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  1. it is a fantastic continent to see wildlife everywhere ... easy if hiking and camping ... We had the curiosity to eat some llama and nandu and crocodile ... the 2 first were excellent and not so for the croco (it was a part of the long tail Llamas are like donkeys or sheeps...but sometimes surprising :
  2. nice to have Carlos' suggestions Snow is a big surprise but quite commun in winter and mountains area...I've been hiking by there in march many years ago and it was very cold and snowing ... like on the following shot Guanacos wool is fortunately excellent Have plenty good - and adventurous - Andean flights ... with any liveries ... PS : the P-40 and the recent F6F are very pleasant to fly in msfs
  3. Hi Jack ! Great shots ... despite the snow ! For sure a lot of pleasure by flying in SA : go and visit Brazilian Amazonia or Chili or Bolivian mtns + deserts ... mexico ... e.g. you could see screenshots with some photos on the following links ... and possible planes' liveries in relationship to these countries https://flightsim.to/file/34156/p-40b-tomahawk-8r-ito-itoup brazil https://flightsim.to/file/28306/p-40b-tomahawk-xc-504-oaxaca mexico https://flightsim.to/file/20687/cessna-bird-dog-l-19a-ecuador-hc-and https://flightsim.to/file/17364/big-radials-p-40b-tomahawk-ti-tgo-tortuguero costa rica coast + volcanoes https://flightsim.to/file/17039/p-40b-big-radials-fab168-katari-chili-bolivia-peru Have fun
  4. like this type of rum & coke band ... and great shots Adam !
  5. dirty ... that's maybe my personal glasses or computer screen
  6. spendid serie of this (dirty) great bird Really happy to learn this is available at present for msfs ! Many thanks Adam
  7. thank you Gerold to remind the African posts... a really beautiful place to fly indeed. Super Egyptian tour Andreas - thanks !! Just to illustrate shortly this wonderful continent, a few shots with old stamps or watercolors inserts ... Maybe that will lead somebody to fly bythere (here in msfs) Happy flights !! Open LC are greats products for sure for P3d
  8. Hi Paul, this is an interesting and pleasant trip ... and XP11 presents a really beautiful scenery About the bridge, maybe it is good to remind that is not the wind high force which caused the collapse but the wind frequency unfortunate coincidence with one of the bridge owns's natural frequency A point which is at present fortunately well known for engineering bridge design since this famous bad event Happy flights
  9. Excellent !! Sure I 'm going to look for this great scenery just now
  10. a very pleasant and detailed tour of the vintage bird PS : your shot of the May contest was amazing and you should be the winner IMHO !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. a great story and wonderful shots Bernd !!! many thanks !!!
  12. +1 really beautiful and pleasant !
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