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  1. Unless you want to spend the majority of your time going inside terminals and "driving" around, there is a very good YMML (updated Oct 2022) on a well known MSFS freeware site from which you can do realistic taxiing, departing and arrivals.
  2. Sorry I don't know what it looks like in FSX but I would be interested in seeing some screenies of your MD500E setup?
  3. Hi Sniper, we too have a Defence Force unit whose job it is to identify remains of servicemen and women and they we are also still recovering bodies from all theatres both WW1 and WW2; this is where family DNA has proven to be invaluable. With a DNA data Base whenever remains are located most times they can be identified. Science is a wonderful thing bringing closure to many families.
  4. I am lucky, my grand father made it back from France in 1917 albeit with trench foot. Got married had six sons and two daughters which is why I am here
  5. There is no one corner where all four named states meet. There is one corner where NT, SA and Qld meet and another corner where SA, Qld and NSW meet.
  6. Actually I find Meribel (LFKX) a more difficult landing as I sometimes find it difficult to locate the runway. It's a great region to fly in.
  7. Sort of related, but within time constraints mentioned is it possible to totally delete a post rather than editing with blanks. Many forums have this function.
  8. Once you get sorted I strongly recommend the following app from Flightsim.to MSFS Addons Linker makes organising and managing all your addons from a different drive or storage point with ease. There is also a tutorial Tutorial but all you really have to do is tell the app where your addons are stored and where your Community Folder is and the app does the rest. Big benefit is game starting time if you have lots of addons. i.e. I have every addon for Australia which if everything was active takes ages to load so before I do a flight I just check/tick the scenery that I want and then when finished or when starting a new flight somewhere else I just untick addon I do not want. I have even saved my scenery in separate country folders so I can locate scenery easily. Anyway just FYI. Cheers
  9. Yes, Vancouver for instance looks like melted butter but then so does so much MSFS2020 city sceneries not just in Canada. Tried to taxi my 172 float plane up to the Vancouver Harbour Seaplane Base..not a pretty sight
  10. What's with "This video is private" on a member forum? The bottom right arrow does take one to Utube pages though???
  11. Both systems have Liquid CPU cooling which is definitely a postive.
  12. I am not a monarchist however I am an Elizabethan. She did her job well and was a steadying influence in UK life. RIP Queen Elizabeth. Now if the media would just leave the boys alone instead of blowing family issues out of all proportion just to sell magazines.
  13. ..and as we all know everything painted red goes faster!!!
  14. To locate seaplane bases inP3D, P3D5, X-Plane and MSFS I installed Plan-G (freeware), built the relevant data base for each sim and then under the Map heading I limited the search (top left hand side) to FloatPlane Bases. Then in the map view you should see all the available bases at Zoom 9 (bottom left hand corner). If not visible just zoom in or out until they are.
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