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  1. Dramatic departure shots there. If it had been the opposite direction I would have said you're flying to Kai Tak
  2. Honky-doary shots Adam. And yes, I'd like a long tall cool one with umbrella please, thank you
  3. An epic journey crossing infamous places. And yep, Jack would have his fun under over and under that bridge. The DC-3 is superior to needing jetways
  4. Hahaha. Well, sims are immersive but if I start getting feelings of a heat wave come out out my screen, we are in trouble. Thank you Gerold! I hope so too. It might be I need to clean the inside of my device, or it could be that the power lines in our current flat are not giving improper power output causing the overheat. Thanks John. Hope so too for your sake. I remember being jealous of some FS2004 guys because their rig looked particularly good with one aircraft-scenery constellation. But I think the benefits of the new sim make up for the this little shortcoming, eh?
  5. And off above Illinois to the mountains we went Thanks Adam!
  6. Stunner indeed! Postcard material
  7. More work to be done in that hangar!
  8. Sparkling set of crisp captures here! The reflections look great that time of day
  9. A really bubbling adventure you're off to!
  10. By golly - what a cracking set of shots!
  11. KCGX => KFNL More to come another time... off to Northern Colorado we would have been, had my PC not overheated...
  12. Thanks Scott, I appreciate your kind words! Thanks Brad, take care! Thank you Bernd Alles Gute Thanks John, I appreciate you stopping in! Thank you Adam! Have a good one Thanks Iain, glad you enjoyed Yes, indeed! A great place to start a flight sim trip - thanks for commenting! Thanks Wayne, I appreciate you taking the time to comment!
  13. Can hardly tell - the imperfect antialiasing (if that's the right word) gives it away at close glance
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