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  1. Here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jack and I hope you have a good one.
  2. I hope you are having a great day John, take care.
  3. Perfect cammo for the snow, great view.
  4. Wonderful images of this beautiful old plane.
  5. The mountains are beautiful Gerold but like Karl, I don't know where this is.
  6. Excellent views of Sydney R and great to see the DC-3 in the new game.
  7. Wonderful images Gerold but it has been rather warm to the south in that part of the world of late. Did you cop any of the storms the other day, I saw a few vids of all the hail and it looked very unpleasant. Sorry to hear you are out of the football but I have finished with all sport now with all of the nonsense going on so I don't even know any of the scores.
  8. A splendid series R and I still use XP often but I am about to go back even further to P3DV4 for my flight this evening!
  9. A glorious series of images Carlos.
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