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  1. No it has not and Queenstown along with the rest of New Zealand and a great deal of the rest of the world is still a pigs ear. As has been said before, a lot of areas that have had mesh enhancement are effected. Best to have a beer and do something else for a hobby for a week or two, err, or three+? Kevin
  2. This topic has caused more of a stink than I thought it would Kevin.
  3. Have you checked for updates via your a/c in the Microsoft store and your library. The update to the core standard MSFS is there and I usually update it from there first and then let the ( cough ) game update the rest when it starts. Usually and update in the store that has been interrupted can be restarted from where you left off. I do not recommend doing a system restore when the rest of your system is fine. But what would I Know? Kevin
  4. Yes it really is a nice piece of work by the team. Went through in 1967 and stopped off at Panama City for a late afternoon early evening few hours. Walking around with very tender feet. the ships deck was so hot I got cooked through my Jandels, err thongs or what ever you like to call them. The city is sure a different beast to when I was there. I have been to many countries around the world but it is the only time I have felt really scared. I'm sure that is not a problem today and it was an experience overall that I was fortunate to have. Kevin
  5. How did you manage not to spill your Scotch on the way home ? Kevin
  6. First class as always. It would sadden me though if as per screen shots that there was only the one mule working and not in the repair shop. Also there appears to be a dock strike because there is a distinct lack of workers. C'mon chaps hu'mour me please. Kevin
  7. Opened Orbx Central and an update for YSSY Fly Tampa to version 5 installed. Have flown from Bankstown and around Sydney and landed at YSSY and every thing went and looked superb. I believe there may be an update for Cityscape Sydney on it's way at some point in the not too distant future, but I could not find anything wrong as far as my old eyes could see. This scenery in my opinion is still the best scenery that Orbx have produced in the 20+ years that I have been dipping my foot into the pond. Kevin. ps. I do have the photgrametry or whatever enabled as well.
  8. Don't ya just love flight simming, it's such a relaxing hobby Good to see that you are getting to the bottom of things Derek. Kevin
  9. Not familiar with the said Honeycombe, but just a thought when you say that the mixture has a mind of it's own. After the last update & downdate the AI assist all reset to easy. Even if you set them all back again it would seem to be prudent to recheck after any install or update of anything to recheck that it hasn't done so again. I kidd you not. Hope you get it sorted okay. Kevin
  10. Some of the promotional shots of the latest airports have been so far out of focus that I have opted not to purchase them until such time as I can see them. Also I do very little flying at midnight. This has only become a major problem recently and I have no beef with the other 85 MSFS sceneries I have purchased through Orbx central. Kevin
  11. And if you are not double vaccinated and fly under the harbour bridge you will be in deep doo doo Kevin
  12. And here's me thinking that it captures the unpredictable behavior of the Auckland drivers rather well, don't you think? Kevin
  13. It sure is seat of the pants stuff in an A320. I had a blast above Queenstown in a Pitts special back in the day. Now that was something to get the heart rate up. 20 minutes full on aerobatics. The pilot kept asking me if I was okay and I just kept saying just throw everything at it. That was at least 15 years ago and I still can't get the grin off my face. Kevin
  14. Another leap in the right direction for Orbx. Marcus has shown that he will be more than capable of further upping the game of the team. Marcus, I wish you the success you deserve. Kevin
  15. Well it's a matter of how long your piece of string is. Are you meaning Orbx scenery & Aircraft or all that is available? As a starting point I can only tell you what I have to give you some idea. I have ( 78 ) scenery's plus ( 3 ) aircraft for MSFS all purchased from Orbx & partners and installed on a 1tb m.2 drive in an Orbx library that is pointed to another 1tb drive that contains MSFS. and has so far eaten up 165GB. The drive with the Orbx library is 212GB. so total of 377GB at this point in time. I don't know about you but I think that I will run out of money before drive space. Hope this gives you some idea, but I suspect that you have a pretty good idea already. Kevin
  16. Well I mean, how could you with such a knowledge of Auckland miss the Bean Rock lighthouse. Please inform me the next time you are going fishing and I will steer clear of you just in case. Kevin
  17. Well Terry I think you need to stand in the naughty corner over this one. A few beers for the Orbx team wouldn't go amiss either Kevin
  18. Hi Paul, I have just tried to replicate the problem using the g1000 172 and can't get any problems. Are you sure you are at Elstree EGTR I ask because you say you stopped to await clearance. There is no traffic control at Elstree and you can just radio your intentions. You could try a different aircraft, make sure the park brake is not mapped to another binding. I see nothing incorrect with the scenery at my end. Hope you get things sorted one way or another. With MSFS a lot has to do with how you hold your mouth Kevin
  19. Hi Rob, only done one flight to check it out as yet and not checked to see what the surprises might be. If that is one of them then that is dead cool. Or it could be if the rope broke Kevin
  20. Wham!! boy did that come out of left field. Another investment coming up. Only problem I have is that each time I go to the Orbx store I end up spending a lot more than I should. Oh well ya have to suffer a little to get the best eh? Kevin
  21. Excellent review Lee, going to be hard to resist this one. I will no doubt make the "investment" in the not to distant future. Kevin
  22. Hi Don, yes I think that they were all very lucky, fingers crossed for the after shocks. I have a daughter, grandkids and great grandkids at Port Stephens and they are more worried about this nasty virus that seems to have a mind of its own. Kevin
  23. This release appears to have really shaken the Melbourne community, but c'mon a 6 magnitude earthquake is a bit over the top don't you think? To all my friends across the ditch do hope you are all safe and damage to your homes is minimal Kevin
  24. Always nice to have quality work of this standard to look forward to. Best wishes & do hope you reap the rewards for this complex work. Kevin
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