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  1. Great images, great message! Gosh how I miss my old Lancair Legacy! Even though MSFS 2020 is as pretty as it is, I have some many fantastic addons for P3D that I might as well go ahead and install it on my spare SSD.
  2. My God, those are awesome! Are you using any kind of addon sky colour changer, etc, I can't seem to get those colours no matter what I do...
  3. Gorgeous shots! I also love the colour and vibrancy in them, stunning. How do you like that Kodiak? I've been thinking of purchasing it.
  4. @Sniper31 I just ordered that exact make and model from Amazon.ca for $1798.00 CDN. It's on sale right now with 10 percent off in case anyone is interested. Right now I'm using my coffee table parked in front of my Samsung 75" Q60T QLED TV. It's fantastic for immersion but I've got nowhere to put all my avionics, pitch wheel, throttle quadrant, etc... Can't wait to get everything back on the desk.
  5. My God, those are absolutely breathtaking. What has amazed me with my new PC build and MSFS is just how well the simulation handles large dense areas like that, absolutely incredible.
  6. Man that's impressive. really gorgeous shots. Is that MSFS or P3D?
  7. Just thought I would update you Landon. I had to go away on a business trip for a month to Japan and only just finished assembling, installing and getting everything up and running about a week ago. The system you recommended works *FLAWLESSLY*, absolutely rock solid performance and stability, I can't thank you enough for helping me choose the right parts I am so happy, this machine has exceeded all my expectations. I'm more than impressed with what this combination of parts can do and the clocks I've obtained, not only that but I think I was really lucky with the CPU I received because I'm not seeing the temperatures the majority of people are experiencing with the 12900K, the maximum temperature I've seen so far in MSFS is 77C and that happens only for a few milliseconds according to MSI afterburner when *LOADING* the sim from the nVME drive. During flight I average 39 to 58 C on the CPU. I'm using the "Enhanced Multi-core Performance" setting in the BIOS which brings the clock speed up to 5.24Ghz along with the default X.M.P. profile for the DDR5 memory. I haven't had to lower any speeds or timings and the memory works flawlessly at it's advertised speeds and timings. It's a very fast machine especially when coupled with the RTX 3090 Ti. Here's a couple shots of the build and the final product.
  8. Finally received the very last component I needed today, the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420, man this thing is massive but it fits perfectly into the Fractal Design Meshify II XL case which is an absolute *BEAST* of a tower; it looks beautiful as well. I don't think there's any feature that wasn't thought of when they designed this case, the cable management is simply superb with yards of room to spare. Everything came from NewEgg piece by piece over a span of about 8 days, not all in the same shipment like normal. Must have something to do with the supply chain issues... This Q Flash feature on these Gigabyte boards is handy, being able to flash the board without anything connected or plugged into the MOBO except the PSU is one heck of a time saver as there's no way of telling what BIOS have been installed and it literally takes just a minute using a 2 to 16 GB USB 2.0 drive formatted in FAT32 and placed in the USB 2.0 port on the board. Full assembly begins tomorrow.
  9. Great info Landon, again, it's greatly appreciated. The case I bought, the Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL, will accept a 420mm radiator in the top like you describe, so I went with the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 420 as it seems to have done really well in many reviews, especially one I saw by Gamers Nexus. So I ordered everything this afternoon and stuck with your hardware suggestions: Intel Core i9 12900K ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 420 AIO Water Cooler Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL Case Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5 6000 CAS 36 (The CAS 32 was outrageously expensive) EVGA RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 Ultra EVGA Supernova T2 1600 watt PSU 1X 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 1X 2TB SAMSUNG 870 Evo Series 2.5" Standard SSD I have two new 2TB solid state drives I just purchased which I'm also going to end up throwing in this build as well from the computer I'm on right now. I also have two 4TB 7200RPM regular HDD's that will also go in the build mainly for mass storage. I have so many of those external USB 3.0 drives I've lost count, everything I have is double backed up on those external USB drives, lol. Hope you're having fun down in Vegas and thank you so much for the great help. I'll post images of the build in this thread when I get started. Cheers! -Andrew
  10. @anzac1977Thanks for the great information, I've never done water cooling as I've always been scared of a leakage and the maintenance in the old days, lol. However now with these AIO setups I'll definitely be installing a water setup like you have. I'm just not interested in all that RGB stuff, I just want the biggest radiator and fan setup to dissipate as much heat as possible. It's going to be warm enough inside my case with that RTX 3090 Ti FTW3, I don't want another massive Noctura heat sink and two fans sitting in there taking up space. The latest "black chrome" version of Noctura's flagship HSF, the NH-D15, is almost as big as the motherboard! lol. From what I've read it works fantastic, but you can't get to any of your components after the darn thing is installed! lol. Cheers -Andrew
  11. Landon, when you see this, what cooler are you using? I plan on getting a giant floor standing case as I'm sick of running out of drive space and I hate small confined cases, even full EATX "towers" are to small in my opinion, they trap to much heat because components have gotten bigger over the years to dissipate the heat they generate.
