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  1. +1 really beautiful and pleasant !
  2. excellent ! And it would be a huge amount of chocolate ... for several years or centuries ! (belgian chocolate of course - the best one :-) )
  3. შექმენით სტატიები და მოიგეთ პრიზები! ბათუმი. მასალა ვიკიპედიიდან — თავისუფალი let's practice !
  4. a wonderful serie of the great bird
  5. only excellent rhums by great distilleries ... but these are cultural goods or medicine treatments only hum !
  6. a wonderful tour Bernd and epic narrative ... and well quite far from home for canadian pilots maybe lost
  7. wow definitely not a tinny plane
  8. thank you Adam ... surely performed in the pirats' way glad you liked Wayne ! The place is great to fly
  9. oh yes damned I am wrong C-337 is not on Central I confused ... well ...
  10. +1 - I really love the 1st one c'est du grand art !
  11. wow that's an amazing visit of this modern Toronto - so good details from the inner side - I need to explore too ... thank you
  12. thank you I guessed il would be ok with the use of a plane available at Orbx Central as well as the use of REXAccuseason in the all shots ... many thanks - much appreciated Ikbenik I am deeply a pilot adventurer and the pirate world suits to me glad you liked Landon ... lovely places and fantastic (but quite bloody) world
  13. all are great and the 1st is magic ! I would be happy to stay some time in the plane at that place....
  14. Hi Gerold...the flight is around Les Saintes for T/O - second shot ... (where I really flew 25 years ago about...in a Piper 28...) and upto Guadeloupe near La Soufrière ...for a nice cup of rhum for sure after the flight (PS the plane's repaint is available on flightsim.to ...for when you will go to msfs2020 )
  15. quite a pleasant world...with pirates memories... Happy flights Jean Marc
  16. YEH available !!!!!!!!!!! https://wing42.com/product-category/msfs/?v=d3dcf429c679
  17. only 2 and that's an excellent couple TTM
  18. beautiful shots Adam (ps : I put a link for you at flighsim.to messages to get TW repaints hoping it works)
  19. not an unlucky man on that boat great shots Adam
  20. absolutely and I will be back bt there someday in the future...My best memories were during a great hike to Cradle Mountain...with some snow falling during a night...it was quite a long time ago (around 1996)... Happy flights Jean Marc
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