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  1. Well that doesn't sound promising, but thanks for the quick response John. Maybe I should just forget ANR and stick with passive... Cheers
  2. I see this is an old thread, and hoping you are still around. Please, please provide your detailed (as much as you can) review back in here ... I'm also looking for a headset here in NZ and the prices are eye watering (NZ $634 for the Pilot vs over NZ $1545 for the Zulu). I fly fixed wing microlight class 2, but I'm thinking not often enough to justify the Zulu's. At $140/hr flying wet, that's over 10 hrs for me!
  3. Be interested to see what you think. I was looking at the PFT Puma but the costs to NZ with freight, tax and exchange rate are eye watering!
  4. ...and here it is. I also have the CSV files that can be imported to PlanG so that both the South Island and North Island airfields and POIs can be 'found' and used for flight planning. I can't vouch for the reliability, security or accuracy of these files and they are provided 'as-is' with no responsibility accepted on my part! Worked for me though... _readme.txt FTX_NZNI_Unlisted_Airstrips.BGL
  5. Pretty sure there is a North Island file too - when I get back into my computer this afternoon I'll see if I can find it.
  6. Gotta say, I think I'm leaning 5.2 ... if only due to the fact that I have all those addons for just about everything, although some may need an update. Perhaps I might wait until MSFS matures a bit in flight model, and especially helicopters which is an area I want to pursue next. Great thread, and thanks for all the input.
  7. Thanks guys, yeah that's my issue - which sim to go for -- or even stick with what I have. It's a conundrum! I'm also trying to talk wifey into letting me purchase 'proper' heli controls, and a little later on a new PC and VR - and yes, I know for helis MSFS is not there yet and that leaves me P3D for even [gulp], XPlane. I'm unlikely to go 'multi-sim' simply because I wouldn't have time to fully benefit any of them, let alone the space requirements.
  8. Ok, so here's a question which I'm sure will be devisive. I've been out of flight sim for quite some time; I currently have P3D 4.something installed. I'm about to wipe that disk to start again. So have been looking at MSFS, but then seeing the enthusiasm in this conversation seems like P3D 5.2 may have become solid. Whichever sim, I'm likely to have to, over time, replace addons with either updated or new versions, paid or not. Now I don't know what to do!
  9. Anyone in here running helicopter specific controls? That is, a 'proper' cyclic, collective and anti-torque setup and not 'standard' aircraft re-purposed type controls? If so, which ones, how long have you been using them, and what are your general (or specific!) thoughts. Cheers
  10. Exactly - I have a real bee in my bonnet about this - so my house after 3 years is valued higher and my rates go up proportionally -but the cost of supplying the services my rates cover hasn't changed, or at least not by the same rate or anywhere near it. Money grab, pure and simple. Exactly again. While my house has increased in value, so too has the house I purchased (albeit not by as much, it seems). I smaller house on a smaller section just around the corner from where I purchased just sold for $60k more than I paid for my new home almost two months ago. Like I said ... crazy, crazy ... I'm pushing the boat out to try to build equity that I can leave t my kids, otherwise they have no hope in hell of home ownership unless there is a sustained market crash. A crash in NZ is certainly possible, but from what I saw in the UK in the mid-90s it will bounce back quickly and higher than ever. ...and I did exactly that when moving from Hamilton to Christchurch 4 years ago - but now I can no longer afford to move back there, so I'm stuck here! ... and there is the downside...
  11. I just sold my house in NZ two months ago - I move out on Friday (long settlement) and it has already increased another $100k (on paper) in that time, as has the house I bought. Housing market is crazy crazy.
  12. Lenticular clouds are common here in Canterbury as the wind / wave comes over the Southern Alps - not usually quite like this though - certainly is an unusual and spectacular formation.
  13. NZ airports are an immediate purchase. I might be biased...
  14. Thanks Guys. I'll upgrade this PC later I think, when the CPU comes cheaper since I'm unlikely to see a significant benefit to flight sim. In another 18 months or so I'll buy a new one and then this one will become th family 'gaming' PC for the kids. Cheers for all the feedback, read it all and most appreciative.
