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  1. There is a 3rd party program, XP Realistic, which adds sounds and other effects to X Plane. It has sounds for both International airpoirts and GA airports.
  2. Cool vid John! Just FYI, they actually retired the classic Hornet (F/A-18A) not the Super Hornet. Current time of life date for the Super Hornet is 2030.
  3. While I do not like the DoF effect either, I would be REALLY surprised if a developer actually went out of their way to use it to hide any less than perfect features of a scenery. Sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory to me. More often than not the devs of the scenery are not the same people producing the videos and screenshots. I think it is more as was inferred in the first two posts, an overuse of a new artistic feature.
  4. I am a tester. I have no say over which airports are redeveloped.
  5. Hi, Still the same issue as above unless the airport is redesigned and redeveloped really. The issue, as stated above, is that with some older airports, the static jetways are built in to the terminal model, so the terminal would basically have to be redone from scratch. This will most likely only happen if a developer decides to go back and redo or upgrade the entire scenery.
  6. Happy (Belated) Birthday TreeTops. Hope you had a great day and have a great year ahead.
  7. I watched the first flight of this live, can't remember where now, online somewhere, but it was a special presentation. Very impressive aircraft!
  8. Fantastic daredevil shots! Looks like fun too .
  9. Incredible shots Pete! The third one is one of the most amazing sim screenshots I have seen.
  10. You can adjust LOD in the MSFS settings to suit your PC performance. It is a setting like Objects Level of Detail.
  11. Ha, same here Richard. First PC was when I was in Primary school, an Amstrad CPC464, green screen, with the cassette deck. Never really had another PC of my own after that until a Pentium IV in 2009, which was when I bought FSX too.
  12. Congratulations Marcus. Definitely a suitable and deserved role.
  13. Hi John, Is this the video you are talking about? In one of the comments the creator mentions he used JoinFS to record and replay individual flights to create the video. He then links a youtube video with a tutorial on how to use that. Of course this is just one component of video production, but it goes some way to explaining this particular video.
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