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  1. Well all jokes aside Don I really do know what you are going through, but not having any real Xbox experience except for boxes with XXXX on the side I can't offer any credible suggestions it does seem odd that MSFS does see it. If you select it in the controls menu are any keys or buttons showing as programed? Kevin
  2. Hi Don, have you got an X marking the spot in the back yard where you will bury your Xbox if it still doesn't work? Kevin
  3. Hi Don, I don't have an Xbox controller but I see that you don't say if you can see it listed in the MSFS controller settings. If it doesn't show there then I can't suggest anything, but if it shows in the list of controllers then MSFS might have thought that you have nothing better to do and nuked all the settings for it. Do hope you get to the bottom of this. Kevin
  4. Hi Marcus, Just goes to prove that my "investment" in these airports when they were first released was a smart move. Keep up the good work. Kevin
  5. Thankyou so much for the updated NZ mesh. I know that this would have been a real pain in the how's ya father after all the work to the original product. I have checked out Queenstown, Milford and Mount Cook. I can't get the grin off my face. I know that you will sort out any remaining hicups that may be present elsewhere. Thanks again for the great work. Kevin
  6. Really pleased that there will be animated trains to a degree. This sort of thing that adds to the emersion of the simulator, and also the balloons making use of all that Aussie hot air. Well done team. Kevin
  7. This topic has caused more of a stink than I thought it would Kevin.
  8. Have you checked for updates via your a/c in the Microsoft store and your library. The update to the core standard MSFS is there and I usually update it from there first and then let the ( cough ) game update the rest when it starts. Usually and update in the store that has been interrupted can be restarted from where you left off. I do not recommend doing a system restore when the rest of your system is fine. But what would I Know? Kevin
  9. Yes it really is a nice piece of work by the team. Went through in 1967 and stopped off at Panama City for a late afternoon early evening few hours. Walking around with very tender feet. the ships deck was so hot I got cooked through my Jandels, err thongs or what ever you like to call them. The city is sure a different beast to when I was there. I have been to many countries around the world but it is the only time I have felt really scared. I'm sure that is not a problem today and it was an experience overall that I was fortunate to have. Kevin
  10. How did you manage not to spill your Scotch on the way home ? Kevin
  11. First class as always. It would sadden me though if as per screen shots that there was only the one mule working and not in the repair shop. Also there appears to be a dock strike because there is a distinct lack of workers. C'mon chaps hu'mour me please. Kevin
  12. Opened Orbx Central and an update for YSSY Fly Tampa to version 5 installed. Have flown from Bankstown and around Sydney and landed at YSSY and every thing went and looked superb. I believe there may be an update for Cityscape Sydney on it's way at some point in the not too distant future, but I could not find anything wrong as far as my old eyes could see. This scenery in my opinion is still the best scenery that Orbx have produced in the 20+ years that I have been dipping my foot into the pond. Kevin. ps. I do have the photgrametry or whatever enabled as well.
  13. Don't ya just love flight simming, it's such a relaxing hobby Good to see that you are getting to the bottom of things Derek. Kevin
  14. Not familiar with the said Honeycombe, but just a thought when you say that the mixture has a mind of it's own. After the last update & downdate the AI assist all reset to easy. Even if you set them all back again it would seem to be prudent to recheck after any install or update of anything to recheck that it hasn't done so again. I kidd you not. Hope you get it sorted okay. Kevin
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