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  1. Another thing to watch out for is it reverts back to window mode if you have full screen enabled. This hasn't happened for a while until this last update. I do always check after every update. As Nick pointed out, the assists do there own thing at times as well. Kevin
  2. Now come on guys ya gotta be kidding me !! I have purchased 140 products from Orbx Direct and partners for MSFS and you want to make it easier ? I agree with Nick, it is just too easy.😎 Kevin
  3. Hi Don, a ding dong is quite serious and you should seek advise. A bing bong is more of a worry. Sorry Don couldn't resist it.🤐 When I get a locked screen I can usually find the problem after a lot hand wringing. If I do get a freeze or lockup it is total silence with a frozen picture or blank screen and I have to manually shut down PC. Getting back to your bing bong. when I disconnect my yoke or pedals I get a bing bong or something like that and I am just wondering if you are getting something like that ie a bad connection somewhere. Often after an update from M/S I will get odd lockups like after update 15 and the first go to fix it is to download the latest driver for your card and it is as good as gold until the next major. Food for thought anyway Don, you don't have this type of thing on your own. All the best for Christmas and take care out there. Kevin
  4. Hi there. Log into your Orbx account at orbxdirect.com you will have a list of your Orbx transactions, scroll down until you find Rex Accuseason click on to open and you will find your purchase date and transaction number. I myself have been waiting for the update via Orbx Central but as yet it has not appeared, not through any fault of Orbx I might add. However if it has not appeared soon I will update with the vendor. Kevin
  5. It's not like you to show us all the easy stuff Carlos 🙃 Kevin
  6. You continue to turn out scenery like this and will continue to buy Marcus.🏆 Kevin
  7. On your knees with your hands clasped in front may help. The request for an update has been requested by many before you and the answer has been a resounding no. Kevin
  8. Thanks Ed, you have made my day. Nice to get good news after all the wind & water we have been getting across the ditch. NZAA has shut up shop again with 80k plus wind gusts. Air Latim spent over an hour circling at 10,000ft over Auck. before going back to Sydney. A couple of others have been half across the Tasman and turned back to Melbourne & Sydney. I try to flight sim to take my mind off the situation. Thanks again Ed. Kevin
  9. Can you tell me please, if the train is just static or does it indeed move and give us cause to celebrate ? 🙂 Kevin
  10. Hi Tim, yes it sure has been a challenging environment the last couple of years. I am sure you are on to it and all being well we should see something not too long after the next MSFS world update NZ come Feb. I have experienced a rather hot first hand drama on the NSW north coast a couple of years back, and you guys that throw yourselves into it boots and all at the drop of a hat are owed a debt of gratitude. Happy New Year and see ya out the other side. Kevin
  11. The update is installed and it all looks stunning as usual Viacheslav. Thank you so much for your endless attention to detail and improvements that you manage to achieve when the original was so good. I do hope you give yourself a bit of down time and try to celebrate during the festive season. Also that Father Christmas is the only thing to come down your chimney. Stay safe my Friend and good wishes. Kevin
  12. I have just received a notification from Nvidia that an updated driver is available. However, as this is a normal occurrence before a sim update (usually the day before) I do not update the graphics driver until after the Asobo update err downdate, which for me is due tomorrow. I wait until I can decipher what they have broken before I update the graphics driver after I am satisfied who is responsible for any strange behavior. Okay okay that does include yours truly. I did have this occur to me on the odd occasion until the last driver update 526.47 and all has been sweet since. I have that many fingers and toes crossed at the moment for a trouble free (sigh) update that I am feeling quite faint from a lack of blood circulation. Kevin
  13. As John says, Microsoft store, Premium Deluxe. PC platform is more versatile and there is more aircraft and scenery available. Some scenery is dummed down for Xbox. Let the fire begin Kevin
  14. Just fantasic, it sure brought a tear to the eye. I have watched the highs and lows of the top dressing industry in New Zealand for 70+ years and it still puts a chill up the spine to see the skill of these guys. Yes and unfortunately it is a job that brings it's share of accidents. Without these guys NZ would not have the farming industry that we see today. We would also not have a great flight sim experience without Orbx & Partners. Keep up the good work. Kevin
  15. Nice shots. Yes the bar sure has been raised. The lady in the blue dress at the bar has just had her drink spiked by the guy next to her, she is on her way up for sure. You will have to purchase this first class scenery to get the facial clues. I own 100 plus Orbx & Partner sceneries and this one would be at the top of the tree. Please all show your support to encourage some more of this quality. Kevin
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