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  1. Hey. This is the only report I've gotten so far, so I believe this is caused by some addon shaders. It is quite a process to alter the whiteness of the snow, since the textures are split into many parts. But if you wanna try, you can alter the brightness of the snow of the files "apron_1_hw.dds" "apron_2_hw.dds" etc. I spent quite a long time refining these to make the match 100% -- Finn
  2. Hi Lyaneris. Which sim version are you running? Happy holidays! -- Finn
  3. Yup! But I believe there's quite a wait to get products on there right now.
  4. Amazing shots Filou! I love how you're always finding angles that show off all the little details i spent hours working on! --Finn
  5. They are world class for sure! Unfortunately nothing I can do about winter textures. It's all handled by the sim these days..
  6. @Mikael Cedergren Only statics in this scenery are the 4 small GA's. (C172, P28A and DA40) The airliners are AI's from AIG!
  7. @TomAce I expected the cause to be that the CRJ is in-fact a smaller aircraft than the A320. It was not available when testing happened, so I need to add some entries in the service file for smaller jets! @John Burgess You are correct sir! Considering the amount of custom GSE's I added, and the clunky behaviour of the in-sim GSE, I opted to only include pushback and fuel truck to avoid clipping into my GSE statics.. -- Finn
  8. Hi TomAce! Does calling a fuel truck and pushback work? Also, would you mind trying this in the default A320 as well? -- Finn
  9. It has been submitted, but we do not know when it will be available. Should not take too long. Have you posted a topic about this before? Not sure if this update will fix the problem. -- Finn / the dev
  10. Hi Stefano, sorry for the late reply! 1) There is indeed no control panel for ENTO (A simple one will be added in update 1) 2) Correct - one of the files are disabled by setup. Can you post some screenshots of what issues you're having? 3) See #1 4) The lights are indeed quite yellow\orange on Torp IRL, and we tried to match those.
  11. A patch is in the works. Just need some more testing before release -- Finn
  12. Hello Roger. These marshallers are not a part of the ENTO airport package. Do you maybe have some other addons? GSE etc.? -- Finn
  13. Glad you found something we can improve. I'll add a ControlPanel for version 1.1. Hope your enjoying the rest of the airport! -- Finn
  14. Verify files in Orbx Central to get the patch which fixed the dynamic lights issue. -- Finn
  15. Hi all. Patch should be live now Verify files in Orbx Central to get the update -- Finn
  16. Hei Henning. Why would you want to remove them? They were placed carefully to not block taxiways or parking spots. : ) -- Finn
  17. Hey Stefano. I'm about to push this update to Orbx central. You can try out the fix yourself, if you want. Just extract and replace the file in the effects folder. -- Finn VigraV2.zip
  18. Hi ! I'm seeing the same when I try to start a flight on Notodden. What you have to do is remove the default selected starting position (rwy 30), then the parking spots will show up! -- Finn
  19. Yup, this is a known issue. With the current SDK we are not able to remove these lights which the sim thinks are streetlights. I believe it was fixed on Notodden some time after release, in a sim update. So please give it a little time and they will be removed -- Finn
  20. This seems to be an Objectflow error. Make sure your orbxlibraries are up to date in Central, and click "yes" to the prompt when running the sim to enable Objectflow -- Finn
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