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  1. Thanks guys, all going fine now. Looks ok in-game too. Have also done a verify.
  2. See my last post. Awaiting your confirmation to delete. :) Forgot to quote :(
  3. Hi Doug, There's one called "Eng" (see attached screengrabs). Note foldersize & date. So I guess that's it. Awaiting your confirmation to delete. regards, Noel B.
  4. Hi Doug, Thanks for the rapid response. Following your directions I come to the backup folder but do not find in there a"products" folder. Should I use the "clear" button in Orbx Central (Backup, Location) to clear the lot, or, go to the backup folder and delete,,, what??. See attached screengrab Doug I really appreciate your help in this. Many thanks, Noel B.
  5. EU England update fails with three corrupt? files. "Three files failed to extract". Several attempts to verify files has not changed this problem. Even uninstalling & reinstalling fails (same: three files....) Suggestions /assistance please?
  6. Mostly very good indeed. But what about this bridge??. Are the CBD buildings modelled on the current actual structures, or has someone put in what they think looks good?. What has been done for the outback townships/settlements? What sorts of double-story city buildings have replaced there with what is actually in these places?.
  7. Thanks Bruce. Am currently slowly working my way through Flukey's list. Have posted a Word doc of same; as an aid to ticking off as-I-go. Each airstrip one tick when done, 2nd tick when confirmed ok with a test in FSX (my case). Have replied to David's message re Whitsunday 'missing' airstrips. Pointed him to Flukey's post etc.
  8. Hi Bruce, I didn't know I had to uninstall the Holgermesh, or was that not necessary in my case (FSX) ? I have a helipad in Melbourne on the river slightly askew, and in Deniliquin (so far) a tyre and a couple of sheep out on the roadway at the end of a runway.
  9. Hi Jarrad, Could some kind soul please tweak around the AWA building and tower (near Wynyard Sydney CBD). It currently is sadly buried inside a not-true building. Also, it (the AWA building) is not aligned correctly to the street it's on. I think York St?. i.e. needs rotating. But probably in the correct spot. Really looking forward to Sydney when ready. Ummm the Opera House, is that a new one?. I'm not sure it looks as nice as the Oz v1 one?. Is it's helipad still there?. Will the ferry terminals be done?. Many thanks to all those involved in all this work.
  10. Will the train be AI (animated?) :) Great choice for a surprise yummy NZ airport destination.Attached here is my GE kml placemark for Captain Cook Statue & gloobal sphere; depicting his several global journeys of discovery. Captain Cook Statue & Sphere.kmz
  11. Hi, Is there any manual etc for PNG Holgermesh?. I've installed the mesh (came with install exe file only). Should it appear in FTX Central?. (I don't see it) What should I set FTX Central to?, Oceania?, or, default?. Also, one of the main river systems sits high above surrounding terrain, & appears as an elevated river, with outside cliff-like banks some 100 feet or so high. _______/\~~~~~/\_________ Some airstrips are at the bottom of large rectangular 'pits', many feet deep. Any help in resolving these issues most appreciated. I can supply screen-grabs as & when required.
  12. Hi VH-KDK, Really nice shots of your Melbourne to Griffith tour. Appreciated the addition of explanatory text too. If some kind experienced airfield modeller/s would care to help me, I would be very interested in recreating McIntyre Field circa WWII at Tocumwal, & it's associated infrastructure outfields & ranges etc. As an ex-PMG Telecom Tech who worked in Deni (Deniliquin NSW) circa Jan 1962 to Dec 1967, I became aware of Tocumwal's WWII involvement during some of my several forages "into the wilds" at the start of my 16 years & 200,000 miles of all-things motorcycling. However it was much later (about 13 years ago) that I started to become more aware of just what that "Tocumwal WWII involvement" covered. McIntyre Field was the largest airfield in the Southern Hemisphere; covering some 25 square miles, with satellite ELS's (Emergency Landing Strips), firing & bombing ranges etc. As part of my research of the Narrandera _ Tocumwal Branch Line, I started researching McIntyre Field. Not only reading thousands of documents (& downloading some hundreds thereof), this research afforded me the privilege of meeting some amazing people, who all generously assisted in various ways. The Branch Line Project was born out of a mutual desire of an aquaintance of mine; Craig Carr (lives in Bega NSW) & myself. Craig lived as a young guy half way along the line, & I used to travel on the old railmotor once a month for a couple of years to/from one-week block courses in Sydney. We have worked over most of these 13 years preparing a 'virtual world' 3D running model of the line, including McIntyre Field & the nearby RAAF #5 Field Hospital. Our choice of platform being the Trainz game. But don't be fooled by the 'game' word. It affords a great ability for very authentic replication of the real world. We were basing the McIntyre Field etc activities around WWII period, & the rest (110 miles along the route) based around 1950's through to late 1960's. However, sadly as yet this project is far from being ready for release. But, being quite interested in playing around & enjoying FSX, & the impact FTX has had on that enjoyment, I started looking at the Kimberley Region of WA. There are many old strips up there, for which I have created a folder-full of GE (Google Earth) Placemarks. I have mentioned this a few times on the OZx forums & you can find that plus associated info there:- http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/20099-wa-mitchell-river-strip-progress-etc-screen-grabs/?hl=%2Bmitchell+%2Briver http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/17370-utilities-mitchell-river-wa-part-2/?hl=%2Bmitchell+%2Briver http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/17263-utilities-kimberley-region-australia-data/?hl=%2Bmitchell+%2Briver http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/17197-kimberley-wa-airstrips/?hl=%2Bmitchell+%2Briver http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/9181-mitchell-plateau-strip-wa-kimberley-region/?hl=%2Bmitchell+%2Briver#entry68409 But at present I need to finish Mitchell River strip off, & would dearly love to see McIntyre Field at Tocumwal come to life once more. Albeit an authentic 3d virtual world in FSX.
  13. There was I believe a DHA-3 Drover pole-mounted in Alice Springs, at the old Conellan Museum:- Central Australian Aviation Museum 6 Memorial Avenue Araluen NT 0870, Australia +61 8 8953 8554 This is one of Australia's most iconic aircraft & as such, needs to be prioritized to be re-modelled in FSX. There was an earlier fs9 version I believe?. kind regards, Noel B.
  14. Hello John Venema, Having just now joined, & stumbled across this old forum thread, I thought I'd try here first. I am interested in the WA Kimberley region's outback airstrips, & have recently 'rediscovered' one I visited in 1981. The GE (Google Earth) lat/long details being:- 15 degrees 07' 17.75" S 125 degrees 47' 20.25" E I don't find it amongst OZx items, but see the nearby 'swamp' one. The above single-strip one as you will see is inland a fair way. I am interested in seeing this one re-created but unfortunately only have one photo, & so far have not been able to find/contact anyone involved in the tourism/local scene to ask about it. Much as I would dearly love to revisit what I think was referred to as "Mitchell Homestead", I'm afraid Coffs Harbour is just a little too far away. I have just met "Teecee", via Teamspeak, & he is happy to assist in re-creating this old abandoned strip, but firstly I wanted to talk with anyone who has already been researching airstrips in the Kimberley Region. For two reasons:- So as not to step on anyone's toes, & to if possible obtain relevant information on this & other airstrips there. kind regards, Noel Brettoner
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