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  1. As Joe says, there is no doubt that DRM is an ongoing conversation behind closed doors of most developers and publishers. IMO there needs to be a balance between DRM and user freedom and ease of use, and for the most part I think most current devs and publishers strike that balance well. There are some devs I can think of that got it wrong, going too heavy on DRM, and as a result their products became a PITA to install and reinstall and people would refuse to buy their products ever again, even when the addons themselves were superb. I bought an aircraft from Simmarket, mainly to support a new developer, but after adding a new M2 drive to my PC I have never been able to reinstall that aircraft again due to heavy DRM that apparently had one activation.
  2. Hi, Welcome to the forums. Which product/addon are you referring to? More information would be helpful for folks to assist in solving your problem.
  3. Beauties Jase! The F-35 looks right at home there.
  4. I had never seen the video before, but thanks to your post I looked it up. Wow, it literally did just drop off. Great flying to more or less overcome that. https://www.facebook.com/WINNewsIllawarra/videos/sir-charles-kingsford-smiths-aircraft/1864605216956552/
  5. Great to see this famous aircraft will be pride of place at the new terminal. I stumbled across this plane one day when wandering around Adelaide airport while waiting for a flight, having no idea it was there previously. It is/was currently in an outdoor display building which is at the rear of the airport near the outdoor car park, it could even be the staff car park. I spent a good hour or two checking it out and didn't see another person there the whole time. My sister and brother in law who live near Adelaide had no idea it was there, and I would be surprised if many of the locals knew it was there. I always thought it was a fascinating looking plane, and was blown away when I saw it up close. Seeing it in person I was even more astounded at the flight that it made in it in 1919!
  6. I'm not really across it myself in MSFS, but this post at FSDeveloper confirms that a spot can be added using ADE for MSFS, or the built in Dev mode. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/adding-a-parking-spot-to-a-default-airport.454223/ Following the steps in the ADE manual and/or posting any questions on how to do it in the ADE thread at FSDeveloper are probably the best bet. Jon from Scruffyduck (ADE) is a staff member at FSDeveloper also, and is very helpful, as are many other users.
  7. There was sadly a mid air collision between one of these paramotors and a Cessna Caravan recently, in the Houston area. It happened December 21. Apparently the collision occurred in Class E airspace at around 5000 feet. There were comments made in a video report I was watching saying that 5000 feet was high for a paramotor. That wasn't indicated as a cause at all, just that being even that high was not the norm for these type of aircraft.
  8. Nice shot. Actually I agree, inclement weather and times around dawn and dusk can actually make for the best shots at times.
  9. Hi Jack, not sure about the red roofs, but good point. It's kind of similar in Melbourne. Most extended city/suburb areas seem to have more tiled roofs than tin, and I suppose the range of colours is limited to earthy colours. There are a range of colurs from reddish to brownish, and I guess they are just natural colours for the clay they make tiles from. Greyish/blue tiles are also fairly common. You're right about the size too. Both Sydney and Melbourne are huge if you include the outer suburbs. I work all over Melbourne, and it can take me two hours some days to drive from one side of Melbourne to the other, and that's not even from the extreme edges. Then again, some days if the traffic is heavy, and if I leave at a bad time, it will take me one hour to drive home from work; about a 15km drive .
  10. I really liked this video, for the awesome wing view along with some nice views of Sydney and the airport.
  11. Very interesting Frank. I had never heard of this technique. I will look at it more closely for sure. I fly airliners a lot in the sim, and I am not too bad at flaring, but that is generally due to the assistance of radar altimeter callouts, which give you a cadence to follow and are very helpful in judging when to flare in certain aircraft. I am not as capable in GA aircraft, and do think it based more on feel, and it seems like a bit of a guess sometimes.
  12. There is a 3rd party program, XP Realistic, which adds sounds and other effects to X Plane. It has sounds for both International airpoirts and GA airports.
  13. Cool vid John! Just FYI, they actually retired the classic Hornet (F/A-18A) not the Super Hornet. Current time of life date for the Super Hornet is 2030.
  14. While I do not like the DoF effect either, I would be REALLY surprised if a developer actually went out of their way to use it to hide any less than perfect features of a scenery. Sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory to me. More often than not the devs of the scenery are not the same people producing the videos and screenshots. I think it is more as was inferred in the first two posts, an overuse of a new artistic feature.
  15. I am a tester. I have no say over which airports are redeveloped.
  16. Hi, Still the same issue as above unless the airport is redesigned and redeveloped really. The issue, as stated above, is that with some older airports, the static jetways are built in to the terminal model, so the terminal would basically have to be redone from scratch. This will most likely only happen if a developer decides to go back and redo or upgrade the entire scenery.
  17. Happy (Belated) Birthday TreeTops. Hope you had a great day and have a great year ahead.
  18. I watched the first flight of this live, can't remember where now, online somewhere, but it was a special presentation. Very impressive aircraft!
  19. Fantastic daredevil shots! Looks like fun too .
  20. Incredible shots Pete! The third one is one of the most amazing sim screenshots I have seen.
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