  15. The other consideration is that while this PC is currently my sim PC, when I replace it with a new one the old one will become the family gaming PC so I can play multiplayer games with my little fella. Our favorite is ARK survival, but right now we only have the one PC. As this PC ages it becomes a greater gap to whatever new PC I buy for simming. With this same PC in an older configuration, I intended to keep an eye on CPU availability and then when the 'max' CPU the board could take was at the bottom of the list, do the upgrade. I missed that and the result was a new BM, new CPU and new memory as the tech had progressed so far. I don't want to fall into that trap again; if I 'max out' this PC it will last in the gaming role for probably another 3 years, maybe longer. It's a dilemma, that's for sure, but thanks for your input ... interesting that an upgrade of CPU and graphics card is only likely a 20% increase ... I'll give some more thought to this (and, of course, I still have to get this past the other half! ) Cheers
  16. I'm coming back into flight sim after a year or so out. I posted this also over on the NZ Flight sim forum (NZFF). Looking for thoughts.... Here are my specs... Corsair H80i water cooler, Intel i5-9600K @ 3.7GHz, Kingston HyperX Predator 4x8GB DDR4 3200MHz, Asus Prime Z370-P II, Gigabyte GTX1080 8GB, EVGA SupeNova 750WG3 80+ Gold PSU, Samsung 128GB 840 Pro SSD, Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 3TB SATA3, LG GH24NSB0 24x DVD writer black, Cooler Master N600 case, Logitech LS21 speakers, Win10 Home I've been keeping an eye on CPU availability and this board can take an i9-9900K / KF If make that upgrade (and nothing else) I'll be buying some more time with this rig; the KF is down to $869 now. In another year or so I'd probably update the graphics card too, but I found from past experience that if you miss upgrading the CPU and they no longer become available to purchase, you could end up replacing the CPU, mainboard and memory all at once! (that's exactly what happened last time; I didn't keep an eye on 'max-CPU' availability. ... welcome comments on whether this CPU upgrade is worthwhile a) generally, an b) from a flight sim perspective (currently P3D 4.5, *might* end up going v5 once all add-ons updated, *probably* end up MS2020 though that is currently speculation) Cheers ... Jeff
  17. Naah, that'll buff out...
  18. I had that sinking feeling when learning to fly Class 2 microlight in NZ many years ago. One of my very early solos, lost a spark plug above tiger country more miles from the airfield than I should have been (ahem!). I got back ok on reduced power, but it wasn't a comfortable flight ... especially given the very low cruise speed and distance ... seemed like a lifetime. Then to top it all off, I called the 'emergency' landing on local traffic and on very short final some idiot taxied onto the runway. Lucky I was running slow, but I was pretty darned annoyed. Learned a lot that day!
  19. Exactly. ... and it isn't beyond the realms of possibility to have different modes (Easy / Advanced) as many game titles do that may have an effect. Be patient people, this speculation is worthless ... just wait and see ... if it is any good then buy, and if not, then don't ... this is not worth getting hot under the collar about!
  20. ... are you trying to tell me MS is getting into the cloud business ?!
  21. It's gonna have to be "some sort of revamp" to succeed !! More of a re-write, than a 're-vamp', I'm sure most people would expect given the legacy of what went before!
  22. We will just need to wait and see ... endless speculation will get us nowhere...
  23. My thoughts exactly, but we'll have to wait and see. If it comes on PC day1 *without* native VR I think some people will commit suicide!!
  24. Just saw this... https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/208245/microsoft-bringing-back-flight-simulator-in-2020?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=microsoft-bringing-back-flight-simulator-in-2020
  25. Not sure if this was posted before... From the comments: Pacific Aerospace Cresco 750 9 hrs a day, 2 engine starts, 120 landings! Time to dig out NZSI / NZNI and all those additional airstrips (BGL files!) and have a crack yourself
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