downloaded I closed it and reopened The WU's were not installed, so did it again (of course) This time the 747 ended downloading. Passed midnight got everything in other again Just added all the rest with thi magic of the addon linker and I've been testing and all is ok....until next update Cheers Carlos
  2. Ah! que bien se siente ver alguien de este lado del mundo postear en el foro, po Bonitas fotos
  3. That would be great for the user to have control on his stock and defenilty less work and headache for Orbx. What is automatic is as current, they rest is set by the user, lovely. A great indea indeed and also allows a bit of interaction with Central making it less cold Cheers Carlos
  4. Like a Pricesmart or Walmart It will increase, that is a fact Sounds like a good idea In time they'll arrange all and will improve everything The boom of clients being added is very new, while growing it will also improve, I'm sure Cheers Carlos
  5. Thank you very much guys, I'm pleased you liked them Cheers Carlos
  6. Wow it is indeed amazing the almot real thing matching Pete
  7. Just a few though from the 103 I took I was thinking of using this one for October's contest but went for the one posted Buildings in detail will follow though a great example have been posted by Renaul Cheers Carlos
  8. Splendi shots Filou, Now we're talking So prefessional You got awesome photographer skills / knowledge and a great taste to select them Cheers Carlos
  9. Wow, I didn't expect less Pete Amazing shots! My fav is #10 Cheers Carlos
  10. Very nice shot for one of their finests sceneries
  11. Very well done, love #6 particuraly Cheers
  12. Thank you Landon, Taph and Paul for your comments Cheers Carlos
  13. Thank you for your comment I also think develorpers out there are constantly seeking to improve. You can see how many are approaching Orbx's quality stadards, but won't last there... The race has just started
  14. Well, well, well look at that! Happy birthday Mikee Have a nice one mate!
  15. Hi @Ed Correia Maybe it could be good to add an X box section here for easier access to the requested products for users of Xbox? Cheers Carlos
  16. Thank you very much guys for having made me the winner for September, it is really appreciat it.
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