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  1. Bravo Richard ! A splendid shot indeed and a very original one
  2. great sets Carlos ... and some very pleasant inner sides of the airports ... e.g. Torp ... no idea where is this place but a very pleasant waiting passenger
  3. great shots and a welcome new float plane
  4. this is a nice tour Gerold... surely better with a good drink ... before or after I do not precise which drink but I coud suggest some better for after
  5. ps : the 2 liveries are available at flightsim.to : https://flightsim.to/file/17965/curtiss-p-40b-bigradials-blue-grey-x168co https://flightsim.to/file/16677/p-40b-tomahawk-zk-knp-kenepuru and 2 others for P-40B : https://flightsim.to/file/17364/big-radials-p-40b-tomahawk-ti-tgo-tortuguero https://flightsim.to/file/17039/p-40b-big-radials-fab168-katari-chili-bolivia-peru and others are in process
  6. great indeed ... happy to have it in msfs ! thanks John thank you very much Brad - flying only on msfs it is difficult to make post at present great changing weather indeed ... as in RL
  7. thank you Iain - the place is wonderful ! glad you liked it Taph than you Carlos - a greet freezy world
  8. amazing realism for the 1st shot !!! great ! thanks John hum ... the lady in blue seems a bit lonely as well as the guy near the yellow car ... maybe they will encounter together...yes I am always for happy end
  9. lovely shots lovely vintage plane lovely scenery yes it is a lovely post
  10. so great to see back old fsx planes into msfs - this a very beautiful one - thanks
  11. So good ! you are a magician Pete ! so beaufiful shots !!! the best of Avalon for sure
  12. Carlos for this great atmosphere of a very remote place
  13. gorgeous pictures Richard !!! I love all of them and the first is great with african sculptures
  14. best NZ mountains shots for ever !!! thanks Filou ...from a fantastic mesh job by Orbx teams !! Great !!
  15. Great shots for sure Adam ! Is the Grizzly who took the photos ? Did you succeed to make it a friend - it seems a bit hungry and hangry initially
  16. thanks Andy - a really beautiful island to fly over !!
  17. glad you liked Martyn really beautiful beast (could be more powerful....) Well I missed my landing and crashed the poor bird but no matter : I slept perfectly - no culpability : just to reset the sim thank you Iain ... I will use it nextly in ... Bella Cola (Got it thanks to Ed )
  18. thank you OND great to know that point about the engine evolution ... I will look for it ! PS : I love your Piper on ski in the frozen world : did you fly with it ?
  19. thank you John - oh yes always great to fly this beautiful warbird many thanks Adam ... great place to fly ... or to sail or swim or dive ... or to do nothing indeed ... in the air ... and on the beach sometimes
  20. There is at present one P-40B for MSFS !!! (P40 not yet from A2A but from ... Big Radials !!) Sunset flight over KOS : for sure a touch of holidays ! well time to go to sleep ... ;-) happy flights !! Jean Marc
  21. Great to have 4 winners I am very happy ! Many thanks !!!! And the 3 girafes are so proud ... as well a Louis B. for its first flight in Africa
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