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  1. Wait a minute until I pinch myself! Yep, still here.
  2. A wise mentor once told me to "be careful of the individual who tells you of all of the problems he has solved without coming to you, he probably created most of the problems!" Over my working life I have too often seen this to be true.
  3. I have had the opportunity to fly into and out of here a few years back. Your rendition looks all so familiar. I thought that I saw my rental car in the rental lot! Well done indeed!
  4. Frankly I find that there is room in MSFS for most all of the traditional Orbx sceneries from from obscure strips, bush strips, water strips and mid and large airports, and even smaller regions and cityscapes of all kinds. There will be a market for it all, we are a broad ranging community. Thank goodness that the individual developers have a passion for their own interests as that passion is what generates the spectacular offerings. Imagine if you will Ken Hall's PNG to mention just one example that has been discussed in another thread lately! Honestly, I can't think of one of the P3D Orbx sceneries that I don't want to see brought into MSFS and I have all but a single handful of them! If they sold in the past, they will sell in the new MSFS, as well as any new offerings. Turn the developers loose and let the creativity flow! The loyal customers will continue and grow in numbers. Hi, my name is Rick and I am an Orbxholic.
  5. No turning around now! MSFS steadily improves and I have confidence that it will not slow down. Third party developers are hard at work to give us more and better planes, scenery and utilities and ASOBO and partners add fixes and improvements identified internally and by the user community. Freeware enhancements from dedicated community enthusiasts abound. A hearty thank you to all! The boisterous winging and naysaying continues as always. Yes, even in this COVID-19 pandemic time the flight simulation world continues to evolve on a natural course.
  6. A simply stunning piece of work. The detail is grand and the textures make this a must have.
  7. No idea what the origin of the term "Gun Tape" is. It was the universal fix-it for everything. It was used for taping the edge of the platform of the Huey when rappelling or static line jumping, securing any and everything. Reliable and almost indestructible. And of course, the perfect color! What a prize if you could secure a role of it.
  8. If you find a Titilist 4 ball it,s mine!
  9. Wow. Very impressive video, I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Great looking airport. It would be great to see more of the smaller alpine strips done to populate this region.
  11. I quit talking to myself when I realized that I lost most of my arguments!
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