  12. Thanks for the great info Landon, the only reason I asked was because over on Newegg there are folks still claiming to be having POST issues as of two weeks ago. But either way, like you said, the board is rock solid and stable under heavy loads and it's VRM is just incredible; overkill really. Have you heard much about the MSI MPG Z690 Carbon board? What are your thoughts on it? Both boards are fantastic but when I saw the Carbon and it's average reviews I became curious... -Andrew
  13. I'm seeing quite a few people having to flash the BIOS of the Gigabyte Aorus Z690 just to get it to post... Is there any way to tell if this has been remedied? Any way of checking to see what version BIOS is now shipping with these boards? This is one of the reasons I've been cringing at the thought of building a new machine in this day and age, lol.
  14. Thank you so much for replying, it's greatly appreciated Landon. 10 to 12 years ago this forum used to be full of new threads every day, seems quiet these days... Thanks for being one of the people still helping people out. I now have a good base to work with from that information It's interesting how G.Skill Memory is still some of the best memory you can buy as I've been using it in my last two builds and I've never had any issues with it, it's always been stable for me even under tight timings. My 3090 Ti FTW Ultra finally arrived from EVGA in the U.S. today, so now I can finally start ordering the other parts; hopefully I can get my hands on one of those boards, I'll let you know how it goes. I've never been a "fan boy" of any brand, I've always gone with what has the most stability and performance for the buck. If you or anyone else has any input regarding Intel vs AMD I would *LOVE* to hear about it, especially in regards to how many threads MSFS 2020 has written into it and how many cores it will *TRULY* take advantage of. Again, thanks so much for the info Landon, talk to you soon and enjoy Sin City! Cheers! Andrew
  15. I haven't been in the flight-sim community for a couple years during the pandemic as I just haven't had the money or time, also the fact my computer is now 11 years old doesn't help. The funny thing is after upgrading the graphics card to a GTX 1080 ti several years back the machine still handles the majority of first person shooter titles smoothly, even though it's an i7 2600K overclocked at 5.1Ghz and has been that way since day one, lol. I'm in no way new to computer building, I am however new to what's the best CPU for MSFS 2020 and P3D and that's what I need some help with, especially a motherboard and CPU. That said, I have managed to get over a major hurdle and that's getting a GPU. Based on all my EVGA purchases over the years I qualified as an "elite" member and bought the RTX 3090 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming edition. I also purchased an EVGA 1600 T2 power supply as I got it for half price (yes, I know it's overkill but paying more for a PSU that's half as powerful made no sense). Money for this build isn't an issue, Im interested in getting a *STABLE* powerful build for flight simming. Any help and/or suggestions would be *HIGHLY* appreciated as I just haven't kept up with the computer hardware scene for the last six years. Cheers Jocko
  16. Holy @#$@. I am not at all unhappy that I saved so much money to build a new machine during this virus. Amazing shots Adam, the atmosphere looks incredible. Can't wait to take off from some bush strips that are really sloped!
  17. Great shots, so nice to see what *looks like* a pretty half decent recreation of the Garmin avionics package.
  18. That's amazing. The VFR simulation is absolutely EPIC as everything is based on data that's real life and kept up to date. Can't wait to get it after I build my new PC. I'm blown away with those shots... Absolutely awe struck that I'm looking at default scenery. :O
  19. " The data on the screen is the HUD data. You can turn it off in General/Settings/ & I think its a row in Graphics. TTM"
  20. Would *LOVE* to see another Scottish Aerodrome and one in Ireland hopefully. Sumburgh is incredibly challenging in bad weather in the Majestic Q400!
  21. Excellent outlook, glad to see Earth Simulations projects being "revived" and are now in the pipe as well as TE Pacific Northwest, it will be incredible having small bush dirt strips represented by photo-real texture sets. Was really hoping to see those Alaska airports, hopefully they will get done some time in the future. -Andrew
  22. Thanks guys/gals for the information, it's greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  23. I have been putting off upgrading to version 4.4 of P3D for a while as I'm using version 4.2 with no issues. Are there any updates in the latest version of P3D that would justify doing a complete uninstall and re-install of the entire simulation? Or can I simply update the client, content and scenery with the .msi installers and still be safe? I know FTX Central 3 looks after the many scenery layers purchased, installed and updated, but does it also look after, or keep up to date, the terrain.cfg file and others like it, if any? Appreciate any help Cheers Jocko
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