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  1. yes beautiful ! and a strange feeling always to see Meigs field in its new configuration ... so many memories with the old airfield from 1980's...yeps the world is changing continually
  2. wow well done Mike ... it would be surely a spectacular plane arrival to watch from the city
  3. quickly done with huge enthousiasm just after first minuts of flight - it could be better thanks thank you very much Iain - this partnership is a great point - very happy for that and hoping new little such areas made by Orbx to explore into MSFS
  4. glad you liked Carlos...quite less far from you than from Belgium to go there the place is really pleasant to fly ... I've only just started the exploration ... great you have it too thank you very happy of this partners agreement by Orbx ! great to explore this lost world ! this only the beginning many thanks Landon
  5. If you see a couple of those little guys, you will have a good idea where you are. !!! bingo !!! you are right ... ... well we did not speak their strange language but by wing-signs they showed us the direction to find the airfield and the boat... finally not a bad day Great world of Antartica !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. great great great !!! fantastic new place avalaible from Orbx + Parters happy happy flights in the FROZEN WORLD ;-)
  7. for sure a bad day hum...where could I be...? Damned ! ... ok my dear friend Lili is coming :-) ps : this unknown area is really not in the North ...
  8. Pete if you like to fly also with a full of (very beautiful) stickers plane (great painting from inuit people), this livery could suit to you over this frozen icy world https://flightsim.to/file/3456/savage-cub-c-kjrk-poste-de-la-baleine
  9. a so great light...perfectly clear blue sky and wonderful icy earth ... and sure that's a personal plane
  10. many thanks Adam a place that I did not know and it sounds nice I love the serenity of the lake area ... with no mosquitoes and black flies for sure
  11. great effects indeed thanks to MSFS and Orbx a very pleasant area ... I would like to visit the place in RL ... someday in the future ... but far from Belgium many thanks Rob late afternoon and yes evening then...just before my appointement ... with the lady in red of course ... thanks Gerold
  12. lovely mountains...great fresh air...I guess you did not forget to wear your pull over...with NZ's whole for sure
  13. Glad you like these Iain ! yes thank you Graeme I agree but the all merit is to Orbx, the plane and the amazing weather ! Thank you John
  14. thank you Brad The place is fantastic and the weather great ! many thanks Landon - The plane is a real pleasure to fly !! Do not hesitate to get it (if not already done :-) ) spectacular isn't it ! thanks !
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