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  1. Bravo Richard ! A splendid shot indeed and a very original one
  2. great sets Carlos ... and some very pleasant inner sides of the airports ... e.g. Torp ... no idea where is this place but a very pleasant waiting passenger
  3. great shots and a welcome new float plane
  4. this is a nice tour Gerold... surely better with a good drink ... before or after I do not precise which drink but I coud suggest some better for after
  5. ps : the 2 liveries are available at flightsim.to : https://flightsim.to/file/17965/curtiss-p-40b-bigradials-blue-grey-x168co https://flightsim.to/file/16677/p-40b-tomahawk-zk-knp-kenepuru and 2 others for P-40B : https://flightsim.to/file/17364/big-radials-p-40b-tomahawk-ti-tgo-tortuguero https://flightsim.to/file/17039/p-40b-big-radials-fab168-katari-chili-bolivia-peru and others are in process
  6. great indeed ... happy to have it in msfs ! thanks John thank you very much Brad - flying only on msfs it is difficult to make post at present great changing weather indeed ... as in RL
  7. thank you Iain - the place is wonderful ! glad you liked it Taph than you Carlos - a greet freezy world
  8. amazing realism for the 1st shot !!! great ! thanks John hum ... the lady in blue seems a bit lonely as well as the guy near the yellow car ... maybe they will encounter together...yes I am always for happy end
  9. lovely shots lovely vintage plane lovely scenery yes it is a lovely post
  10. so great to see back old fsx planes into msfs - this a very beautiful one - thanks
  11. So good ! you are a magician Pete ! so beaufiful shots !!! the best of Avalon for sure
  12. Carlos for this great atmosphere of a very remote place
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