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  1. Iain, there is a sign in the photo saying it is Yellowstone Airport, MT. This looks like KWYS, is it not?
  2. Was just thinking about all you guys the other day. Figured I'd stop in and just say hello. Haven't moved to MSFS so not really actively shopping much with Orbx these days but still hoping for an odd P3Dv4 offering here and there - and really, you just gotta love this community here. Have been enjoying some FTX Australia recently and really, as always, I like to try to go back to fly the ones I've not been to in some time. With over 100 of them, I generally have a good selection of airports that seen almost like new.
  3. Real Estate is local. What is true in Seattle or SF is not true in Houston and Atlanta, etc. And again, I will attempt to make my point that there simply is not enough supply out there. They stopped building houses for everybody with a pulse. We had a glut of inventory from 2009-2012. Since then demand has outpaced supply. So if you are expecting a massive crash, just because it happened in 2008-2009, well... I don't see it happening unless there is some massive glut of housing out there that nobody is aware of.
  4. Price is the point where supply and demand intersect. At a certain point, you are unwilling to sell me your goods (supply elasticity) and I am willing to buy it only up to a certain point (elasticity of demand). It is the science of human behavior. It is apparent, like gravity. I don't know the situation in the UK but I will tell you, Nick, my goal is to become a landlord here. It will provide income for me and a place to live for some family that is not (yet) ready for home ownership. But here in the US, the 'system' is set up to promote personal home ownership to as may people as possible and there are a lot of programs and support mechanisms for this. There is a growing gap now, not as many people as before are qualifying and, again, I asset that it comes down to a real dearth of lower priced supply.
  5. The key word is market. There is a market for Real Estate. And that means supply and demand. Demand has been steady - people need a place to live, and always will. If more people are moving to your area, then demand is increasing. The problem that nobody wants to talk about is supply. Builders are not interested in cranking out mass quantities of affordable housing. Not profitable, so the new stuff is priced right around the median. Again, cannot fault them on that. So a LOT of working class folks are stuck as renters. It is a big problem in the US and I would say it is not unrelated to many of the other 'problems of the day' that the public/media does seem to want to discuss - homelessness, wealth inequity, people hitting retirement without adequate savings, and yes, taxes. We better figure out the housing supply thing soon.
  6. Iain's Final Shots. This feels right - once again the world makes sense, just for a moment or two, in any case.
  7. Help me understand this - I guess Orbx is not going to do their version for MSFS?
  8. I know I gripe a lot about having fewer new products being offered for P3D than MSFS, but I do understand it - and I like that Orbx is continually/gradually reworking their old classics and giving them new life in MSFS. I applaud you for that. It is good to know all that is going to be there for me when I do finally decide to make the jump over, later when the sim is more fully baked.
  9. That's great news. Looking forward to ESSB as well. Thanks for continuing to support P3D... many of us prefer simulators that are actually done.
  10. I was about to object to your comment, Ron... then I realized I also don't understand bespoke. evidently it means ' custom-made '.... so how 'about that? learned me some proper English today, didn't I?
  11. Two comments... This airport has been needing some attention for many years - I had always hoped Orbx would do this one. Very good choice. It will be among the first that I purchase when I eventually move to the new MSFS. Second, wow... this is the whole city! It appears to be two products in one - the city and the airport! Incredible. What a massive project, Marcus...! Amazing.
  12. Love it. Keep these conversions going, boys.... I am going to want my Orbx environment ready and there waiting for me when I finally make the move.
  13. The Chair Force is on station. Happy New Year to all - all the best to you OND.
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