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  1. Only thing I state is that you have to be carefull comparing airports from different developers. Different priorities lead to different choices and can affect performance. Desides that; not sure about MSFS, but I know from FSX/P3D that certain areas have a much higher fps impact compared to others without clear reason. For example; de NYC area has been known for all versions of FSX/P3D and before (even FS2004 and FS2002) to be a FPS eater. May also be the case between Sydney and Brisbane. They're far enough from each other not to affect each other.
  2. Just as a small comment; you do realize YSSY is made by FlyTampa and not by Orbx? So eventhough one can say something about both YSSY and YBBN, it's not fair to fully compare them because they're from different developers.
  3. Looks very good and given the friendly price, I'll probably buy it (I'm an Orbx-addict ), but to be honest; if these comparisonshots show anything, it's how good the default mesh already is. The difference is mainly a nuance and I wonder if you really notice it during flight.
  4. Totally awesome! Have it in P3D and had some very nice flights to and from it. Though not realistic, it's a nice challenge to land a 737BBJ there . Now we only need the Majestic Q400 in MSFS
  5. The scenery looks great! Just as a remark; the Cubana Antonov 12 on the West side of RWY 09 is no longer there. It has become an artificial reef. https://www.wlrn.org/news/2021-02-11/cuban-plane-hijacked-to-key-west-in-2003-may-make-final-journey-as-an-artificial-reef
  6. Awesome shots Iain! Can you make some shots of the area between CDG/LFPG and downtown Paris? In the pre-COVID era I flew AMS-CDG-AMS on a montly basis. I know that area very wel
  7. If you bought EFHK from Simmarket, it won't work. Simmarket doesn't allow/support license transfer.
  8. You're implying we'll already have to pay to download the data. Where did you pick up that? Haven't read it anywhere. Most certainly not the MSFS website. I don't expect MS to start charging for downloading the Bing / Azure data. But I do wonder how their business case is buildup justifying all the server and dataconnection costs involved. On the other hand; MS is a HUGE company and I think it could very well be that the overall impact on their servers from MSFS is extremely small compared to the whole of all the stuff running of those servers.
  9. On the contrary Nick. However, working in a large (30.000+ employees) company myself in a management position, I more or less know how the economics of a large company work. It's all about the business case. Return on investment and the time it takes for that return on investment. It determines for a (big) company where to put their resources on. In the end, that was what shut ACES down. It simply was not profitable enough compared to other opportunities Microsoft could invest their money and resources in. Microsoft is not building this new simulator as a charity towards us, the simming community. They currently see a solid business case for it and as long as they continu to see that, we're safe and Asobo will be given the time and resources to continue development. I am positive (glass is half full) for the future, but I will not be naive. Side note; I did preorder MSFS and will purchase the Orbx addons that have been announced in this topic. I wouldn't do that if my glass was half empty
  10. Agree.... very exciting.... although way way waaaay back in my (46 year old - already simming for 32 years) head I have this little warning reminding me of how sudden, unexpected and abrupt Microsoft pulled the plug on the ACES team shattering all promises and expectations on future improvements of FSX.....
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the response John! Good to know it is still in works. I’ll be patient
  12. From all Orbx sceneries with the exception of TE Netherlands (where I live), FTX EU Cote d'Azur was the scenery I was (am?) hyped for the most. But it seems to have vanished? What has happened to it? Given the enormous amount of work that’s gone into it I just can’t imagine that it’s cancelled. Sorry if this has been asked before. Last reference to it I could find was a statement from over a year ago that it was (still) in beta. Any update (preferably by the developer or by John Venema) would be appreciated. Kindest regards Frank
  13. DirectX 12 (not DivX ;-)) works in Windows 7 as well.
  14. I agree. Would really help if the forum gets spilt up a bit more. Like first spit between continents and then per airport. Bit like FlyTampa has done it. Looking in the Orbx forum for a solution for issues is a real pain in the *
  15. I think it's a single man job and I believe I've read somewhere that the dev is tied up in other (personal?) things. Would hate it if this gets cancelled. For me it's about the most anticipated release of Orbx since I saw the first screenshots.
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