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  1. Nooooooooo, keep it going! I ended this flight at CYBW Springbank. The pilot left me there so I called for a taxi. A very old taxi arrived and there was a sheepdog sat on the passenger seat. I remarked to the driver about his vehicle and asked what was the cab age! Then I picked a dahlia out of my bag and stuck the stalk in the dog's collar. The driver asked what it was and I told him it is a collie flower! 30 all Wayne, your serve! The nice man in the white coat has just brought my medication.
  2. A beautiful image Wayne, I like the hazy mountains in the background.
  3. A wonderful series of views Andreas, so much to see here.
  4. Part of the Airdrie Airpark scenery is the enhanced city centre of Calgary. It has stood the test of time well, especially in the sunshine.
  5. Happy birthday John and I am not tired of saying it but here is hoping for a good year ahead for you.
  6. Cheers Landon, the Caribou is not a bad plane to go exploring in.
  7. That is good Andreas, I shall look out for them.' My poor settings haven't affected Spain as much as they have England unless the dreary weather there had anything to do with it.
  8. Thank you Ladon.
  9. Cheers Landon, I am sure there will be shenanigans a plenty.
  10. Thank you Karl, glad you liked them. She is much better now and lucky for her it hasn't affected her throwing arm or aim!
  11. Thanks Landon and it is good to be back. She is much better now after suffering the effects of all the medicine they pumped into her the previous evening.
  12. Many thanks Gerold. We will have to go to Melbourne to visit the allergy specialist but apparently there is a long waiting list. Glad you enjoyed the post.
  13. Thank you Wayne, the medical staff did a good job getting the wife on the mend.
  14. Glad you liked them John and she is back to nagging again so she must be better!
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