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  1. Thanks Landon. Not too low but slow is the best way of sightseeing here.
  2. Cheers Wayne. No matter how many times I visit an airport there are always things I never noticed before. It comes with the age and my terrible memory.
  3. Thank you Calum. It is an excellent airfield and a great starting point for exploring the area.
  4. Thanks Paul, the scenery is indeed incredible.
  5. Great information to start the post Paul and then followed by some excellent views of the airport. I like the colours on the Airbus, brings back great memories of one of my favourite schemes from that era. Sasta go bhfuil an t-aistritheoir againn.
  6. Thanks Landon, interesting to read especially how they made the tip tanks!
  7. Beautiful images Jack and no better way to go sightseeing.
  8. Like everybody else, this is a new plane for me. Read all about it here. Camair Twin Navion - Wikipedia
  9. Thanks Landon. I imagine it would be a very interesting place to visit.
  10. Cheers Wayne, the view is terrific.
  11. Thank you Paul. I have only flown over twice. Both times at night and heading south as well as seeing the lights of Istambul.
  12. Thank you Don, I think a lot of us will be feeling it this year if the power is interrupted on a 40+ day.
  13. Cheers Landon, glad it has ended up where it belongs.
  14. Thanks Wayne. I actually went for the Gin! I am well known for hamming it up and I went to see Parma play but there were no violets but it was violent.
  15. Orbx Content:Bryce Canyon, Partner content: SimWorks RV14, SoFly WPP Previously A couple more drone views of Bryce Canyon and a trio of my continuing flight. 7. 8. 9. 10 11
  16. Great images and an interesting looking plane.
  17. Wonderful views Don, the inside details are marvellous and did you manage to catch the train? I am very impressed by the contours of the runway as well, quite hilly!
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