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  1. Shocking and terrible news. I just saw on the news that they had arrested a suspect.
  2. A RAAF C-130J departing NSTU, Pago Pago International Airport Cheers,
  3. Happy Birthday Terry! Have a great day mate.
  4. All good. I actually heard an uncensored version of it on Twitter. Profanity all the way through, hence all the beeping. Not that I'm a stickler against profanity, just that it overshadowed the sound of the C-17.
  5. Happy Brithday Terry! Have a great day and a great year ahead.
  6. Another talented Youtube drummer whose covers I really like is Sina Drums. She plays all types of music, old and new, and is really talented. It's great to get a close up look at how a song is played. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGn3-2LtsXHgtBIdl2Loozw Here she is playing the one I linked above, Tool's Forty Six & 2
  7. He's got the showmanship down for sure.
  8. I literally just copied the links to some Tool and Danny Carey tracks Richard, including the one you showed . You beat me to it. Danny Carey has always been my favourite drummer. Here are a few more bits and pieces of Tool goodness. .....and then there's these guys
  9. If and when you do decide to go the upgrade route, I am pretty sure you don't need to uninstall anything. Upgrading to the Premium Deluxe version will just add the extra handcrafted airports and extra aircraft, and these will just be installed via your content manager in the MSFS Store like any other addons.
  10. Well, John, you got here before I did, as I was born in '78, but nice to have you here.
  11. We miss you too Benny. You and your amazing videos. You need to drop in more often. Take care.
  12. Awesome shots! Now that is daredevil. Love the colourful lights of the city too, the whole thing looks great.
  13. Agreed. I was kind of forced to get rudder pedals when I got my HOTAS Warthog, as that stick doesn't have a rudder/twist axis, and I was really glad when I made the switch. They certainly make it easier with crosswind landings, and all directional control, as well as just being more immersive. The toe brakes are also really handy for taxiing in planes with a castoring wheel. I bought the Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedals, and have been really happy with them for years. Unfortunately I don't think they're available anymore, but as they are so good I could recommend Saitek rudder pedals to be a good brand, as they have other pedals available.
  14. Great shots. Wow, that first one looks like a photo.
  15. I subscribe to the Youtube channel "Air Safety Institute", which is a great channel and full of informative videos on training, air accidents and incidents. I just got a notification this morning for this latest video, "From the Archives: Takeoffs and Landings the Ups and Downs of the GA Pilot". It's a long one, coming in at just over an hour, but is very interesting, informative and entertaining. I learned a thing or two. As Orbx is full of GA pilots, I thought it might be of interest. Cheers,
  16. Awesome shots of the Tomcat! One of the best looking planes of all time IMHO. You're right too, it looks right at home over the sea.
  17. Great shots Adam. Some beautiful panoramic views.
  18. Great shots Don! Love the livery, and it certainly suits your stunt flying. Cheers,
  19. There must be another explanation. Using a different drive partitiion format should make no difference to performance or strain on hardware, whether they are mixed or not. The only difference between MBR and GPT is basically the size and number of partitions that can be used on a drive. Did you backup/remove all data from the drive before converting? A drive would usually need to be formatted, ie all data removed, before the partitioning could be converted. Personally I would not recommend anyone try this for some hope of a performance benefit, as it could be risky and there is little chance of any performance gain.
  20. Hi Tommo. Looks to be the Carenado B200. I believe this paint was at OzX years ago and unfortunately most of the files for repaints have been lost since the site was hacked. Sent you a PM. Cheers,
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